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This Technology is use by the Saiya-jins,Freiza and his hencth men. It was also use by the Tsufuru-jin when fighting wight the Saiya-jins. A one eye piece that you can put in your ear. It is used to determine the power, and distance of opponents. All information can be seen on the green eye piece. It can also locate Dragonballs and is used as a communicator. From Saiya-jin and Freeza's technology. It also has a case that it has padding inside so that the green eye piece doesnt break.

The Effeminate Ogre's Escort Car

This Technology is use by Kin Yama. This car is used by the effeminate guy at Enma Daio's check-in station. He useses it to take people to Snake Way. The car is pretty stable, the top opens up to let passengers out, and it is pretty smooth to ride..

Space Pod

This Technology is use by the Saiya-jins,Freiza and his hencth men. A saiyajin Space Pod is a space ship used by the saiya-jins to go from one planet to an other. This space pod is also used by the elite Ginyu Force, but differed from normal saiyajin pods by the Ginyu symbol on the door. Travels at a fast speed and lands by crashing into the ground. Requiring nothing more than a click of a button, this vehicles is pretty reliable and sturdy, considering the fact it can blast right through meteors and lands by crashing into the ground. Also includes an image projector, an intercom system, and a computer.

Namek's Spaceship

This technology is use by the Namekians. This spaceship is seen after the Saiyajin Saga, introduced to Bulma by Mr. Popo. In their desperation to find a way to Namek, Mr. Popo reveals that a long time ago Kami told of some strange place that he [Kami] would stay at. Mr. Popo thought it may've been a spaceship, but needed Bulma to check it out for herself. The password to open the door to this ship is Piccolo, which means another place in Namek. Bulma and Mr. Popo take this for a test drive, arriving at Jupiter in just a few seconds. Krillin, Gohan, and Bulma later take this ship on their quest for Namek, running into all sorts of obstacles along the way. When they finally reach Namek, this ship has a large hole blasted through it by two of Freeza's henchmen, rendering it useless.

Freeza's Spaceship

This technology is use by Freiza. Large in diameter, Freeza's ship is accompanied with many smaller rooms, two rejuvination tanks (which are used to heal people), a big control room, and a round hallway throughout the ship. Vegeta is healed in this ship by Freeza's main henchman Zarbon, so that Freeza can get Vegeta to talk. But Vegeta unexpectedly awakens and escapes with the dragonballs, after blasting two holes through the ship's outer structure (and destroying the rejuvination tank). After Freeza is known to be gone from this ship, Vegeta makes a return looking for the dragonballs. He kills all of the guards and changes into new armor here. Krillin, Gohan, and Vegeta put Goku in the rejuvination tank here, after the fight with the Ginyu Force. After Goku recovers, he breaks the healing tank and blows a hole through the ship. As Namek starts to explode (after the battle with Freeza), Goku attempts to escape in this ship, but it no longer works and he exits right before this ship falls into a pit of molten lava.

Capsule Aircycle

This tecnology was envented by the capsu corp and use by humans. We first get to see this in the Captain Ginyu Saga. Bulma uses it to go get the unguarded dragonballs. On the way, she is attacked by dinosaurs but Gohan and Krillin save her. We get to see this again after Bulma befriends a strangely intelligent frog. After she builds it a translator, it turns out to be Ginyu who switches bodies with her and uses the aircycle to make it to the battlefield where Goku and Freeza are fighting. On the way, Bulma (in the frog's body) jumps on Ginyu's (in Bulma's body) face and the aircycle crashes right next to Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin. The Capsule used for this is Capsule #67.

Turles's Spaceship

This vehicle and character only makes its appearance on Dragonball Z Movie 3. Turles uses this spaceship to bring him and his crew to the Planet Earth to plant the tree of might. The interior is much, much bigger than a saiyajin space craft, considering it can carry his crew so well. We never get to see this spaceship land though and it only makes its appearance 2-3 times in the beginning of the movie.

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