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--------------------------------------Red Ribon Saga
dragonball starts off as son goku a boy meets bulma, bulma hits son goku with her car surprising son goku and his fish aren't injured at all. bulma then explains to son goku what dragonballs are, son goku tells bulma he has a dragonball, and it also has four stars on it. son goku refuses to give up the dragonball so he decides to join bulma fin the guest for the dragonballs. during there journeys, son goku and bulma make tons of friends including, oolong, yamcha, kamesama, chi-chi and the ox king. later in the series son goku and co. battle pilaf. during this battle goku turns oozaru form destroying pilaf's castle. (note: oozaru is a kind of monkey, that only saiyans can turn into. this transformation is made possible by the tail, that distinguishes all of the sayins from other human beings) red ribbon series during this series son goku goes under training with kamesama, later krillin joins son goku in training. kmaesama teaches son goku and krillin the dreaded kamehameha. later son goku gets trained again by karin, but this time his training was used to defeat dr. gero.

--------------------------------------Piccolo Saga
the series starts of as son goku enters the tenkaichi-budokai, during this tournament son goku meets tien and choazu.the final match is between son goku and tien, son goku loses in this battle. (due to an unfair but cool ending! goku and tien are falling in the air. and the first one to fall is the loser! so they are both very tired, so they can't do anything about falling. so goku hits a truck, and falls quicker than tien.) after the battle krillin is murdered, son goku starts looking for the killer. meantime piccolo-diamoho is causing terror around the world. in a battle with piccolo-diamoho tien is about to die, when suddenly son goku arrives and defeats piccolo-diamoho. before piccolo-daimoho dies he gives birth. knowing that piccolo-damioho gave birth kamesama trains goku. at the next tournament son goku battles piccolo-damioho and defeats him, sparing his life at the end. at the end of the series son goku marries chi-chi. (before they got married, the castle of chi-chi's father, was surrounded with flames, due to this, they had to go under, and fix the pot, because there was a crack in it.)

--------------------------------------Saiya-Jin Saga

Section #1 of Saiya-jin Saga

Gokou has a reunion with his friends and introduces them to Gohan, his five year old son. However, a Saiyan alien lands on Earth and to seek Gokou. He introduces himself as Raditz, Goku' S older brother, and asks Gokou to join him in the Saiyan quest of universal destruction. But, when Gokou refuses, Raditz kidnaps Gohan to blackmails Gokou to kill innocent civilians. However, Gokou remains loyal to Earth and decides to rescue Gohan through another method-- by killing Raditz! Surprisingly, Piccolo allies with Gokou and the first fight of Dragonball Z began. Piccolo decides to gather energy to do a super fireball on Raditz. Meanwhile, Gokou stalls time. At the end, Gokou puts his brother in a hold. At the advantage, Piccolo unleashes his fireball, which blasts and hits both Gokou and Raditz! Krillin finds the fighters and laughs at the dying Raditz as he mocks him that Gokou will be brought back to life through the power of the Dragonballs. Goku's brother replies that the device he uses to detect energy levels can also be used for communication. He sends the news about the Dragonballs to his two comrades, and dies. Because Piccolo discovered that Gohan had hidden powers when Gohan unknowingly headbutts and damages Raditz, he kidnaps Gohan in an attempt to train him. Gokou, rather than retiring in Heaven, is sent on a quest to run on Snake Way and to seek King Kai to receive training for the upcoming fight with the upcoming Saiyans. The rest of the Z warriors (Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, and Chauzu) are gathered to receive special training from Kami.

Section #2 of Saiya-jin Saga

One year later, Nappa and Vegeta (the evil Saiyans) arrive to Earth. (But, they intend to find the Dragonballs to be granted the wish of immortality rather that to bring back the life of their unworthy comrade.) First come the battle against the Saiba-men (little Green monsters) that Nappa planted. The Saiba-men fight, but are eventually killed by Vegeta and Krillin. (At one of these fights, Yamcha is killed.) After their defeat, our heroes fight Nappa; Vegeta stands in the background and watches. In a series of battles, Chauzu dies as he sacrifices himself in an attempt to blow up Nappa; Tenshin-han dies by using up his strength to try to kill Nappa; Piccolo dies when he covers Gohan from Nappa's fireball. Finally, Gokou arrives and easily defeats Nappa. Vegeta sees Nappa's uselessness and kills him with a single fireball. As you all can guess, the remaining Z warriors begin to fight Vegeta. Gokou begins to fight Vegeta. The odds are against Vegeta, so Vegeta creates a energy ball that substitutes the moon. Then, he turns into his full moon stage and turns into a giant gorilla. Our heroes get kicked around, but Vegeta later gets his tail cut off by Yajirobe. Gokou donates energy from his Genki-Dama to Klilyn. This fireball hits Vegeta, but Vegeta survives. Meanwhile, Gohan's tail grows back. Gohan turns into his full moon stage and kicks Vegeta around. Later, Gohan gets his tail cut off by Vegeta and finally turns back into a little boy... landing right on top of Vegeta. Vegeta, weary and defeated, crawls to his space shuttle and leaves Earth.

--------------------------------------Freiza Saga

After the fight against Vegeta, Goku is recoperating at the hospital, while Vegeta is going back to Freeza's planet and also recoperating. Mr. Popo comes into the hospital and tell them about some other dragonballs on planet Namek, the Porunga dragonballs. Having heard this Buruma, Gohan, and Kuririn decide to go to Planet Namek to gather those dragonballs and revive their friends that where lost in the battle against Vegeta and Nappa (Tenshinhan, Chaozu, Piccolo, and Yamcha).

Along they way, Buruma, Kuririn, and Gohan get introduced to many different characters, some minor and some major. They arrive on Namek and come to find that Freeza is there as well (They Learned About Him Through Some Of The Minor Characters Along Their Journey). Freeza is also there in search of the dragonballs, but he wants to wish for immortality. Vegeta arrives on planet Namek as well, fully recovered from his injuries, and stronger than ever, and also in search of the dragonballs (He Too Wants To Wish For Immortality). On planet Namek, there are for villages. In each village, there lives an elder possessing a dragonball. Fully prepared, Buruma sends news to Earth through this portable satellite phone (Master Roshi Is On The Other End On Earth). Gohan and Kuririn, curious about how Freeza looks, hide and take a look at what they (Freeza And His Goons) are up to. Gohan makes a comment that the Nameks all look like Piccolo (Remember Piccolo first Discovers He Is A Namek After Being Told By Vegeta And Nappa). Since Gohan and Kuririn where spying on Freeza, they couldn't help but join in and help the Nameks when they were being attacked by Freeza. This is when Gohan meets Dende (A Young Namek, Dende, And Gohan Become Great Friends), Gohan and Kuririn save him. Since Gohan and Kuririn where helping the Nameks, Freeza ordered his "Left-Hand" man, Dodoria, after them. They were too fast for Dodoria and they escape him (This Is While They Are Saving Dende). After they escape, Dodoria comes upon Vegeta. Dodoria bargains for his life and tells Vegeta the truth of what really happened to planet Vegeta (When He Was Younger, Vegeta Was Told That A Meteor Had Hit His Planet, Vegeta Was Away Capturing A Planet At That Moment) (Vegeta Is The Prince Of Planet Vegeta, His Dad Was The King). Dodoria tells Vegeta that Freeza was the one who had destroyed it, and Vegeta kills Dodoria. Back on Earth, Yajirobe arrived at the hospital and visited Goku to give him some senzu beans. Right after eating it, Goku was complety recovered and left to visit Dr. Briefs to see if the spaceship was ready (The Spaceship That Goku Had Come To Earth In When He Was A Baby, Dr. Briefs Was Working On It To Improve It, And Added A Gravity Machine For Goku To Train In). Since the spaceship was partially ready (It Didn't Have The Cappuccino Maker Installed Yet), Goku went on his way to planet Namek. Kaio-sama telepathically tells Goku that Tenshinhan, Chaozu, Yamcha, and Piccolo had arrived and ready to receive his training.

Vegeta decides to get at least one of the dragonballs, therefore Freeza would not be able to make a wish, since seven dragonballs are needed to call forth the dragon. Vegeta is able to steal one of the dragonballs by destoying one of the villages. He hides the dragonball in the lake and comes upon Zarbon, Freeza's "Right-Hand" man. They fight and Vegeta is defeated and taken back to Freeza. He escapes and steals all of the dragonballs that Freeza had collected. Enraged, Freeza summons the Ginyu Force.

During the battle, Kuririn and Gohan arrived to Guru's lair to retrieve a dragonball. There, Guru also unleashes the warrior's hidden powers. Gohan had also used Buruma's Dragon Radar to track down a local dragonball, the one that Vegeta had stolen and hidden in the lake. Vegeta follows Gohan and Kuririn while Zarbon follows Vegeta. All stop at the cave where Buruma created a house. Vegeta becomes aware of Zarbon and the two fight once again. Zarbon is killed.

Vegeta meets with Kuririn and Gohan and offers to make an alliance with them, as he senses the arrival of the Ginyu Force. The dragonballs are gathered at once as Vegeta prepares to wish for immortality so that he can become powerful enough to defeat the "unbeatable force". They become too late; the force has arrived. Ginyu, Jeice, Burter, Recoome, and Guldo stand before the three. The Ginyu Force quickly steal the dragonballs and Ginyu flies away with them. A huge battle follows. Vegeta manages to kill Guldo, but is of no match for the others...

Goku finally arrives. He quickly beats Jeice, Burter, and Recoome. Vegeta takes this chance and kills off the injured members to Team Ginyu. Vegeta, no longer a threat to the heroes (For Now), joins in the battle on Goku's side. Ginyu arrives. Ginyu does his body transfer ability on Goku and he swaps bodies with Goku. Vegeta beats Ginyu (In Goku's Body). Ginyu switches bodies again. Goku is badly battered. Ginyu, again, attempts to switch bodies with Goku. Goku throws a frog to intercept the beam, and Ginyu permanently swaps bodies with the frog.

Goku is taken to recoperate in a Saiya-jin stasis pod. Vegeta gave Gohan and Kuririn Saiya-jin armor suits. The dragonballs were gathered and the Porunga, the dragon, was summoned. Two wishes were granted. The first wish revived Piccolo. The second transported him to Namek to join in the fight. At the third wish, Guru was killed so the dragonballs turned into stone. Now, the heroes must face the wraith of Freeza...

A battle follows. Freeza has killed nearly all the Nameks on the planet, so the Namek dragonballs have also turned to stone. The heroes are able to stand up to Freeza, so Freeza undergoes a power-up and enters a physical body change. As the battle intenses, Freeza does goes through more metamorphosis stages until his perfect form is reached. No one is certain who will win. Vegeta has been killed. The only true damage done to Freeza was the with Kuririn's "Distructo Disk", which truncated half of Freeza's tail. In a final attempt to defeat Freeza, Goku prepares a "Genki Dama". The fireball is cast and everyone thinks that Freeza has lost. However, Freeza survived...

Wasting no more time, Freeza does a blast that rips through Piccolo. Then, he engulfs Kuririn in a fatal force field and crushes Kuririn. Goku sees the deaths of his friends and remembers all the innocent that Freeza has killed. Anger takes over Goku's body and Goku powers up. His hair turns gold and Goku reaches Super Saiya-jin level for the first time. Goku tells Gohan that Piccolo is still alive. Gohan takes Piccolo's body back to Goku's spaceship and then finds Buruma in his father's orders to travel back to Earth. Goku now goes on a one-on-one combat battle against Freeza...

Goku evades Freeza's attacks. Freeza, trembling in the chance that he may lose to Goku, an "Inferior Saiya-jin Monkey", does a fireball aimed at the planet. Namek's core is destroyed, and planet will explode in 5 minutes. Hurricanes form. Cliffs break off. Rubbish fly everywhere. An ominous look is set on what will happen...

Kami-sama telepathically communicates to Kaio-sama. He tells that he will make a plan with the Earth dragonballs and asks what wish to make. Kaio-sama develops a plan to wish to revive all those killed by Freeza. In turn, Guru and Dende will be brought back to life and the Namek dragonballs will become available again. Then, the Porunga dragonballs can be used to make a wish to teleport everyone on Namek, except for Freeza, to Earth. Popo has gathered the dragonballs and the first half of the plan is followed. Porunga is summoned and is awaiting to grant the third wish. Freeza sees his chance to be granted immortality and races to the dragon. Vegeta, revived from the wish, also joins in the race. Dende arrives, but is Freeza makes his wish first. However, Porunga ignores Freeza and grants Dende's wish, which by Goku's plead was changed to leaving he and Freeza on Namek.

All who were affected by the wish are on Earth. Dende heals Piccolo. Guru, dying, transfers his role to Rooli to become the new Elder so that the Namek dragonballs may "Shine Again". Guru explains what has happened, and then dies.

Goku fights Freeza to a stand-still, but time eventually showed that Freeza was no match for a Super Saiya-jin. In Freeza's pathetic final attack, two disc beams are tossed at Goku. With skillful maneuvering by Goku, the beams slice Freeza in two instead. Freeza is dying and pleads for help. Goku gives him a bit of his energy to give Freeza a last chance. Freeza, unwilling to change and lose to a low-class Saiya-jin, does another fireball at Goku. Goku counters it and it overwhelms Freeza. The 5 minutes are up and Planet Namek explodes.

A spaceship passes by shortly after the destruction of planet Namek. It's King Cold, the father of Freeza, finds the remains of Freeza's body flowing through space and quickly orders his henchmen to rescue his son. Freeza is literally rebuilt, as he becomes half robotic. Now, father and son plan to land on Earth to get revenge of what happened...

(This following selection actually is concidered the Cell saga, but I thought it was more appropriate if it went here) The ship lands on Earth. The Z warriors on Earth are no match for Freeza, and now they must face him in addition to King Cold... without the help of Goku, to which all believed was dead. Cold and Freeza believe in swift victory in the destruction of Earth, but a figure appears out of nowhere. Vegeta recognizes the aura of the man to be that of a Saiya-jin, and resents the fact that there is another stronger than him. The mysterious visitor charges up and reaches Super Saiya-jin mode. With a few slashes with his sword, Freeza is truly killed. Then, the figure shoots a fireball at Cold, which pierches through his heart and automatically kills him.

The stranger introduces himself as Trunks, the future son of Buruma and Vegeta. His story is told in Trunks Story. He tells that Goku is not dead, but escaped to Planet Yardat when planet Namek exploded. Then, he tells that Goku should appear in a few seconds. The Z warriors are shocked, and Goku does appear. He really did take refuge in Yardat and learned how to teleport from its inhabitants. Then, Trunks introduces his purpose to seeking the Goku and the cast, and this leads to the Cell Series...

With the dragonballs, all of the Z fighters that had died in battle were brought back to life and planet Namek was restored. Once again the Earth was safe, but not for long.

--------------------------------------Garlic Jr Saga

Having freed himself from the Dead Zone, Garlic Jr. attacks Kamesama's lookout with the help of four new henchmen, trapping Kamesama and his assistant, Mr. Popo in a bottle. He uses this opportunity to release the Aquamist, a gas that basically turns anyone it reaches into a demon. Meanwhile, Gohan has snuck away from home with Haiya Dragon in order to visit his friends. Krillin has a new girlfriend named Maron, and at the moment are with Bulma, Oolong, and Master Roshi at Kame house. The Aquamist reaches the island, transforming them all into demons (With the exception of Krillin and Maron, who were underwater when the mist passed over them). Gohan and his dragon manage to escape the effects as well.

Having now reached the island, Gohan finds himself attacked by his friends. Garlic Jr.'s minions arrive, and inform Gohan of the Super Holy Water, the only thing that can counter the Aquamist. Piccolo comes to Gohan's rescue, but is bitten by one of the demons, and turns against our young hero as well.

Upon reaching Kamesama's tower, Gohan meets Garlic Jr, who tells him how the Makyosei's (a red star) close approach to Earth freed him from the Dead Zone, and makes him stronger by the minute. Garlic Jr. orders his men to focus their attacks on Gohan, because it was him that banished the evil lord to the Dead Zone in the first place (although Krillin still tries to help Gohan). Meanwhile, Vegeta is searching for Goku in deep space, hoping to keep up with his level of strength.

Piccolo begins to attack Gohan one on one, and basically beats him silly. Krillin, getting in the way of the battle, is bitten by Piccolo, and joins in against Gohan. It is at this moment that Piccolo steals the bottle containing Kamesama and Popo from Garlic Jr. and releases them. Piccolo explains that since he is already a demon, the aquamist bite had no affect on him. Garlic Jr. becomes enraged, and the Makyosei approaches its apogee to Earth.

Knowing that there is no way to release the Super Holy Water before daybreak, Popo suggests that it be poured into the holes beneath Kame's palace where the winds would carry it around the world. However, on the way to this place rests the bodies of all the previous Kame's, known as the Shinsenkai. Any living Kame that attempts to pass through this area is in great danger. As the battle with Garlic Jr. and his minions continues on the surface, Kame is attacked by the previous gods, who drain his life force. Since Piccolo and Kame-sama are still spiritually linked, Piccolo begins to suffer in his battle. Despite the incredible amount of pain, Kame and Popo press on, finally reaching the bottom of the palace. With the dead gods busy attacking Kame, Popo manages to release the Super Holy Water, returning the Earth's population to normal.

Back on the surface, Gohan, Krillin, and Piccolo continue to do battle with Garlic Jr, who becomes stronger every second. Gohan bores a hole into Garlic Jr.'s abdomen, but due to his wish of immortality, is resurrected on the spot. Finding out that the Aquamist has been countered by Kame, Garlic Jr. creates a new Dead Zone, hoping to suck the entire palace from its foundation. Gohan creates an energy shield around himself and his friends so that they will not be absorbed into the tear, but uses much of his energy maintaining it. Piccolo distracts Garlic Jr, allowing Gohan to destroy the Makyosei. With the evil star now gone, Garlic Jr. loses all of his power, and falls into the Dead Zone once again. With Garlic Jr. gone and peace once again restored, the Z warriors wonder where Goku could possibly be.

--------------------------------------Android Saga

This series starts off as Dr. Gero plots his revenge. He starts off by creating Android #19 to destroy Goku. Dr. Gero later asks Android #19 to make him into a robot like him so that he would be stronger, and he becomes Android #20! The Z Warriors meet with Androids #19 and #20 and fight. Goku leaves the battle because the heart disease that Trunks told him about starts to hit him. Vegeta faces Android #19 and, to everyone's astonishment, turns Super Saiyan. Dr. Gero's plot fails and Android #19 is destroyed. Dr. Gero manages to scape by rannig an the ground so nobody will see him. Meanwhile, he unleashes two of his other creations, Android #17 and Android #18. Androids #17 and #18 get annoyed of Dr. Gero. As a result, they kill Dr. Gero. But, the doctor had just finished creating Android #21, who is still developing in a giant test tube. Before he dies, he issues the final command to his new android to feast on the rebellious androids. Android #17 and Android #18 leave the lab and unleash Android #16. But as it turns out, Android #16 is a peaceful android. As time passes, the Z Warriors become aware of the new androids as they battle again and again but always reach a stalemate. However, the Z Warriors are still not match for the androids because the androids are robots, and therefore do not tire in a long battle while the Z Warriors eventually run out of energy. The Saiyans do not continue to fight the androids. Instead, they train in a chamber to get stronger. Meanwhile, Piccolo fuses with Kami, his half father, to become stronger. Dende, a Namek child, replaces Kami as guardian of the dragonballs. Androids #16, #17, and #18 go to seek Goku to destroy him. Piccolo finds the androids first and begins to fight them. Back in Dr. Gero's lab, Cell has finished developing and breaks out of the giant "test tube", promising to fulfill his creator's wish. Cell flies to find Androids #17 and #18. On his way devours the souls of the unlucky civilians he passes to become stronger. Finally, he meets with the other androids. To our heroes' surprise, they learn that Androids #17 and #18 know nothing about Cell. Cell and Android #17 threaten to kill each other. Android #17 heads out to fight him. But, he does not stand up to Cell and is easily defeated. This is when our heroes learn the great powers of Cell. Android #18 is now worried, but Android #16 flies out to fight Cell. To everybody's amazement, Android #16 is able to stand up to Cell. However, he is still destroyed. Cell now heads for his goal and devours Android #17 with his tail. Cell now changes into Cell-form 2. With the power of Android #17 combined to his, he becomes stronger than ever. Then, he heads over to devour Android #18. Android #18 tries to escape, but she is still eventually devoured. Cell now changes into Cell form 3, and becomes "Perfect Cell", after devouring the souls of so many people, is no longer an android and becomes organic. After Cell is gone, Bulma collects the body parts of Android #16 and repairs him. But, he is re-programmed to fight on the Z Warriors' side. Our heroes now head out to fight Cell. But, Android #16 is once again destroyed. Cell grows strong enough and reproduces. From his body came 7 Cell Juniors, young, blue duplicates of Cell. After a few more battles, Gohan, now a teenager, watches Cell crush #16 and Gohan reaches Super Saiyan level 2. He then destroys all the Cell Juniors. In one of the battles that follows, Cell is kicked and Android #18 is spit back out. Cell turns back into form 2 and is defeated. But, he activates his self destruction mode so that when he dies, the world will blow up with him. To save the Earth, Goku teleports Cell out of Earth and into Kaiís planet, where Cell blows up. Thus, Goku, King Kai, Kaiís gorilla, and Kaiís grasshopper die as well. The Z Warriors mourn the loss of Goku, but at the same time they cheer at the victory over Cell. Unexpectedly, a fireball flies out of nowhere and pierces through Trunks. Upon Trunks' death, Cell, in form 3, appears. He tells that when he blew up, a brain cell survived. From the cell, other cells multiplied and he was once again formed. Cell happily laughs as he tells that he is amazed he is able to rebuild himself into form 3! Then, Cell threatens to destroy the earth. Vegeta tries to take on Cell, but is knocked down in one blow. Cell fires a shot at him that would have killed him, but Gohan rushes over and takes the blow, injuring his arm. For the first time ever, Vegeta apologizes. Now it was up to Gohan to try to save Earth. With one arm, Gohan prepares a Kamehameha. He fires at Cell and Cell fires back. A stalemate is meant, but with Kaiís help, Goku is able to talk to Gohan and encourages him. Meanwhile, Krillin protects the unconscious Android #18 and Yamcha, Tenshin-han, Piccolo and Vegeta attack Cell in hope that this will Gohan distract Cell. Krillin eventually joins them. With the help of the now dead Kai, Goku, also dead, is able to communicate with Gohan and tells him to use all his power to defeat Cell. Gohan overpowers Cell and Cell is disintegrated by Gohan's Kamehameha. But, Mr. Satan takes credit for Cell's death and lies to the reporters. At the end, the warriors gather the dragonballs to bring those killed by Cell back to life. However, Goku is still dead because he was already brought back to life once and cannot come back again, but tells that he is okay and is now with Kai. Android #18 awakens and flees. However, everybody learns here that Krillin has developed a crush on Android #18.

--------------------------------------Majin-Buu Saga

Seven years pass since the Cell Game. Krillin marries #18 (who was wished to human by the DragonBalls) and has a daughter named Marron. Chi-Chi has a seconded son named

Son Goten, Son Goten and Trunks (Chibi) turned SSJ at an early age. Son Gohan has a girl friend named Videl, the daughter of Satan ( Satan takes all the credit for killing Cell, this got him really famous ), Son Gohan is also a superhero named the Great SaiyanMan. During The Tenkaichu-Boudoukai, Son Goku is granted a single day of life to meet with Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Chi-Chi, and all the Z warriors, including Vegeta. Two of Buu's slaves steal Son Gohan's energy, then a man named Kaiosen revives Son Gohan, he than tells of a evil demon named Buu trying to destroy the Earth. If Buu's slaves gather enougth energy, he will be revived. Vegeta learning that he can become stronger by turning into Buu's slave, Vegeta turns evil again, this time he is Majin Vegeta and can turn to SSJ2. This gives Buu enough energy to be revived.

Goku then learns to turn to SSJ2 and fights him and convinces him that good always triumphs over evil. Vegeta finally realizes and self-destructs in hope to kill Buu. Son Goku than heads to battle aganist Buu. Son Goku than turns SSJ2,and SSJ3! But he still can't defeat Buu. Later, Son Gohan heads to the Kaiosen's planet for training. Then before Son Goku's time is up on Earth he teaches Son Goten and Trunks the fusion technique, then they get trained by Piccolo so they can be strong enougth to beat Buu. Soon after Son Goten and Trunks fuse to become Gotenks, later Gotenks turns SSJ1, and then, SSJ3! But Buu has made a twin of himself, but he is a lot more evil than Buu, he even absorbed Buu and thus turning him into Super Buu.

Gotenks is defeating Super Buu, but Gotenks is an inexperienced and careless fighter. Buu absorbs Gotenks and becomes a lot stronger, then absorbs Piccolo. Dia Kaoiusin then sacrifices his life so Son Goku can live. Goku then gets a pair of Potara Earrings for fusion, this way the fused person won't diffuse in 30 min. Son Goku now alive teleports to the battle. Then King Yama grants Vegeta life to fight Buu. When Son Goku arrives to the scene he tells Son Gohan to fuse with him, Son Goku than throws a fusion earing at Son Gohan. Son Gohan drops the earing and Buu absorbs Son Gohan, thus turning himself into Ultimate Buu. Then Vegeta comes to the scene. Vegeta then fuses with Son Goku to become, Vegetto. Vegetto defeats Buu but purposely gets absorbed to rescue their friends. This somehow wears off the permenent fusion. They rescue Son Goten, Son Gohan, Trunks, Piccolo, and Fat Buu through Ultimate Buu's pores. All of the energy that Buu has taken restores him back to his normal form, Majin Buu. Then he destroys the Earth. Kaoiu-sin teleports to help Son Goku teleport Vegeta, Satan, his dog, and Dende to Kaoiu-sin's planet. Vegeta gets angry gecause he rescude them instead of his son and the rest of the Z fighters. Son Goku was speechless. But there wasn't any time for that, Majin Buu also teleports to the planet Goku's on, and start to fight. Then Son Goku starts to get beaten up badly. Vegeta jumps into battle so Son Goku can create a Genki-Dami.The Namek DragonBalls are gathered to wish back the Earth and to wish back everyone killed by Buu. The third wish is stored for later use. Son Goku's Genki-Dami (Energy given by the Nameks, the people in the Heavens, and everyone on Earth) is ready to throw, Son Goku throws it, and Buu pushes it back. Vegeta tells Dende to wish back all of Son Goku's strength back. Now with all his strength restored Son Goku, he throws back the Genki- Dami at Buu. Buu can't counter it any longer, so he is killed. Ten years after the battle aganist Majin Buu, Fat Buu is revived into a evil cleansed form called Uboo. Son Goku decides to train him since he has great potential. Son Gohan and Vidal get married and have a daughter named Pan. This concludes DragonBall Z.

--------------------------------Bebi Saga

Bebi Era Ten years after the end of DragonBall Z, Son Goku gets turned into a child again by a wish Pilaf made. The only way Son Goku can get back in his normal state is by finding the Black Star DragonBalls scattered across space. Son Goku, Pan , and Trunks go on journeys battling minor villans. At one planet, the DragonBall gang stumbles across Baby. Baby sneaks on board and lands on Earth. Baby takes over bodies in hope of finding a good host. Baby first uses Goten and Gohan as hosts, but he finally finds the most powerful host, it is Vegeta! Vegeta now turns into Bebi-Vegeta. A great battle between Son Goku and Vegeta begins. It turns out Son Goku is no match for Bebi-Vegeta. Then Kaiousin pulls out Son Goku's tail, hoping he can go into Oozaru stage. It works, but Son Goku still cannot defeat Bebi-Vegeta, who now is Super Bebi (Oozaru Bebi-Vegeta). Then something weird happens, Son Goku takes control of his body now and transforms into SSJ4 Son Goku! Son Goku soon defeats Super Bebi. (Note: Babi-Vegeta can also turn to SSJ4).

--------------------------------Super 17 & Evil Shenlong Saga

Super 17 & Evil Shenlong Eras In hell, Dr. Gero and Myuu creates Artifical 17. Artifical 17 comes from hell to fuse with Android #17, when they fused, they became Super 17. Son Goku gets tricked into going to hell to fight Cell and Freeza, who was already dead. Without Son Goku, the earth is doomed. Piccolo, (who died in the Baby Saga) and Dende creates a portal so Son Goku can get out of hell. Son Goku later kills Super 17. When the DragonBalls are gathered to wish back the people killed in battle something goes wrong. Shenlong says that with all the negative energy the DragonBalls have restored, seven evil dragons have been formed. Each dragon poccess a DragonBall, so Son Goku and the Z fighters go off to fight the evil dragons. When they come up agains Li, SSJ4 Son Goku fuses with.............SSJ4 Vegeta! Making SSJ4 Gogeta. He beats the crap out of him with ease. But Gogeta's fusion span was shortened because of the 4th stage of Super Saiyan. They can only stay fused for 20 min instead of 30 min. Just when Gogeta was about to finish Li, he diffuses. But the 2 warriors eventually killed the worn out Li. When all seven dragons have been defeated, the real Shenlong appears and grants Son Goku one wish, the wish is that everyone killed in battle agansit the dragons to be brought back to life. Shenlong tells Son Goku to get on his back, then the seven dragonballs are absorbed into Son Goku, and his whole body vanishes, leaving only his clothe on the ground. Seems that Son Goku is the most powerful fighter in the universe to have the DragonBalls absorbed.

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