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12-25-98, Hurd Hatfield (80), actor: "The Picture of Dorian Gray"

12-27-98, Richard Paul (58), best known as Mayor Sam in "Murder She Wrote" tv series

12-23-98, David Manners (98), actor that Bela Lugosi was stalking in Dracula

11-3-98, Bob Kane (83), creator of Batman

10-3-98, Roddy McDowall (70), actor in many movies from Fright Night to Lassie, but said his favorite characters were the ones he played in the Planet Of The Apes movies & tv series

10-2-98, Adrian Spies (78), tv writer for Star Trek

9-11-98, Dane Clark (85), actor: Twilight Zone

9-3-98, Steven M. Wasserman (45, sailing accident), writer of the quirky Northern Exposure tv series

9-6-98, Akira Kurosawa (88), Japanese film director whose films inspired Star Wars, The Magnificent 7, etc

8-24-98, E.G.Marshall (88), actor best known for drama but equally good in sci-fi / horror: Superman 2 (as the President), Stephen King's The Tommyknockers (1993), Creepshow (1982, as the rich eccentric obsessed with killing cockroaches), The Littlest Angel (1969, as God), tv episodes: Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Night Gallery, Suspense, and even the 1949 Studio One version of Mary Poppins.

8-18-98, Persis Khambatta (49, heart attack), well-known actress in India best known here for the 1st Star Trek motion picture as spokesman for V'ger

8-8-98, Arthur W. Rowe (74), tv writer: Mission Impossible, U.N.C.L.E., $6 Million Man, Bionic Woman, Fantasy Island

8-2-98, Shari Lewis (65), puppeteer & cowriter of Star Trek ep. Lights of Zenon (see 4-28-98)

7-17-98, Joseph Maher, mustached character actor who specialized in playing a being sent down to Earth

6-29-98, Jonathan Benair (47, hrt attack), voice of little tv in The Brave Little Toaster

6-22-98, Maureen O'Sullivan (87), actress 1930-1970 perhaps best known as Jane in the Tarzan movies (1930s)

***** Nat Perrin (93), writer-producer: Addams Family, Marx Brothers movies

6-4-98, Josephine Hutchinson (94), 1930s actress best known on tv for playing elderly women including the Twilight Zone

5-28-98, Phil Hartman (49, shot by wife in murder-suicide), comic-actor: Saturday Night Live, Newsradio, voices in The Simpsons and hired for Futurama

5-20-98, Linwood Dunn (94), did special effects for King Kong (1933), The Thing, The Great Race, tv Star Trek eps

5-11-98, Gene Fowler (80), filmmaker: I Was A Teenage Werewolf

4-28-98, Jerome Bixby (75), writer: Twilight Zone, Star Trek eps inc. one with wife Shari Lewis (see 8-2-98), movie "It, Terror From Beyond Space!" (1958) about a spaceship returning with a nasty alien aboard (yes he did sue the producers of Alien)

***** John Bradford (79), writer-director: Addams Family, Smurfs, Flintstones, Barney Miller, others

4-24-98, Leslie Stevens (74), writer-producer: The Outer Limits and Battlestar Galactica

Not dead: Stephen King: after three weeks in the hospital and five rounds of surgery, the best-selling author has returned to his home in Bangor, Maine. The famed horror writer was discharged from the Medical Center on Friday, July 9, and now faces up to nine months of physical therapy in order to complete his recovery.
King was seriously injured on June 19 when he was struck by a van while walking along the road near his summer house in western Maine. The author suffered numerous injuries during the accident, including a collapsed lung, a fractured pelvis and hip, and two breaks to his right leg below the knee. He once told an interviewer that to this day he checks under the bed each night...
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