KNX Golden Age of Radio in 2001

Tuesday, May 1
9:00 PM KNX simulcasts CBS-TV's 60 Minutes II every Tuesday
10:00 PM "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar" starring Bob Bailey as Johnny Dollar, a no-nonsense private insurance investigator who is asked to prevent a murder in "The Homicide Matter," Original air date 12-6-1959
10:30 PM "Sgt. Preston/Challenge Of The Yukon" starring Paul Sutton as Mountie Sgt. Preston as he chases the bad guys in the Northwest Territories. Preston tries to prevent a robbery of the winner of a high stakes poker game in "The Silent One" 1-3-48

Wednesday, May 2
9:00 PM "Dragnet" starring Jack Webb as LAPD detective Joe Friday, who suspects foul play in the sudden illness of two Marines "The Big Pill" 10-19-52
9:30 PM "The Whistler" starring Bill Forman in strange tales and hidden secrets. A postcard leads to stolen money and a doublecross in "Hangtree Affair" 12-19-48

Thursday, May 3
9:00 PM "The Adv. of Sam Spade" starring Howard Duff as a San Francisco private detective. Sam is hired to look for a wealthy woman's neurotic stepdaughter in "The Critical Author Caper" 8-15-48
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger" starring Brace Beemer as the Ranger and John Todd as Tonto: "The Crystal Ball" 12-14-55

Friday, May 4
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke" starring William Conrad as Marshall Matt Dillon: "Kitty's Outlaw"
9:30 PM "Suspense" starring top Hollywood stars. An insane sister kills her brother-in-law and has other murderous plans in "The Ten Years" 6-2-49

Saturday, May 5
9:00 PM "Jack Benny Program" starring Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone. It's Jack's 10th Anniversary Show on radio, 5-4-41
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" (Jim & Marian Jordan) an American comedy classic full of homespun humor and tall tales. A famous director comes to town to put on a pageant and Fibber tries to get involved in "Fibber The Director" (Part 1 of 2) 4-30-40
10:00 PM "RADIO HALL OF FAME HOUR" every Saturday: "Mysterious Traveler" starring Maurice Tarplin: "The Man The Insects Hated" 7-27-47
10:30 PM "Bill Stern Sports Newsreel" hosted by Stern: guest Frankie Carle. 11-26-48

Sunday, May 6
7:00 PM - KNX simulcasts CBS-TV's 60 Minutes every Sunday
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" (one hour) - Clifton Webb, Colleen Gray and Robert Stack star in "Mr. Belvedere Goes To College," the story of a sharp-spoken older genius enrolling at a university. 1-16-50

Monday, May 7
9:00 PM "Tales Of The Texas Rangers" starring Joel McCrea as Ranger Jace Pearson. A family is murdered with no apparent clues "Quicksilver" 8-12-50
9:30 PM "The 6 Shooter" starring Jimmy Stewart as Britt Ponsett, a frontier plainsman: his expertise about horses helps catch a thief in "Man And Boy" 11-1-53

Tuesday, May 8
10:00 PM "Johnny Dollar" gets suspicious when a group of farmers start cashing in their insurance policies in "Sudden Wealth Matter" 12-13-59
10:30 PM "Sgt. Preston" tries to find out who set a disastrous fire in "Trader Muldoon" 9-15-48

Wednesday, May 9
9:00 PM "Dragnet" searches for bank robbery suspects in "The Big Number" 10-26-52
9:30 PM "The Whistler" A woman fears for her life when an ex-army officer returns "Ticket To Paris" 2-20-49

Thursday, May 10
9:00 PM "Sam Spade" An ex-con hires Spade to prove he is innocent of committing murder "The Lawless Caper" 8-29-48
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger: "Valley of Creeping Death" 10-31-55

Friday, May 11
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke: "New Hotel"
9:30 PM "Suspense" An innocent bystander to a crime is thrown in jail and then broken out by a gang which doesn't believe his story "Chicken Feed" 9-8-49

Saturday, May 12
9:00 PM "Jack Benny" Jack's life is set to music. 5-11-41
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" Fibber pretends he is a famous director in part 2 of "May Fest" 5-7-40
10:00 PM "Duffy's Tavern" starring Ed Gardner. Guest star: Bing Crosby. 12-7-43
10:30 PM "Boston Blackie" starring Dick Kollmar as the detective: "Baseball and Gambling" 4-29-47

Sunday, May 13
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" Gene Autry and Merle Oberon star in "The Cowboy & The Lady," the story of an aristocratic lady falling in love with a rodeo star. 1-20-41

Monday, May 14
9:00 PM "Texas Rangers" A local doctor is killed for no apparent reason "Blood Trail" 1-20-52
9:30 PM "The 6 Shooter" Rumors fly that Britt is getting married "A Pressing Engagement" 12-6-53

Tuesday, May 15
10:00 PM "Johnny Dollar" After a friend calls Dollar for help, he disappears: "Red Mystery Matter" 12-20-59
10:30 PM "Sgt. Preston" Thieves are intent on killing a prospector and stealing his gold, "Escape To The North" 12-13-48

Wednesday, May 16
9:00 PM "Dragnet" Friday investigates a fatal accident at a film studio "The Big Light" 11-2-52
9:30 PM "The Whistler" A kindly old woman and her brother keep a murderous secret, "Grave Secret" 2-27-49

Thursday, May 17
9:00 PM "Sam Spade" gets involved with a woman he's been hired to investigate, "The Edith Hamilton Caper" 4-17-49
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger: "Johnny Becket's Courage" 11-2-55

Friday, May 18
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke" Marshall Dillon tries to help settle an old grudge, "The Pacifist"
9:30 PM "Suspense" A jilted wife is killed trying to get her husband back, "Blood On The Trumpet" 11-9-50

Saturday, May 19
9:00 PM "Jack Benny" and the cast do the play "Charley's Aunt" 5-18-41
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" Fibber provokes a fight with a neighbor, "Turning The Hose On Gildy" 5-14-40
10:00 PM "Escape" starring William Conrad: "The General Died At Dawn" 4-16-49
10:30 PM "Vic & Sade" starring Art Van Harvey and Bernadine Flynn in this half-hour comedy: "Broken Old Alarm Clocks" 10-31-41

Sunday, May 20
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" Robert Cummings and Claudette Colbert star in "Without Reservations," the story of an authoress who meets a perfect man to play the hero in the movie version of her book. 8-26-46

Monday, May 21
9:30 PM "Texas Rangers" search for a cattle rustler, "Night Chase" 1-27-52
9:30 PM "The 6 Shooter" Britt turns to acting in order to help some friends "More Than Kin" 12-13-53

Tuesday, May 22
10:00 PM "Johnny Dollar" A wealthy man fears for his wife's safety "Phony Phone Matter" 5-8-60
10:30 PM "Sgt. Preston" A ruthless gang not only steals but kills "Marlow's Gang" 12-15-48

Wednesday, May 23
9:00 PM "Dragnet" Friday investigates a dead body found in a closet "The Big Dive" 11-9-52
9:30 PM "The Whistler" A man tries to find a woman who was listening on his phone when he committed murder in "Search For Maxine" 3-13-49

Thursday, May 24
9:00 PM "Sam Spade" has an unusual adventure when he stays at an old motel "The Farmer's Daughter Caper" 9-3-50
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger" Outlaws come upon a family traveling in a covered wagon "Danger On The Plains"

Friday, May 25
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke: "How To Sell A Ranch"
9:30 PM "Suspense" A young couple buys a locked trunk at auction only to discover valuables inside. They fear others know about it as well in "Going, Going, Gone" 11-23-50

Saturday, May 26
9:00 PM "Jack Benny: "The Life Of Philbert Harris" 5-25-41
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" Fibber and a neighbor can't seem to end a checker game, "Checkers Game Deadlock" 5-21-40
10:00 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" (2nd episode) "Molly Gets Flowers" 1-18-44
10:30 PM "Mercury Summer Theater" starring Orson Welles in "Jane Eyre" 6-28-46

Sunday, May 27
9:00PM "Lux Radio Theater" Bob Hope, Madeline Carroll and Ralph Bellamy star in "Love Is News," the story of a heiress who decides to get even with a reporter by marrying him. 9-16-40

Monday, May 28
9:00 PM "Texas Rangers" A prizefighter dies mysteriously just before his bout, "The Rub Out" 2-3-52
9:30 PM "Six Shooter" A man is upset that his mother is marrying so soon after his father's death, "Cora Plummer Quincy" 12-27-53

Tuesday, May 29
10:00 PM "Johnny Dollar" Dollar's girlfriend phones him and later denies she ever made the call, "Mystery Gal Matter" 5-15-60
10:30 PM "Sgt. Preston" Someone is out to get even with Preston in "The Revenge Of Steve Carlton" 8-23-47

Wednesday, May 30
9:00 PM "Dragnet" Friday is out to stop drug smugglers, "The Big Walk" 11-16-52
9:30 PM "The Whistler" A convict plans a jailbreak because his wife didn't show up to visit, "Beyond The Wall" 3-27-49

Thursday, May 31
9:00 PM "Sam Spade" Sam's new client is killed, "The Dry Martini Matter" 8-1-48
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger: "To Pay A Debt" 11-10-55

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