KNX Golden Age of Radio in 2001

Thursday, March 1
9:00 PM KNX "The Adv.s Of Sam Spade" Howard Duff stars as the San Francisco private detective, who is hired to stop a woman from marrying a man whose previous wives mysteriously died. Original air date 8-8-1948
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger: "Renegade Rifles" 11-25-55

Friday, March 2
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke," starring William Conrad as Marshall Matt Dillon: "The Photographer"
9:30 PM "Suspense" stars top Hollywood stars. An ex-con is given a second chance but is then charged with murder in "The Defense Rests" 10-6-49

Saturday, March 3
9:00 PM "The Jack Benny Program" starring Jack, and Mary Livingstone. Jack is a victim of a hold-up. Original air date 1-24-1940.
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" an American comedy classic full of homespun humor and tall tales, starring Jim & Marian Jordan. Fibber tries to get the Mayor to leave town in "The Unwelcome Mayor" 11-18-41
10:00 PM "X Minus One" classic science fiction series. John Larkin stars in "And The Moon Be Still As Bright" 8-4-55
10:30 PM "Life Of Riley" comedy series starring William Bendix as America's favorite hard-hat in "Staying Out Late" 4-6-48

Sunday, March 4
7:00 PM - KNX simulcasts CBS-TV's "60 Minutes" every Sunday
9:00PM "Lux Radio Theater" (one hour) Robert Taylor, Susan Peters and Van Heflin star in "Johnny Eager," the story of a DA's daughter who falls in love with a criminal. 1-21-46

Monday, March 5
9:00 PM "Tales Of The Texas Rangers," starring Joel McCrea as Ranger Jace Pearson. Politicians try to sway a Grand Jury in "Conspiracy" 4-15-51
9:30 PM "The Six Shooter" starring Jimmy Stewart as Britt Ponsett, a frontier plainsman. A young man discovers that his dead father was an outlaw in "Rink" 10-18-53

Tuesday, March 6
9:00 PM - KNX simulcasts CBS-TV's "60 Minutes II" every Tuesday
10:00 PM "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar," starring Bob Bailey as a no-nonsense private insurance investigator, who investigates a rancher who takes matters in his own hands after his cattle are poisoned in "The Sidewinder Matter" 2-7-60
10:30 PM "Sgt. Preston / Challenge Of The Yukon," starring Paul Sutton as Mountie Sgt. Preston as he chases the bad guys in the Northwest Territories. A man blames Sgt. Preston because his dogs are stolen in "Grizzly" 6-19-47

Wednesday, March 7
9:00 PM "Dragnet," starring Jack Webb as LAPD detective Sgt. Joe Friday, searches for a man whose "con" takes the life of an old lady in "The Big Honeymoon" 2-7-52
9:30 PM "The Whistler" starring Bill Forman in strange tales and hidden secrets. A man's marital affair turns deadly in "Quiet Sunday" 7-2-50

Thursday, March 8
9:00 PM "Sam Spade" Violence follows an antique cup when Spade is hired to deliver it to a buyer in "The Boffio Cup Caper" 8-22-48
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger: "The Train From Independence" 11-22-55

Friday, March 9
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke" A man swears revenge after Dillon shows him up in "The Coward"
9:30 PM "Suspense" A man tries an experimental power to get even in "Experiment 6-R" 9-22-49

Saturday, March 10
9:00 PM "Jack Benny" catches a cold and everyone is miserable, 12-1-40
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" Fibber makes it an all day project to change a typewriter ribbon in "Fix It McGee" 12-30-41
10:00 PM "Broadway Is My Beat" starring Larry Thor: "Ed Koster" 10-13-51
10:30 PM "Challenge Of The Yukon: "Torn Parka" 4-25-46

Sunday, March 11
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" Joan Blondell and Paul Lucas star in "Deadline At Dawn," the story of an actress who tries to clear a naive sailor of murder. 5-20-46

Monday, March 12
9:00 PM "Tales Of The Texas Rangers" A tooth with a gold filling is the only clue to a bank robbery in "Fool's Gold" 8-19-50
9:30 PM "The Six Shooter" Britt helps the sheriff track down the killer of a hotel owner in "Johnny Stringer" 4-22-54

Tuesday, March 13
10:00 PM "Johnny Dollar" (Charles Russell) tries to recover jewelry from a robbery in "The P.O. Matter" 2-14-60
10:30 PM "Sgt. Preston" A rescued wolf cub winds up saving a man's life in "Wolf Cub" 6-12-47

Wednesday, March 14
9:00 PM "Dragnet" The police try to stop a large shipment of narcotics in "The Big Jules" 6-19-52
9:30 PM "The Whistler" A man's new bride hires an investigator to have him checked out in "Devoted Couple" 7-9-50

Thursday, March 15
9:00 PM "Sam Spade" A "dead man" hires Spade to prove he isn't in "The Lazerous Caper" 9-12-48
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger: "Two Little Men" 1-9-56

Friday, March 16
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke: "Trouble In Kansas"
9:30 PM "Suspense" A killer who calls himself the "Avenger," wants to meet a reporter to tell his story in "The Lady In The Red Hat" 8-30-55

Saturday, March 17
9:00 PM "Jack Benny Program" Don Wilson gets mad and walks out. 12-8-40
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" Fibber takes Molly out on the town in "The Night Out" 1-6-42
10:00 PM "Have Gun, Will Travel" starring John Dehner as Palladin, a Western soldier-of-fortune: "Landfall" 11-15-59
10:30 PM "Life With Luigi" comedy series starring Jay Carroll Nash: "Income Tax Season" 1-17-50

Sunday, March 18
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" Margaret O'Brien, Jose Iturbi and Jimmy Durante star in "Music For Millions," a musical about sisters in a band. 5-27-46

Monday, March 19
9:00 PM "Texas Rangers" Jace tries to crack the case of stolen cattle in "Open Range" 8-26-50
9:30 PM "The Six Shooter" Britt is the only person an accused killer will surrender to in "Revenge At Harness Creek" 4-29-54

Tuesday, March 20
10:00 PM "Johnny Dollar" (Bob Bailey) has to replace an insurance agent to won't make a settlement in "The Moonshine Matter" 3-6-60
10:30 PM "Sgt. Preston" A lost puppy gets Preston's attention in "The Puppy" 7-3-47

Wednesday, March 21
9:00 PM "Dragnet" Friday investigates a kidnapping in "The Big Roll" 6-22-52
9:30 PM "The Whistler" An attorney defends the daughter whose father he killed in "Attorney For The Defense" 7-16-50

Thursday, March 22
9:00 PM "Sam Spade" A wife hires Spade to find out if her husband is being blackmailed in "Hot Hundred Grand Caper" 9-19-48
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger: "Journey To Adventure" 1-5-56

Friday, March 23
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke: "Brush At El Kader"
9:30 PM "Suspense" A father uses his son for very dangerous work in "The Lunch Kit" 6-69-49

Saturday, March 24
9:00 PM "Jack Benny" and the cast present their version of "Tobacco Road" 3-23-41
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" Fibber whines all day in "Fibber Feels Ill" 4-6-43
10:00 PM "Black Museum" starring Orson Welles in this mystery series centering on crime artifacts stored at Scotland Yard: "The Glass Shards" 5-5-52
10:30 PM "Burns & Allen" comedy series starring George & Gracie: "George The Lady Killer" 12-11-47

Sunday, March 25
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" Jeanne Crain, Vivian Blaine and Dick Haymes star in "State Fair," a musical based on a family's adventures at a county fair. 6-26-46

Monday, March 26
9:00 PM "Texas Rangers" An oil baron seems to get away with his criminal life in "Clean Up" 9-30-50
9:30 PM "The Six Shooter" A young lady arrives in town to marry a pen pal, only to find out he has been convicted of murder in "Anna Norquest" 5-6-54

Tuesday, March 27
10:00 PM "Johnny Dollar" (Bob Bailey) investigates the reported death of a friend in "The False Alarm Matter" 3-27-60
10:30 PM "Sgt. Preston" A dog earns the love of its owner by finding something very valuable in "A Dog Named Mable" 7-26-47

Wednesday, March 28
9:00 PM "Dragnet" Friday hunts for a robber who severely beat his victim in "The Big Signet" 7-31-52
9:30 PM "The Whistler" A man is told by his uncle that he isn't the person he thought he was in "Cliffs Of Weyrum" 7-23-50

Thursday, March 29
9:00 PM "Sam Spade" helps a detective friend who is in a jam in "Dick Foley Caper" 9-26-48
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger: "The Tarantula's Web" 12-15-55

Friday, March 30
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke" A soldier is killed in Dodge and Dillon has 48 hours to find the killer or the Army will takes over the town to investigate.
9:30 PM "Suspense" A woman suffers from amnesia and thinks she's a killer in "The Last Confession" 9-15-49

Saturday, March 31
9:00 PM "Jack Benny" tries to work in his garden. 3-30-41
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" Fibber is looking for some good workers in "Skilled War Workers" 2-16-43
10:00 PM "Hopalong Cassidy," western series starring William Boyd as Hoppy: "Dead Man's Hand" 1-1-50
10:30 PM "Duffy's Tavern" starring Ed Gardner. Guest star: Peggy Lee. 2-1-46
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