KNX Golden Age of Radio in 2001

Friday, June 1
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke" starring William Conrad as Marshall Matt Dillon: "The Man Who Would Be Marshall," John Dehner as an ex-Army man who's sure he can be Deputy without carrying a gun
9:30 PM "Suspense" starring top Hollywood stars. Police are baffled as to how a man is murdered in a locked room where no one came in or out "The Locked Room" Original air date 1-27-1944

Saturday, June 2
9:00 PM "Jack Benny Program" starring Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone. It's the first show of the season, 10-5-41
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" (Jim & Marian Jordan), an American comedy classic full of homespun humor and tall tales. Fibber wants Molly to go skating with him in "Ice Skating" 2-5-46
10:00 PM "RADIO HALL OF FAME HOUR" every Saturday: "The Whistler" starring Bill Forman in strange tales and hidden secrets: "Jealousy" 9-27-42
10:30 PM "Challenge of the Yukon" starring Jay Michael as Sgt. Preston of the Mounted Police in the Northwest Territories: "Ned's Wife" 4-11-46

Sunday, June 3
7:00 PM - KNX simulcasts CBS-TV's 60 Minutes every Sunday
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" (one hour) - Alice Faye, Ray Milland and Robert Preston star in "Alexander's Ragtime Band," the story of three involved in putting on a major musical. 6-3-40

Monday, June 4
9:00 PM "Tales Of The Texas Rangers" starring Joel McCrea as Ranger Jace Pearson. A criminal breaks out of jail and hitches a ride, only to threaten the driver, "Hitch Hiker" 2-10-52
9:30 PM "The Six Shooter" starring Jimmy Stewart as Britt Ponsett, a frontier plainsman. Britt tracks down an accused killer "A Friend In Need" 1-3-54

Tuesday, June 5
9:00 PM KNX simulcasts CBS-TV's 60 Minutes II every Tuesday
10:00 PM SPECIAL ELECTION COVERAGE. The KNX Drama Hour, regularly scheduled at this time, will be pre-empted
10:30 PM "Sgt. Preston" is forced into an awkward arrest when a fellow Mounty becomes involved in "The Call Of Duty" 11-1-48

Wednesday, June 6
9:00 PM "Dragnet" starring Jack Webb as LAPD Sgt. Joe Friday. Friday is out to stop a large drug delivery "The Big Eavesdrop" 12-14-52
9:30 PM "The Whistler" A chance encounter in a bar leads to murder "Eager Pigeon" 8-28-49

Thursday, June 7
9:00 PM "The Adventures Of Sam Spade" starring Howard Duff as the San Francisco private detective in this classic crime adventure series. Sam is surprised to learn that his new partner has accepted a bizarre case in "Flopsy, Mopsy & Cotton-Tail Caper" 12-4-49
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger" starring Brace Beemer as The Lone Ranger and John Todd as Tonto: "Death Will Out" 1-19-56

Friday, June 8
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke" Marshall Dillon has a surprise way of getting a killer to confess in "Hanging Man"
9:30 PM "Suspense" A secret agent asks a famous movie director's help in solving a case of blackmail and murder, 3-23-44

Saturday, June 9
9:00 PM "Jack Benny" and the gang take a pre-war train trip from New York to L.A. 10-19-41
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" Fibber resists getting an old suit tailored "McGee's New Suit" 2-12-46
10:00 PM "Broadway Is My Beat" starring Larry Thor as the police detective: "Mary Smith" 12-8-51
10:30 PM "Our Miss Brooks" starring Eve Arden as America's high school teacher in "Poetry Mix-Up" 3-20-49

Sunday, June 10
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" Victor Mature, Collen Gray and Richard Widmark star in "Kiss of Death," the story of a psychopathic killer. 1-12-48

Monday, June 11
9:00 PM "Texas Rangers" A burglar becomes extra dangerous armed with an ice pick, "Ice Man" 2-24-52
9:30 PM "6 Shooter" Britt helps an old prospector survive a robbery in "Hiram Garver's Strike" 1-10-54

Tuesday, June 12
10:00 PM "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar," starring Bob Bailey as Johnny Dollar, a no-nonsense private insurance investigator. Dollar investigates an insurance payoff for a missing man who was never found "The Red Rock Matter" 5-29-60
10:30 PM "Sgt. Preston" is wounded while chasing two bank robbers, "The Man With The Red Hair" 11-3-48

Wednesday, June 13
9:00 PM "Dragnet" Friday tries to find a missing wife in "The Big String" 1-18-53
9:30 PM "The Whistler" A woman marries a wealthy man and plans to steal from him until something goes wrong "Smart Girl" 9-4-49

Thursday, June 14
9:00 PM "Sam Spade" is hired to watch over a strange Halloween party with several uninvited guests, "Fairly Bright Caper" 10-31-48
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger: "Badlands" 1-3-56

Friday, June 15
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke: "Widow's Wife"
9:30 PM "Suspense" An artist has a deadly premonition about a sketch, "August Heat" 5-31-45

Saturday, June 16
9:00 PM "Jack Benny" and the cast do the play "Dive Bomber" 10-26-41
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" Fibber is determined to get rid of a pesky mouse in "Mouse In The House" 6-16-42
10:00 PM "Gunsmoke: "Kite's Reward" 3-5-55
10:30 PM "My Favorite Husband" the comedy radio version of "I Love Lucy" starring Lucille Ball and Richard Denning: "The Attic" 9-23-49

Sunday, June 17
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" Edward G. Robinson, Claire Trevor and Edmond O'Brien star in "Key Largo," the story of a tough gangster who holds hotel guests captive during a Florida hurricane. 11-28-49

Monday, June 18
9:00 PM "Texas Rangers" investigate the wounding of a boy and the killing of his parents in "Dream Farm" 3-9-52
9:30 PM "6 Shooter" A belt buckle taken from a murder victim trips up 2 train robbers in "The Silver Buckle" 1-17-54

Tuesday, June 19
10:00 PM "Johnny Dollar" investigates the theft of some heavily insured diamonds "Canned Canary Matter" 6-5-60
10:30 PM "Sgt. Preston" Trapped in a trading post by attacking Indians, Preston sends King for help, "The Wilderness Uprising" 11-8-48

Wednesday, June 20
9:00 PM "Dragnet" Friday investigates the disappearance of a woman's mother, "The Big Tooth" 2-15-53
9:30 PM "The Whistler" A husband threatens to kill his wife if she ever leaves him, "Brief Pause For Murder" 9-11-49

Thursday, June 21
9:00 PM "Sam Spade" A gum ball vendor hires Spade to find whoever is destroying his machines & why "The Quarter Eagle Caper" 11-28-48
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger: "Strange Letter" 11-9-55

Friday, June 22
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke" Dillon tries to save a friend from a bounty hunter "The Man Hunter"
9:30 PM "Suspense" A confused man's dreams lead to murder "The Merry Widower" 10-21-44

Saturday, June 23
9:00 PM "Jack Benny" has plans for a movie, 11-9-41
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" Mary is all set to pack a suitcase when Fibber locks the key inside in "Preparing For Vacation" 6-23-42
10:00 PM "Dimension X" science fiction feature starring Peter Cappell: "Dwellers In Silence" 7-19-51
10:30 PM "Vic & Sade" comedy show starring Art Van Harvey and Bernadine Flynn: "Rush's New School Clothes" 8-24-42

Sunday, June 24
9:00PM "Lux Radio Theater" Clifton Webb recreates his starring role in the hilarious film "Cheaper By The Dozen," the story of a strict father and his 12 children. 5-7-51

Monday, June 25
9:00 PM "Texas Rangers" A rancher is mysteriously losing his cattle, "Prelude To Felony" 3-16-52
9:30 PM "6 Shooter" The whole town turns against a woman who married an outlaw, "Helen Bricker" 1-24-54

Tuesday, June 26
10:00 PM "Johnny Dollar" suspects sabotage in a government plant, "Flask Of Death Matter" 6-19-60
10:30 PM "Sgt. Preston" An innocent man gets out of prison only to confront the man who framed him "Strike At Pelican Creek" 11-29-48

Wednesday, June 27
9:00 PM "Dragnet" Friday tries to help another city's police department capture a burglar, "The Big Want" 3-1-53
9:30 PM "The Whistler" A truck driver seduces his best friend's wife in order to plan a crime, "Incident At Arroyo Grande" 9-25-49

Thursday, June 28
9:00 PM "Sam Spade"
9:30 PM "Lone Ranger: "Mystery Woman" 11-4-55

Friday, June 29
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke: "Buffalo Man"
9:30 PM "Suspense" A man gets away with murder, or does he, "Public Defender" 4-20-53

Saturday, June 30
9:00 PM "Jack Benny: "Easter Show" 3-24-40
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" Fibber's neighbors brave a blizzard just to come for a visit, "Worst Blizzard In 76 Years" 1-27-42
10:00 PM "Aldrich Family" comedy show starring Norman Tokar: "Valentine Party Mix-Up" 2-11-43
10:30 PM "Bill Stern Sports Newsreel" host Bill Stern, guest: Marie McDonald. 12-17-48

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