KNX Golden Age of Radio Jan-February

Monday, January 1, 2001
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" (one hour). "It Happened On 5th Avenue" is the story of an elegant New York mansion taken over by a down-and-out man who invites his friends to visit. Gale Storm, Victor Moore, Don Defore and Charlie Ruggles. Original air date 5-19-47

Tuesday, January 2
9:00 PM - KNX simulcasts TV's "60 Minutes II" every Tuesday
10:00 PM "Escape" Treasure hunters face death as they look for priceless Incan relics in the mountains of Peru in "Plunder Of The Sun" 11-8-49
10:00 PM "Ft. Laramie" stars Raymond Burr as US Calvary Capt. Lee Quince on the Wyoming frontier. Problems are created when an ex solider decides to re-enlist. 4-22-56

Wednesday, January 3
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke," starring William Conrad as Marshall Matt Dillon in tales of the Old West: "The Second Choice"
9:30 PM "The Whistler" starring Bill Forman in strange tales and hidden secrets. The circus is also the place for hatred and high emotion in "Death Walks A Tightwire" 11-27-44

Thursday, January 4
9:00 PM "Suspense" featuring top Hollywood stars. Two men working alone in a freezing climate turn their friendship to hatred in "A Study In Wax" 8-16-55
9:30 PM "Tales Of The Texas Rangers" starring Joel McCrea as Ranger Jace Pearson. A babysitting job leads to death and a missing girl in "Fugitive's Trail" 10-21-51

Friday, January 5
9:00 PM "The Lone Ranger" starring Brace Beemer as The Lone Ranger and John Todd as Tonto: "About Face" 12-30-55
9:30 PM "Dragnet" starring Jack Webb as Sgt. Joe Friday of the LAPD. An ex convict out on parole is accused of murder in "The Big Count" 1-24-52
10:00 PM "Box 13" starring Alan Ladd who gets involved in strange situations based on information left in his drop box.
10:30 PM "Abbott & Costello" the classic comedy series starring Bud and Lou

Saturday, January 6
9:00 PM "The Jack Benny Program," starring Jack Benny and Mary Livingstone. Jack does a take-off on the Fred Allen Show. 5-5-40
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" (Jim & Marian Jordan) a unique American comedy classic full of home-spun humor and tall tales. Fibber looks into a new beauty clay investment, 11-25-41
10:00 PM "Boston Blackie," starring Dick Kollmar 7-23-45
10:30 PM "Burns & Allen," starring George and Gracie in an always-hilarious half-hour 10-27-42
Sunday, January 7
7:00 PM - KNX simulcasts TV's "60 Minutes" every Sunday
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater: "Margie" is the story of teenagers in Roaring Twenties. Stars include Jeanne Crain, Glenn Langan and Gil Stratton (former KNX sports reporter) 9-8-47

Monday, January 8
9:00 PM "Tales Of The Texas Rangers" Several killings are tied to narcotics and the same gun in "Living Death" 10-8-50
9:30 PM "The Six Shooter," starring Jimmy Stewart as Britt Ponsett, frontier plainsman. A gunfighter wants to become a big shot by killing Britt in "Duel At Lockwood" 3-21-54

Tuesday, January 9
10:00 PM "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar," (Charles Russell) is hired to guard a prized pig in "The Prize Hog Bodyguard Matter" 8-21-49
10:30 PM "Sgt. Preston / Challenge Of The Yukon," starring Paul Sutton as Sgt. Preston of the Northwest Mounted Police as he & his wonder dog King take on the bad guys in the challenging Northwest Territories. A crazy old man tries to protect his property in "Sam's Gold" 7-12-47

Wednesday, January 10
9:00 PM "Dragnet," The police try and stop a shoplifting crime wave in "The Big Shoplift" 10-11-51
9:30 PM "The Whistler" A man with a bad heart suspects his wife and doctor of trying to kill him in "Three Times A Sinner" 4-1-46

Thursday, January 11
9:00 PM "The Adventures Of Sam Spade" starring Howard Duff as San Francisco private detective Sam Spade in this classic crime adventure series. Spade is hired by a scientist to find out why his wife is behaving so strangely in "The Bow Window Caper" 11-9-47
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger"

Friday, January 12
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke" A preacher loses his faith in religion until Matt helps change his mind.
9:30 PM "Suspense" Three brave men decide to conquer a forbidding mountain in "The Mountain" 3-16-53
10:00 PM "X Minus One," radio's classic science fiction series: "Death Wish" Stars Maurice Tarplin 10-10-57
10:30 PM "Martin & Lewis" a madcap half-hour starring Dean & Jerry. Guest star Dorothy Kirsten 10-14-49

Saturday, January 13
9:00 PM "The Jack Benny Program" The cast decides to take a plane back to Hollywood 5-12-40
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" Fibber decides to quit smoking cigars 10-12-48
10:00 PM "The Third Man," starring Orson Welles in this adventure series: "Espionage"
10:30 PM "My Favorite Husband," starring Lucille Ball and Richard Denning in this funny half-hour: "Be A Pal" 6-18-50

Sunday, January 14
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" Joseph Cotten and Ingrid Bergman star in "Notorious," an espionage story set in post World War 2 South America. 1-26-48

Monday, January 15
9:00 PM "Tales Of The Texas Rangers," A closer look at some hay bales leads to a murderer in "Blood Harvest" 1-21-51
9:30 PM "The Six Shooter," Britt Ponsett meets a friendly cowboy who turns out to be a murder suspect in "Silver Threads" 6-3-54

Tuesday, January 16
10:00 PM "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar," (Bob Bailey) A wealthy man takes out a big insurance policy and then dies mysteriously in "The Bayou Body Matter" 11-15-59
10:30 PM "Sgt. Preston" A mysterious stranger in town has a secret he keeps under his cap in "The Man In The Fur Cap" 7-19-47

Wednesday, January 17
9:00 PM "Dragnet" Burglars rob the safes of several churches in "The Big Story Man" 10-18-51
9:30 PM "The Whistler" An attorney is threatened by a man he sent to prison in "Terror Stricken" 4-8-46

Thursday, January 18
9:00 PM "Adv. of Sam Spade" A man hires Spade to prove he's innocent of a killing in "The Death Bed Caper" 6-20-48
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger: "When Death Waits" 1-13-56

Friday, January 19
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke: "How To Cure A Friend"
9:30 PM "Suspense" starring Agnes Moorehead in "The Signalman, by Charles Dickens," a woman reporter has a secret related to a mysterious train accident & a ghostly image. 3-23-53
10:00 PM "The Great Gildersleeve," starring Hal Peary in the very funny "Mousetrap Invention" 9-24-44
10:30 PM "The Black Museum," Orson Welles hosts this Scotland Yard audio museum of crime relics: "The Doctor's Prescription"

Saturday, January 20
9:00 PM "The Jack Benny Program" The cast presents the play "Northwest Passage" 5-19-40
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" Fibber is determined to make his grass grow even though the season is wrong in "Landscape Artist" 10-26-48
10:00 PM "CBS Radio Workshop" starring John Dehner in "Season Of Disbelief" 7-17-56
10:30 PM "Challenge Of The Yukon: "The Substitution" 2-11-47

Sunday, January 21
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" Betty Grable and Dan Dailey star in "Mother Wore Tights," the story of the trials and tribulations of a vaudeville couple. 2-2-48
9:30 PM "Tales Of The Texas Rangers" investigate money missing from a logging company in "Loggers Larceny." Guest star William Conrad 2-4-51

Monday, January 22
9:00 PM "The Six Shooter" Britt is unexpectedly elected as a town's sheriff in "The New Sheriff" 6-10-54

Tuesday, January 23
10:00 PM "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar" (Bob Bailey) A missing man's property is found under a bridge in "The Fancy Bridgework Matter" 11-22-59
10:30 PM "Sgt. Preston's wonder dog Yukon King is the key to finding a killer in "Messenger Of Mercy" 8-2-47

Wednesday, January 24
9:00 PM "Dragnet" The police are looking for some supermarket robbers in "The Big Market" 10-25-51
9:30 PM "The Whistler" A private detective turns to blackmail to get rich in "Smart Boy" 4-14-46

Thursday, January 25
9:00 PM "Sam Spade" is hired to solve a bond robbery in "The Bail Bond Caper" 7-27-48
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger: "The Forged Requisition" 12-29-55

Friday, January 26
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke" Two ranchers vow to kill in order to prevent a marriage in "Romeo"
9:30 PM "Suspense" stars Fred MacMurray as a man who turns his dream of getting rich into a criminal plan in "The Great Train Robbery" 4-13-53
10:00 PM "Damon Runyon Theater" starring John Brown: "Broadway Complex" 6-12-49
10:30 PM "Vic & Sade" starring Art Van Harvey and Bernadine Flynn in this half-hour comedy. Sade has a project to clean the attic 11-27-45

Saturday, January 27
9:00 PM "The Jack Benny Program" Jack is disappointed when there is no Jello for dessert. 5-26-40
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" Fibber has unique ideas about how to clean a sofa in "The Killer Davenport" 11-9-48
10:00 PM "Have Gun, Will Travel" starring John Dehner as Palladin, a Western solider-of-fortune: "Assignment At Stone's Crossing." 11-8-59
10:30 PM "Box 13" starring Alan Ladd: "Is It Suicide Or Murder?" 5-24-48

Sunday, January 28
9:00PM "Lux Radio Theater" Robert Young, Maureen O'Hara and Clifton Webb star in "Sitting Pretty," the story of a genius who accepts a job as a babysitter. 2-14-49

Monday, January 29
9:00 PM "Tales... The Texas Rangers" investigate the murder of a high school teacher in "The Hatchet" 2-11-51
9:30 PM "The Six Shooter" Britt and a friend help a girl to become a Cinderella in "When The Shoe Doesn't Fit" 6-17-54

Tuesday, January 30
10:00 PM "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar," (Bob Bailey) gets involved with a case concerning the brutal beating of an old man in "The Wrong Man Matter" 11-29-59
10:30 PM "Sgt. Preston" Gold miners are smart to beware of a particular mine in "Derelict Dog" 8-9-47

Wednesday, January 31
9:00 PM "Dragnet" A wealthy businessman disappears in "The Big Lease" 11-1-51
9:30 PM "The Whistler" Jealousy pits a brother and sister against each other in "The Waterford Case" 4-22-46

Thursday, February 1
9:00 PM "Sam Spade" is hired to guard valuable wedding gifts in "Rushlight Diamond Caper" 7-4-48
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger: "Interrupted Journey" 1-11-56

Friday, February 2
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke: "Bureaucrat"
9:30 PM "Suspense" A wallpaper hanger, trapped in an elevator, is a witness to a murder in "Pigeon In A Cage" 7-21-53

Saturday, February 3
9:00 PM "Jack Benny" and the cast do the play "Code Of The Hills" 6-2-40
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" take trip to the hospital to visit a sick friend in "Billy Mills In Hospital" 11-12-43
10:00 PM "The Bickersons," a comedy series starring Don Ameche and Francis Langford
10:30 PM "Cavalcade of America" starring Charles Boyer: "The Grand Design" 12-5-50

Sunday, February 4
9:00PM "Lux Radio Theater" Dick Powell and Mary Martin star in "My Gal Sal," a nostalgic 1890's story of a songwriter in love with a beautiful singer. 1-18-43

Monday, February 5
9:00 PM "Tales Of The Texas Rangers" A popular small town doctor is found murdered in his office in "No Living Witnesses" 5-6-51
9:30 PM "The Six Shooter" A dead hero turns out to be a live coward in "General Gillford's Widow" 4-8-54

Tuesday, February 6
10:00 PM "Johnny Dollar" (Bob Bailey) investigates several arson cases in "The Burning Desire Matter" 12-27-59
10:30 PM "Sgt. Preston" is accused of murder in "Criminal Mountie" 10-4-48

Wednesday, February 7
9:00 PM "Dragnet" Friday tries to break up a narcotics ring in "The Big Thank You" 3-9-50
9:30 PM "The Whistler" A man commits murder and tries to change his identity in "Man Hunt" 6-25-50

Thursday, February 8
9:00 PM "Sam Spade" helps a woman with amnesia who remembers a murder in "Wheel Of Life Caper" 7-11-48
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger: "Go-Between"

Friday, February 9
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke: "Legal Revenge"
9:30 PM "Suspense" Mind readers have a deadly gimmick in "A Vision Of Death" 6-1-53

Saturday, February 10
9:00 PM "Jack Benny Program: "Jack's Halloween Party." 11-3-40
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" Fibber gets a steak from an unusual source in "Black Market Meat" 4-27-43
10:00 PM "Fred Allen Show" starring the comedian: "Breakfast Show" spoofs happy-talk morning programs, 10-27-46
10:30 PM "Vic & Sade" starring Art Van Harvey and Bernadine Flynn in this funny half-hour: "Grand Old Lodge Lady" 6-4-41

Sunday, February 11
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" Alan Ladd and Marjorie Reynolds star in "Salty O'Rourke," the story of a con man who is thwarted in love. 11-26-45

Monday, February 12
9:00 PM "Tales Of The Texas Rangers" Greed results in the murder of a sharecropper in "Paid In Full" Guest star William Conrad 5-13-51
9:30 PM "The Six Shooter" Britt tries to help raise money for a church organ in the seriocomedy "Crisis At Eastercreek" 4-15-54

Tuesday, February 13
10:00 PM "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar" (Charles Russell) An actor asks Johnny to protect him after he receives death threats in "The Hapless Ham Matter" 1-3-60
10:30 PM "Sgt. Preston, Challenge Of The Yukon" A woman who witnesses a murder is left to die in "Potluck Killers"

Wednesday, February 14
9:00 PM "Dragnet" investigates a hit and run accident in "The Big Trial" 4-20-50
9:30 PM "The Whistler" A jilted woman seeks revenge as she tries to blame a killing on her ex-lover in "Deadly Rumor" 9-17-50

Thursday, February 15
9:00 PM "Sam Spade" is hired by the owner of a newspaper to find a missing reporter in "Missing News Hawk Caper" 7-18-48
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger: "Death Trail" 1-6-56

Friday, February 16
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke" A man asks Dillon to protect him from himself after he kills someone in "Man Who Lives By The Sword"
9:30 PM "Suspense" It's a tough business finding oil, and even tougher when there's a fire in "Hell Fire." 9-28-53

Saturday, February 17
9:00 PM "Jack Benny" is elected Dog Catcher of Beverly Hills 11-10-40
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" Fibber opens his big mouth and winds up making a dress for Molly in "A Dress For Molly" 4-20-43
10:00 PM "Abbott & Costello" comedy classic starring Bud and Lou. Guest star: Benny Rubin 6-16-48
10:30 PM "The Third Man" starring Orson Welles: "Nazi Loot"

Sunday, February 18
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" Alan Ladd and Wanda Hendrix star in "Two Years Before The Mast" the story of a tyrannical sea captain. 9-22-47

Monday, February 19
9:00 PM "The Texas Rangers" track a young man who robbed a liquor store and killed in the owner in "Joy Ride." 5-27-51
9:30 PM "The Six Shooter" A lonely woman tries to hide an outlaw in her home in "Jenny" 9-20-53

Tuesday, February 20
10:00 PM "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar" (Bob Bailey) A murder leads to a grandson being an heir in "The Evaporated Clue Matter" 1-17-60
10:30 PM "Sgt. Preston" A lumber business is in danger of going up in flames in "Timber"

Wednesday, February 21
9:00 PM "Dragnet" Friday tries to locate a hidden bomb in "The Big Bomb" 7-13-50
9:30 PM "The Whistler" A badly injured outlaw hides out in the wrong house in "That Hemsley Affair" 9-24-50

Thursday, February 22
9:00 PM "Sam Spade" An eccentric scientist hires Spade to protect his inventions in "The Mad Scientist Caper" 7-25-48
9:30 PM "The Lone Ranger: "Bank Robbery" 1-13-56

Friday, February 23
9:00 PM "Gunsmoke" Doc Adams meets an injured man on the trail who doesn't want to be treated in "Doc's Reward"
9:30 PM "Suspense" It's the story of a young boy with little patience and a penchant for danger in "The Empty Chair" 9-21-53

Saturday, February 24
9:00 PM "Jack Benny" wants to meet a movie director. 11-17-40
9:30 PM "Fibber McGee & Molly" Fibber's radio isn't working but he is determined to listen to it anyway in "Uncle Sycamore's Radio Show" 4-13-43
10:00 PM "Nightbeat" starring Frank Lovejoy: "Zero" 2-6-50
10:30 PM "Bill Stern Sports NewsReel" Guest star: Horace Heidt 1-21-49

Sunday, February 25
9:00 PM "Lux Radio Theater" Vincent Price, Ella Raines and Edmund O'Brien star in "The Web," the story of a body guard who is the scapegoat for the schemes of his boss. 9-29-47

Monday, February 26
9:30 PM "Texas Rangers" A murder victim is found in an abandoned mine in "Death Shaft" 9-30-51
9:30 PM "The Six Shooter" A young sheriff catches an outlaw who turns out to be his father in "Sheriff Billy" 11-29-53

Tuesday, February 27
10:00 PM "Johnny Dollar" (Bob Bailey) looks for a missing heavily insured dog in "Alvin's Alfred Matter" 2-21-60
10:30 PM "Sgt. Preston" A gang has been terrorizing prospectors in "Marlow's Gang"

Wednesday, February 28
9:00 PM "Dragnet" 2 elderly people are victims of a home invasion robbery in "The Big Sour" 9-20-51 9:30 PM "The Whistler" A crook is given 1 week to repay a big debt in "Dear Diary" 10-1-50
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