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September Birthdays & Important Dates

September 1, 1959: Elizabeth Taylor agrees to make Cleopatra for $1 million, a sum she's sure is so high it will be refused so she can take a vacation without breaking contract (instead Fox agrees, it will be a costly mistake for them).
September 1; Lily Tomlin (1939) "The Incredible Shrinking Woman"
Gloria Estefan (1957)
September 2; Mark Harmon (1951)
Keanu Reeves (1964) "Point Break" and "Speed"
Salma Hayek (1968)
September 3; Alan Ladd (1913) "Box 13"
Valerie Perrine (1944)
Charlie Sheen (1965) The Wraith
September 4; Mitzi Gaynor (1930)
Judith Ivey (1951)
Ione Skye (1971)
1941, U.S. destroyer (USS Greer) attacked by German submarine 200 miles off Iceland, not sunk but Pres. Roosevelt ordered Navy to attack any German warships on sight. The attack was not reported to the media at the time because FDR did not think the US was ready to declare war on Nazi Germany (see 10-31-41)
September 5; Jesse James (1847) inspiration for "Jesse James Meets Frankenstein's Daughter," sequel to "Dracula Meets Billy The Kid"
Bob Newhart (1929) "Cold Turkey"
William Devane (1937)
Raquel Welch (1940) One Million Years B.C.
September 6; Swoosie Kurtz (1944)
Jane Curtin (1947) "Coneheads" Saturday Night Live
September 7; Peter Lawford (1923)
Samuel Goldwyn (1926) "A verbal contract isn't worth the paper it's printed on"
Buddy Holly (1936)
Jerry Zaks (1946)
Julie Kavner (1951)
September 8; Sid Caesar (1922) "It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World"
Peter Sellers (1925) "The Pink Panther"
Frankie Avalon (1939)
David Arquette (1972)
September 9; Cliff Robertson (1925) Escape From L.A.
Otis Redding (1941)
Roger Waters (1943)
Hugh Grant (1960)
September 10; Robert Wise (1914), director of Star Trek: The Motion Picture, and Forbidden Planet
Amy Irving (1953)
Chris Columbus (1958) Stepmom
Colin Firth (1960)
September 11; O. Henry (1862)
D.H. Lawrence (1885)
Brian De Palma (1940) Carrie
Kristy McNichol (1962)
Virginia Madsen (1963)
Harry Connick (1967)
On September 11, 1994, a small plane aimed at the White House hit a tree outside the Presidential bedroom. The pilot was killed, his motives unknown
September 12; Maurice Chevalier (1888)
Ian Holm (1931)
Michael Ondaatje (1943)
Desmond Llewelyn, actor (1914, died 1999), Q in the James Bond movies - in the latest one Q got an assistant (John Cleese, who has agreed to play the same role next time)
September 13; Roald Dahl (1916)
Mel Torme (1925)
Frank Marshall (1943)
Jacqueline Bisset (1944)
Nell Carter (1948)
September 14; Walter Koenig (1936), of Star Trek
Sam Neill (1947) In The Mouth Of Madness
Clayton Moore, actor (1914, died 1999) TV's "The Lone Ranger." In 1981 a new, updated version "The Legend of the Lone Ranger" came out and its producers got a court order forbidding Moore from ever wearing the popular mask again. The resulting movie was funnier than Hercules In New York
September 15; James Cooper (1789)
Agatha Christie (1890)
Ron Shelton (1945)
Tommy Lee Jones (1946)
Oliver Stone (1946)
Dan Marino (1961)
September 16; Lauren Bacall (1924)
B.B. King (1925)
Peter Falk (1927) "Columbo"
Ed Begley (1949) "Transylvania 6-5000" and "Meet The Applegates"
David Copperfield (1956) the magician in Terror Train (1980)
Mickey Rourke (1956)
Jennifer Tilly (1961)
September 17; Roddy McDowall (1928) Planet Of The Apes and Fright Night
Anne Bancroft (1931) "To Be Or Not To Be" (Mel Brooks)
John Ritter (1948) "Stay Tuned"
September 18; Jack Warden (1920) "Crazy Like A Fox"
Robert Blake (1933) "In Cold Blood"
Greta Garbo (1965) (she wants to be alone)
September 19; Adam West (1929), tv's Batman
Jeremy Irons (1948)
Trisha Yearwood (1964)
September 20; Joyce Brothers (1928)
Sophia Loren (1934)
September 21; H.G. Wells (1866) novelist The Time Machine, War Of The Worlds and Empire Of The Ants
Chuck Jones (1911)
Stephen King (1947) writer/director of Maximum Overdrive
Bill Murray (1950) of "Groundhog Day", Ghostbusters, "Scrooged"
Ethan Coen (1957)
Ricki Lake (1968)
September 22; Erich Von Stroheim (1885)
Paul Le Mat (1946)
Shari Belafonte-Harper (1954)
Joan Jett (1960)
Scott Baio (1961) Zapped
September 23; Mickey Rooney (1920) star of Silent Night Deadly Night 5
John Coltrane (1926)
Bruce Springsteen (1949) "Born In The USA"
Jason Alexander (1959)
September 24; F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896)
Jim Henson (1936), creator of The Muppets
Linda McCartney (1941)
Julio Iglesias (1943)
Phil Hartman (1948)
September 25; William Faulkner (1897)
Michael Douglas (1944) The Ghost & The Darkness, "Fatal Attraction"
Mark Hamill (1951), original star of Star Wars and Time Runner, plus Guyver and Scooby-Doo On Zombie Island
Christopher Reeve (1952), star of "Superman," not to be confused with Supergirl or Superfly
Michael Madsen (1959)
Heather Locklear (1961)
Catherine Zeta Jones (1969)
September 26; Olivia Newton-John (1948) of Xanadu
Linda Hamilton (1956) of Terminator and "Terminator 2" (she was busy when they made the 3rd one)
September 27; George Raft (1895)
William Conrad (1920) The Naked Jungle
Arthur Penn (1922)
Wilford Brimley (1934) Cocoon
Meat Loaf (1951) "Bat Out Of Hell"
Shaun Cassidy (1958) Hardy Boys
September 28; Marcello Mastroianni (1924)
Janeane Garofalo (1964) a big fan of The Bridges Of Madison County not!
Moon Zappa (1967)
Mira Sorvino (1967)
Gwyneth Paltrow (1972)
September 29; Gene Autry (1907)
Greer Garson (1908)
Robert Benton (1932)
Nelson Riddle (1935) composer of many TV themesongs including 1960's Batman
Madeline Kahn (1942) bride of Young Frankenstein (Mel Brooks)
Bryant Gumbel (1948) Ice-T's favorite newscaster (just kidding)
Andrew Dice Clay (1957) Ford Fairlane
September 30; Truman Capote (1924) "Murder By Death"
Angie Dickinson (1931) "Police Woman"
Johnny Mathis (1935)
Fran Drescher (1957) "The Nanny"
Eric Stoltz (1961) Anaconda and remake of The Fly
Jenna Elfman (1971) actress/sister-in-law of Danny Elfman
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