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The first X-File case was personally initiated by Director J. Edgar Hoover in 1946. Seven murders in Browning, Mont., plus more elsewhere in the Northwest, involved victims who were shredded and eaten in a pattern matching no known animal. Police in Glacier National Park, following a hot pursuit, cornered and shot dead what several eyewitnesses swore to be a wolf-like animal on two legs, but which proved to be a man named Richard Watkins. Though nothing related to the animalistic claw and fang marks were ever found, the animalistic murders perhaps coincidentally ceased.

Hoover's secretary, for office-space reasons, began placing similar inexplicable cases in the little-used "X" drawer of her file cabinet. Her casual name for these files later became official.

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Born: Oct. 13, 1961, Chilmark, Mass. (Martha's Vineyard)
Raised: 2790 Vine Street, Chilmark, Mass.
Mother: Teena Mulder, died Greenwich, Conn.
Father: Subject believed his father to be William Mulder (died April 1995, West Tisbury, Mass.); biological father was actually C.G.B. Spender a.k.a. "The Cigarette-Smoking Man"
Siblings: Samantha Ann Mulder, born Nov. 21, 1965, Chilmark, Mass., abducted Nov. 27, 1973, at 6:53PM EST; half-brother Jeffrey Spender
Children: William (created from his DNA, carried to term by Special Agent Dana Scully)


FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder joined the Bureau at age 28 after having received a degree in psychology from Oxford University. His FBI Academy monograph on the link between serial killers and the occult (1988) led to his spending three years as a profiler with the Behavioral Science Unit. Nicknamed "Spooky" for his insistent belief in the paranormal, he eventually derailed a promising career that had earned him the respect and attention of such prominent political allies as U.S. Senator Richard Matheson.

Hypnotic-regression therapy conducted by Dr. Heitz Werber resulted in Mulder's belief that the mysterious childhood abduction of his younger sister Samantha was perpetrated by extraterrestrials. This belief, along with his downward career trajectory and our own strategic plans, resulted in his requesting assignment to The X-Files. Located in a former copier room in the basement of FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C., it was at the time a one-person office to which ostensibly supernatural, extraterrestrial and cryptozoological cases were shunted for future-reference and patterning purposes. When Mulder began a more active series of investigations, we or rather, our cover organization, The Syndicate attached an observer, FBI Special Agent Dana Scully, as his partner beginning March 21, 1992.

Covert surveillance on Mulder was conducted through Syndicate enforcer C.G.B. Spender a.k.a. "The Cigarette-Smoking Man," using a variety of associates that included Alex Krycek, Marita Covarrubias, our operative code-named X and one of our veteran operatives, whom agents Mulder and Scully dubbed "Deep Throat." Mulder, until very recently, was unaware of his biological connection with Spender. This connection allowed us an additional measure of control over Spender.

In 2000, near Bellefleuer, Ore., Mulder was taken aboard a spaceship controlled by one of the two alien races we currently are tracking, the shapeshifters. After some months, Mulder was found evidently dead in a field near Helena, Mont. Buried without embalming (as is traditional in Mulder's Jewish faith), he was later exhumed when another abducted individual thought dead was found to have been resurrected through alien means. Mulder eventually recovered from his ordeal and briefly returned to active duty in the FBI.

He then disappeared of his own volition, turning up in 2002 at the Mount Weather military base in Bluemont, Va., where we arranged to have him "kill" a virtually indestructible alien-hybrid "supersoldier," Knowle Rohrer. The ensuing show trial allowed us to gather witnesses and definitively survey what information Mulder's many and varied associates possessed. We then allowed him to escape the base with Scully. Through leads we surreptitiously provided, the two then confronted Spender at an Anasazi Indian site near the Texas-New Mexico border.

Agents Mulder and Scully currently are classified as fugitives. We are continuing surveillance on both subjects. End transmission.

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