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Vet Care for Your Pet

One of the responsibilities of owning a pet is maintaining its health. Your pet should go for yearly vaccinations once its initial set of shots are complete. Rabies vaccinations are required by law in most states, and the other vaccinations can prevent your pet from contracting painful and life-threatening diseases. Some veterinarians have special offers for your pet's lifetime, many of these offers include spay or neuter surgery. Ask your veterinarian if they have any offers for you.

Keep in mind that while there is a lot of good information on the web, if your pet is sick it needs immediate attention by a trained professional. There are many websites that will accept questions about pet health, but it is best to go as soon as possible to your vet at the first sign of distress. Many animals will not act sick until it is pretty bad, a survival instinct. The sooner you act, the better.

The last thing I will ask you to think about before giving you the links is to think compassionately when your pet is ill. If the animal still has a will to live and is fighting the disease, then do everything you can for it. If the animal is past that point, it is time to think of doing the most humane (and also the hardest) thing to do, have it put down. My humans have had to have 2 sick animals put down, and it was really rough for them. However, it wasn't as bad as allowing their beloved pets to suffer needlessly. Just a thought...

Great sites for information on your pet's health

Animal Hospital - it doesn't get much better than this! A great site with loads of info!
Pet Health Library - presented by the folks at the Oaks Vet Hospital.
Care for Pets - a site by the people who are qualified to tell you about animal health, the American Veterinary Medical Association!
Dr. Jim's Virtual Vet Clinic - a neat site by an individual vet with good information. I especially like the info about fleas! My people and I had a time with fleas this summer that I had brought home from the shelter.
Veterinary Info for Cats, also a link to vet info for dogs. Wow, is this site comprehensive!
Pets Need Dental Care too! - something that we don't think about, but it is true! Pets can get some of the same dental diseases that we can.
Animal Emergencies - do you know what to do for your pets during an emergency? Check this site out for information on how to help your pets survive natural disasters as well as other emergencies.

Keep in mind when visiting a veterinarian that you are a consumer and that you have a choice. If you do not feel comfortable with your current vet, then seek another one. A veterinarian is a vital part of the relationship between you and your pet, and you should feel comfortable with him or her and feel as though he or she is listening to you. Don't hesitate to get second opinions either! A note for the side of the vet, please remember that the job of the veterinarian is a tough one. They rely upon you to give them as much information as possible about your pet's condition so that they can make the proper diagnosis. Cooperate to the fullest extent of your abilities, and take an active part in the examination if possible. Remember that your pet is nervous too, and having you there to soothe him is a great help not only to your pet but to the vet as well!

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