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Links to Animal-specific Websites (and other misc. things!)

Everyone seems to have a favorite type of pet. Dogs and cats are certainly on the top of the list around the world, but there is an increasing trend in the popularity of small animals and exotics. Before you adopt any type of pet, make sure you have done your homework! It is up to you to provide the proper environment and lifestyle for your new friend. You can start your research by visiting the websites below. Enjoy!

Here are some other miscellaneous web sites that you might enjoy:

Why you should use a pet sitter brought to you by the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters.

Planning on taking your pet with you on your trip? will help you find pet-friendly destinations and accomodations!

Ludwig's Page - absolutely the coolest pet home page out there! (You must have Macromedia "Flash" installed to view it properly)

Have you lost your pet? Visit connect to PetWork and report your friend as missing!

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