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To All the Pets I've Loved Before

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Here is a memorial page to the pets that I have loved throughout the years. Some of them have passed on to the Rainbow Bridge, and some of them are still living happy lives knowing they are loved and cared for. If you are grieving over the loss of your pet, the people at pet loss and bereavement can help!

my cat Tuffy

Here is my cat Tuffy. I got him when I was about 10 or 11, and he was a great cat. Unfortunately, he died of feline leukemia. Soon I will have a link here to a site where you can find out more information about this devastating, fatal disease. Tuffy will always live on in my heart and in my mom's heart.

my bunny Mozart

Here is my bunny Mozart on his way home after being neutered. He loved riding in the car! He was my first bunny, and although I read a lot before I bought him, I did a lot of things wrong. Before you bring a rabbit into your house, please do your homework! They are wonderful pets, but they are a lot of work. He was a house rabbit and had total run of the house, much to my carpet's chagrin! :-) He died in November of 1997. I miss your kisses and your snuggles, sweet bun!

Wolfgang as a baby

Here is precious Wolfgang, a wonderful kitty that I rescued from the Animal Control in Albuquerque in December of 1997. Isn't he adorable? He definitely picked me, and it was quite a challenge to get him home. He was scheduled to be neutered before he came home (a wonderful practice I might add!), but then they neutered the wrong cat! So, we had to wait even longer to bring him home. I went to visit him whenever I could and brought him treats while he was in "kitty prison." Finally he came home and settled right in. He had a hard time getting along with Claude the ferret at first, but after a while they got to be pretty good buddies. (See picture below.)

the buddies

Here are the buddies. Isn't Claude adorable? I found out too late about Marshall Ferret Farms (or better, Marshall Ferret Abusers), and unfortunately Claude was bought from a pet store. When I first brought him home, he was very nippy because he hadn't been properly socialized. After some months of training, he became a sweetheart. His favorite pasttime was stealing expensive shoes (only the best for him!) and my wallet. He was so fast that I could leave my wallet for one minute and I would turn around and he would be hopping off with it! He thought it was such a fun game. He also liked to tear apart flowers that I received. Both Claude and Wolfie loved to give kisses. I have been fortunate to have such affectionate pets!

Claude and Wolfie eating

Here you can see what a big cat Wolfie turned into! Don't let his size fool you, he is such a love! Mealtimes were always shared between Claude and Wolfie, this sweet picture was an everyday occurence! Both Claude and Wolfie are enjoying life at new homes. When we moved to Germany, I had to find new homes for them. Claude has moved to ferret paradise, and has a new ferret brother and sister, plus a whole ferret room with tubes to crawl in and out of and toys to play with! Wolfgang has moved in with Grandpa Hans (a friend of mine) and is enjoying having a nice backyard to roam in. Hans also feeds the pigeons daily, and Wolfie loves to watch from the background trying to figure out how to get all of those pigeons! I miss them both terribly, but I know they are happy and I am glad that they didn't have to suffer the stress of an international trip and possible quarantine for 3 months.

Miss Mindy

Here is Miss Mindy, the queen of my mom's house. Doesn't she look regal? She hasn't forgotten that cats were once worshipped, I think! Mindy was rescued from some neighbors who got the kitty without realizing that their daughter was allergic to cats. When she was just tiny, they put her outside and she had to brave the cold. When mom took her, she was sick (and narrowly escaped the animal shelter, I might add!), but she soon responded well to treatment. She is just a love. I still remember when I first met Mindy, she sat on my shoulder the whole night! Now she is definitely a one-woman cat, but she still lets me pet her if she feels like getting attention.

Mr. Smoky

Mr. Smoky is just a big lump of love! He didn't start out that way though. He was a stray in my mom's neighborhood that had been abused. Mom coaxed him onto her porch by putting food out for him, and eventually he would even stay there if we were outside. Soon he was around more than he was away, and Mom decided to adopt him. She had him neutered and he stayed. He sure had a hard time with the cat door though! He always tried to lift the flap to go in instead of just walking through. Sometimes he still has problems with it. He is a real sweetie, and so soft!

Unfortunately, I don't have pictures of the following pets that I love (or have loved): Ginger - my childhood dog who protected me as though I was one of her puppies, Pepper - one of Ginger's puppies that went to live with my grandmother in Texas, Lassie - a dog that my step-mother rescued that was Ginger made all over in personality, Buster - my aunt and uncle's awesome Golden Retriever, Spaz - my aunt's cat who is a real trooper - he is fighting his way through diabetes and actually improving (and this at a very old age!), and Monet - my first ferret who died of a neurological disorder.

Thanks for visiting my memorial to the pets I've loved (and still do!). Your visit helps their memories to live on.
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