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The long lost Aston Martin from OHMSS.

Our search for the two Aston Martin DBS models used in OHMSS proved to be as difficult at times as Bonds search for Blofeld in the same film. However with the kind co-operation of the Aston Martin Owners Club, we were able to track one of the cars (FBH 207G) down to the Bond museum in the Lake District in England. This appeared on our OHMSS 30th Anniversary video. When the museum closed own a few years ago the car was shipped to Florida.

The story of the other car (original registration GKX 8G), however, has proved to be nearly as tragic as Bonds marriage.

We are not yet sure of the complete history of the car and we do not know how it ended up in Australia but the current owner, Sigi, told us he bought the car in June 1978 without even realizing that the car was from a James Bond film.

" I just loved the car and its colour!" he revealed to us.

It was later that the Aston Martin Owners Club revealed the car's identity to him.

"I drove it for 5 - 6 years as an every day transportation, until my business partner who one year after me bought another DBS Vantage (not to be out done) ran into the back of it quite hard.....

After I nearly strangled him, ...... I took the car in for repairs which then started a restoration process"

It is great news to hear that the car has now been fully restored and George Lazenby was reunitedwith he car for the 50th anniversary of the James Bond films.

 Models of this fabulous car have been produced by Corgi and there is now an excellent detailed model produced byMinichamps

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