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Keeping the Lazenby flag flying since 1997!

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Last Update: July 2013


George Lazenby was in attendance at the Schilthorn in Switzerland to open Bondworld! With George were John Glen, Sylvana Henriques and Terry Mountain which is sure to become one of the top Bond attractions in the world

Archive below

Great to see George reunited with this Aston Martin DBS.

George appears in the official 50th anniversary documentary "Everything Or Nothing" talking about how he landed he role of 007.

It has been announced by Activision that "On Her Majesty's Secret Service" will feature as one of the films in the new 007(TM) Legends Games to be released later this year.

George's long awaited autobiography is now available for pre-order at and and at Amazon UK

To celebrate fifty years of the Bond films, Her Majesty's Royal Mail are issuing a set of ten commemorative stamps with the original film posters. This includes, of course, On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Great to see Joanna Lumley's new book Absolutely sing the praise of George Lazenby and OHMSS. "Handsome George Lazenby took over from Sean Connery. Watch the film again to see how well he does."


Lazenbyland is sorry to hear of the passing of John Barry 1933-2010 recently. His music was a key factor in the success of both OHMSS and the introduction of a new Bond in 1969. Here is our review of the greatest Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Album ever produced.

Two videos this month from our Lazenby Band, The Boris Flats. There is Gumball and The Sunshine Imperative.

Welcome to George Lazenby's Unofficial Internet website. We've been operating this site since 1998. Lazenbyland greatly thank his official representatives in Los Angeles and London for the current information they supply on George Lazenby. For the most up to date information, the best place for this is to join the George Lazenby Discussion Group which also allows you access to files and photographs. We'll post the most important updates on this site.


Of course, we recognize that many visitors will be here for information on Lazenby's outing as 007 in 1969 in which he starred as the famed secret agent in the best Bond film of all time, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service". Lazenby also has the honour, in our opinion, of turning in a fabulous performance in the DEFINITIVE James Bond film.


So feel free to lounge around and explore the ONLY site dedicated to the career of George Lazenby. Here you'll find links to his home in Australia, a Lazenby tribute band, a discussion board, stills from "The Pretender", and of course links to OHMSS.

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