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"The Planets and there

Mythological Names"

Mercury (Greek: Hermes) Mercury, the messenger-god of Jupiter, was the god of story telling, eloquence, commerce, and games of chance. He was prematurely born son of Jupiter and Maia (a fertility goddess). Mercury seamed to be very intelligent baby; by noon of the day of his birth he left his cradle and invented the lyre, building it from the seashell of a tortoise. Hermes was the god of good luck, wealth, commerce, sleep, and dreams. He was a patron of merchants, thieves, and deception, the messenger and herald of the gods, and the conductor of the souls of the dead to Hades. Hermes appeared as a young man, wearing a broad-brimmed hat and winged sandals, holding the caduceus (Hermes’s staff, which was the symbol of the art of medicine).

Venus (Greek: Aphrodite) Venus was the child of Zeus and Titan, Who emerged from the sea foam at birth (in some accounts, Aphrodite simply emerges from the foam), and thus is called "Foam Born". She Was the Goddess of love, charm, beauty, and the impulses that bind men together in social communion. Aphrodite appeared as the wife of Hephaestus, the Mother of Eros, and the lover of Ares (Roman God of War).

Earth (Endymion) The Greek Endymion, (Is not a God but the prince of Earth), son of Aethus and king of Elis, was handsome young shepherd who resided on mount Latmus in Caria. The Moon (Selene), who put him into an eternal sleep so she could visit him every evening, loved Endymion. Selene bore the sleeping Endymion 50 Daughters.

Mars (Greek: Ares) Mars was the god of war, one of the chief gods of the pantheon, Who was associated with military power and glory. Mars was driven by rage and violence, and preferred to spend his days battling in bloody combat. However, The Greek Ares (son of Zeus and Hera) was a ferocious, brutal, blustering, and cowardly god of War. He was hated by all of the Gods and Goddess, with the exception of Aphrodite and her sister, Eris (goddess of discord)

Jupiter (Greek: Zeus) Jupiter or Jove, was the god of the heavens and earth, the god of justice and the ruler over all other gods. Zeus was the son of the Titans Cronus and Rhea, At the Age of maturity, he overthrew his father, and established the rule of the Olympian gods, Zeus was the supreme deity, the most powerful of the gods. He was a sky god, a god of rain and the god of thunder and thunderbolts. Zeus was a promiscuous god and took many lovers, including his sister and some mortal women.

Saturn (Cronus/Cronos/Kronos) the Roman King-God Saturn was a god of the Harvest who begot the Major Roman Gods. The Greek Cronus, son Or Uranus and Gaea, was the god of time and the mightiest Titan of them all. Cronus and his sister Rhea had six Children (the Olympians), but Cronus ate the first five newborns to prevent them from one day overthrowing him. Rhea saved her sixth Child, Zeus, who one did over through his father.

Uranus (Greek: Uranus) In Roman Mythology, Uranus personified the starry evening sky who came forth spontaneously from Gaea, The Earth. He was also the husband of Gaea, who together fathered the Titans, the Cyclops, the hundred-handed monster, and other Creatures.

Neptune (Poseidon) Neptune was the Roman god of water, rain and fertility, also known as the King of the Sea or Ocean. Neptune and the water nymph, Amphitrite, Married and had several children, The Greek Poseidon was originally the god of earthquakes and water, but that changed to the supreme god of the sea, sometimes the god of horses. He was said to be tempestuous, violent and vindictive; he was rarely peaceful.

Pluto (Greek: Hades) Pluto or Hades is the lord of the Underworld. He was a gloomy, stern and dull god who was also connected to Plutus, a being who personifies wealth. Little known about this Particular god, other than his Persephone (Roman: Proserpina). "Hades" is also a name for the underworld.

Selena (Roman: Luna) Selene was the Greek goddess of the moon and brother to Helious, god Of the Sun. There are many Similarities between Diana and Selena, but notable differences as well. For example, Diana Was a huntress, and a virgin, but Selene was neither. Some stories say that she had Fifty Daughters by Endymion. Tsuki-Yomi is the Japanese Shinto Moon God, who killed the Goddess of food, Uke Mochi.