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Not Real KoRn Cover Title: Untitled
Release Date: November 20, 2001
Producer: Michael Beinhorn (Hole, Marilyn Manson)
Location: Phoenix, AZ, USA
Tracks: No Singles Released

UPDATE: Nov 2, 2001

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I am no longer updating this site. I'm only updating the new kornmix. Here is the movie you guys voted for. Though I got a feeling it was just one guy. But its alright here it is. It is a large file so expect a long download. Sydney Shoots and ladders. The poll is now being reset and is going to be put up at the new kornmix with more new movies.
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This is the place to sit back, grab a drink, scratch your ass and turn up your favorite Korn CD!!! The address to remember is (kornmix.shoutweb.net) Remember this address because it will satisfy your KoRny needs. KoRnMix is a spanking brand new website dedicated to KoRn. I am a full blown KoRnKid so why not make a website on... who else? KoRn. I will update this page often so comeback. I will keep up on the latest concerning the new KoRn album, due out in September. So check out my website and don't forget to sign the guestbook.
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This isn't all there is to my site. I will be adding new sections such as tabs to all the albums. I will also increase the amount of pictures in the gallerys, and I'll see if can get some mp3's on this website. What you see is just the beginning.-July 3, 2001

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Adema: 8/24/01
The half brother of Jonathan Davis is releasing a self titled album called Adema. The record was released on tuesday and all 5 members of KoRn were spotted at the debut party.
2002 Delay: 8/24/01
There has been another delay. The album has been pushed back to Jan or Feb of 2002. Currently Jonathan is working on the vocals for the album. The album was pushed back so the album can be the best it can be.
Drummer Rumor Cleared Up : 8/20/01
There was a rumor that david from korn left and the drummer from P.O.D took over. Well if you didn't know this is false. David is still tearing up the drums. The drummer from P.O.D just got to listen to David playing drums in the studio for the new record.
Jon In Vancouver: 8/3/01
Jonathan Davis has reportedly rented a house in Vancouver to write and add vocals to their follow up record. He is being accompanied by producer Michael Beinhorn. The other band members are in L.A. working. The album should be in stores by Nov. 20, but it might be delayed into 2002.

Update On The Album: 6/15/01
KoRn is recording the album. The drums and the bass beats have been recorded. What lies next is for Jon to add vocals and munky and head to add the guitar beats. Bad news is that they pushed the release date back to November 20th.

Monsters of Rock: 6/15/01
In a recent VH1 poll. KoRn took 14 in the catogory gods of thunder. Creed took 15, Pantera took 13 and Metallica took first.
Def Leppard 
Guns 'N Roses 
Alice in Chains 
Ozzy Osbourne 
Motley Crue 
Van Halen 
Limp Bizkit 
Rage Against the Machine 
Stone Temple Pilots 
Nine Inch Nails 

Damn.. Another Delay: 5/29/01
There has been another delay. The album is now scheduled for an October 2nd release. Come back often for the latest.
More Delays.. : 4/21/01
KoRn's fifth album has been delayed once again. Good news is that the band is still writing and recording. The bad news is that they haven't completed one track. According to Jonathan on an interview they have parts of songs but no completed songs. The album was delayed for a september release.
KoRn Album Delayed: 3/22/01
Well, it's already March 22 and do you have a your copy of the new KoRn CD?...NO. Hey, thats funny I don't either. You know why? ....It's because my local Hasting is full of CRAP. I got a new date from Sam Goodys and they said it should be out by July 3rd. So that means there is days 'til the release of the new Korn Album but don't get your hopes up.

New Korn Album In The Works: 2/12/01
I know this is old news but it is good news. New korn album is in the works. It is being produced by Michael Beinhorn; also produced Marylin Manson and hole's records. No word on release date but my local Hasting has a sign posted saying the new album is expected March 20th. If that is true then 0 days until the release of the new Album.

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