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My Virtual Photo Album of South Africa

Welcome to my online photo album. It is a work in progress, as I find and add photos from my two years in South Africa. I had so many experiences, and now have so many wonderful memories, that a complete album of my time as a Peace Corps Volunteer would take years to build and months to look at. I hope you enjoy what I am able to include!

Me in Nhlazatshe

This is me in front of the house where I stayed during the "Community Based Training" provided by the Peace Corps. I lived with a great family, they took great care of me for the ten weeks I lived with them. You can see my little host sister Thobile's shadow on me. I let her use my camera a couple of times, and she did a pretty good job, aside from cutting off my foot in this one.


This is Lethabo (Leh-TAH-bo), my host sister Thembi's (TEM-bee)baby girl. Lethabo and I arrived in the Moteti House at about the same time. We became very close, and I have about a thousand photos of her. She is so beautiful, and in real life has SO MUCH personality. I miss her everyday.


South Africa, and I imagine many parts of Africa, has a large community of people who actively practice ancestor worship. The lady in this photo is my host mother's sister, MaJomo (meaning the mother of Jomo, her first-born son). MaJomo is a traditional healer, also called a "sangoma", don't call her a "witch doctor" because that is something else all together. Here she is "reading" my "bones" to find out what is wrong with me and what my future will be. It was a lot like a tarot card reading, with about the same amount of accuracy. It was an interesting experience. MaJomo also knows a lot about local medicinal herbs.