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"The whole alien-outcast theme allows us to explore the issue of prejudice. People in Roswell are afraid
of the aliens and don't see them for who they really are; they see what they think they are. And that's
really the basis of all prejudice. Maybe kids will watch this and start to be more understanding and
compassionate toward eachother."

-Katherine Heigl (YM, March 2000)

-August 22, 2000-
12:37 a.m. EST

I've been nominated for the finals of the Roswell UK Awards!:) Vote for me by going to this site. Thanks!
Roswell UK Awards Finals!

There is another awards going on. The Roswell Elitest Awards. I hope to be nominated for the 3rd round. To nominate your fav sites click on the image below!:)

Look for Katherine on the cover of this weeks TV Guide. (July 29-August 4)

Who do you want to see on the next cover of Entertainment Weekly? I say....the Roswell cast!!! Go here to post your opinion.

Also, check out info on Katherine's new movie, 100 Girls.I don't know when this will be out in theatres or even if it will be in theatres.

Don't forget to watch Katherine on Roswell! @ 9pm, Mondays on the WB. Next episode: "Crazy" (August 28)

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