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This is Fallon and me. God, I love those grlz!

name: *KaT*
age: 16(april 27,1984)

hair:it's bleached now!!!
eyes: brown
piercings:left eyebrow :) oh and i re-pierced my ears too!
location: TORONTO(well,... Ajax)
i like: Mercedes,kittie,my guitar and bass,George from Much Music,piercings,tattoos,hair dye,fire,e-mail,JAY GORDON!!!,...etc.
pet peeves:FRED DURST!! bands that can't write or perform their own music,close-minded people,etc.
fave bands: KiTTie..duh!!!,ORGY,Slipknot,Marilyn Manson,Static-x,Dope,Cradle of Filth,Staind,Amen,London After Midnight,and other hard sh*t!
Yahoo ID: eat_some_poundcake or mercedes_penis
AIM: disturbedkat666

Feel Free to send me a message if i'm on.I love talking to new people!
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