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Welcum people to this Kittie page. Pleases just wait a while and i'll have some stuff up soon! PROMISE!:)
As you can see this page is under construction! Ellenore and myself have been putting great effort into this, and we really don't have much time on our hands, being that we are students in highschool, and stoopid fucking teachers have the nerve to give us homework....
"WE" both go by the name Kat, but to keep confusion out of the picture, we'll all refer to the person all behind the HTML, (The webmaster,) Ellenore.

This is our Kittie Page but not all thoughts,words,ideas, and info. are said by me, Kat and or Ellenore. I tell her what i want on this page and she finds the information, and posts it in the direct content, that she found it in. Ellenore has put a lot of time and effort into this (more than myself,) and because she understands the great value the work that people have made on their info, she has made sure not to take ANY credit for the words said by others. This page has SOME bio information on the band members, and always states where the info was taken from and where there can be more info found. Never will this page make false assuptions of the band, or spread rumors. If any one e-mails either one of us, giving us stoopid shit like "one of them is pregnat," we are NOT going to post it, because you wouldn't know anything that reguards the bands health or personal intersts in the first place, and even if some rumors are true, we will still NOT post the faulty info, because it is not ment to come to the public's attention, unless given out to a press offical or some shit like that.
Cum back later luvers!