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[Ellenore]:Um, Hi, all you people.
[Kat]:Say whatever you fucking want, you bag of shit!
[Ellenore]:I can say what ever i want?!
[Kat]:Yes but be careful what you say, it might piss me off...
[Ellenore]:Okay I'll be good.

This Site:
Hi, my name is Kat, but because this may cause confusion, you should probably call me Ellenore when regaurding this page. If there is anything that i have taken from your site without permission, please feel free to e-mail me, and I would be happy to take it off of here, but i can asure all, that if any graphics and or information is not of Kat, Nat, Dan, or myself, I have given credit for your work, and I will not label it as any other but yours. Even if you don't have a coryright to it. Just let me know, if you have a problem with it on this page so I can take it off.
So E-mail ME if you have a problem or question with this site.


My Name is Ellenore and i live hundreds of miles away from Kat. That would be New Mexico. Most people I tell them which city, but when posting it on the web, i don't let that info out. I have a personal web page called "Fajitas con Carne de Los Muertos" but as soon as i have more time, i'm going to have one somewhere else because I'm addicted to making pages, and i'm running out of MB's on my current one, so why not have 2? Or 3? and that would make 3. (Long story.) so um....right, I love Kittie, and just about anykind of ROCK music. Anything else can go away, shrivel up into a little ball and DIE. but maybe Jazz is acceptable. jazz is okay to me. So....