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~Okie Dokie~

To Create a new page to your account, click on the button "file" in the "Create new:" section. Then where it says "Name:" write in the name of the URL you want that page to be.
Another Example;
to get your "framez.html" section (page), I had to Write in,

Then (ofcourse) click on the "Create" button.

To upload pictures/files save them to maybe your computer, or a Floppy a disk, then go to the File Upload section in your webshell, and type in the location of the picture/file and file type. Like The above picture, I saved it to a Floppy A disk so I had to type in,
"Select a file to upload: [a:\file2.gif]"

Then (ofcourse) click on the "Upload" button.
Here are Basic HTML codes for your page, on Angelfire
Here are some advanced codes for Script Language.
And Web Monkey Should have a lot of information to help you out understanding just how to work everything!