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1996 Dodge Stratus

These are pictures of the car and it's current and future installs.....

The Car...

This is my car, in it's most recent form. The performance/apperance additions I have done so far are 17" Tuners with the Perelli P7000 215/45ZR17 rubber, 1.5" Suspension Techniques sport springs, clear front turn signals, 15% tint, grill inserts (wire mesh), stripped off the side moldings, ported air box with a K&N filter, NGK plugs, lots of wire loom under the hood, and a couple of other things.

Bumpers? We don't need no stinkin' bumpers!

The stereo...starting from the front...

This is my headunit, the Premier P1R. I love this unit, it does everything, and has the features to boot. Note the custom trim around the unit that matches the factory dash color, it really helps set it off.

For subbass I chose to run a set of MTX 7000 series 15's. These monsters weigh in at over 30 Lbs. apeice, and put out some great bass as well as some very clean sound in the proper enclosure.

What do you know, the proper enclosure.=) The 15's operate in an approimately 2.987 cu ft enclosure, with 963 watts powering them at 14.4V from an MTX 1500dx. This pic of course is before the .75" trim paneling was applied.

View of the finished subs from between the front seats. I'm really picky on panel gap, you will not find any gaps in my panels.

How about a kilowatt (literally over 1200W at 14.4v)! This is the amp rack in one of it's test fitting stages. For amplification I chose the 1500dx (subs), 275x (mids), and another 275x (tweets). The amp rack is finished in matching paint to the trim used on the dash and around the midbasses (pics coming soon). Wiring is all EFX Scoche, Monster or MTX. The rack is kept cool by a 15" squirrel cage-type fan and lit by 2 6" red neon lights.

Again I hate panel gap, and the proof is here in this pic showing the matching trunkliner used to trim the smoked plexi for the amp rack. I really should have dusted it before the pic, I was eager to take pics and move on.... It looks alot better in person! =)

This pic shows the trunk with the amp rack cover removed, from an outside angle.

Here is the trunk in it's everyday form, hard to tell it's not stock, which was my goal. Since it is an everyday driver, not having any trunk room like my old setup sucked. So I decided to go with the stealth approach, and have been very happy thus far. But as always, I'm doing something new to it all the time.