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  • Well I'm finally going to move my site to a diffrent server. Don't you hate having all these add's and pop ups. Well I'm getting rid of them finally :)
  • I managed to add a message board for this page. If you want to comment, talk, or even tell a joke you can do it there. Any questions you have I can answer there also. If you have a page that has jokes or some kind of humor in it. Please sign up for my site ring. My current goal is to get at least 20 sites into it right now.
  • Sorry for not updating the site these last few months. I've been really busy and well now I'm going to start updating the site weekly again. Hope you come back often now :)
  • Thank's for comming. I hope you enjoy my jokepage. If you come very often you know I'm starting to add new fetures to it. I'd also like to ask you to tell your friends about this page as I'm not getting very many hits and putting a lot of my time into it.
  • If you'd like to comment on my jokepage or would like to see something added or want to post a joke that you have to the site please contact me. If you haven't already please sign my new guestmap.

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