No Money for a Tow Truck

This here's a story about Josh and his 57 Chevy. Now, his Chevy wasn't licensed but Josh used to drive it on the back roads around his farm.

Well, one day last summer, the old car broke down a mile from home... with a busted axle. Now Josh, he was kinda on the tight side when it came to money. He could have called a towing truck but nope, not Josh. Instead, he brought the car back home piece by piece. He figured, once he got all the pieces home, he'd reassemble them in the barn.

First came the 4 tires...and the spare. Then the hood and the bumpers. Then he brought back one of the doors. That particular day it was really hot.

"Josh" his neighbor said, "I know you don't want to spend the money on a tow truck. But don't you at least find it too hot to be carrying a car door all that distance."

Josh, "No, can't say I the window rolled down."