Did I Move???

Have you ever had a day like this? I ordered an airflight ticket over the internet, and the travel agency I ordered it from charged my credit card for the ticket, booked my flight, and then sent me my air ticktets by FedEx. Knowing the tickets were coming, I used FedEx's internet tracking system to determine when the ticket would arrive at my home so I could be sure to be here to get it. I saw when the package containing the tickets left the New York shipping port, and as it travelled across the United States until it reached my home town.

When the FedEx tracking system showed that the ticket was on a truck and the ticket was enroute to be delivered, I anxiously awaited at my home for the ticket. I saw a FedEx truck pull up the street and was excited as I knew it had to be my ticket. I was dissappointed when the truck stopped at another home to drop off the ticket. So I waited some more. Finally, shortly before 5:00 pm when I knew the delivery trucks would no longer be out, I again checked the internet to find out where my package was. I couldn't understand why the ticket hadn't been delivered to my home since it had been placed on the delivery truck. When I tracked my package on FedEx's site to see where it was, to my shock I discovered that my ticket was being sent back to the travel agency where it had been purchased from. What???!!! I asked myself, and reading further I discovered that it said that the recipient no longer lived at the delivery address. I ran outside and checked my address, and sure enough, I still lived in my home. So immidiatetly I called FedEx. They said that if I went to their branch office in my home town, that I could pick up my ticket. By this point I was becomming frustrated and I made sure the man on the other end of the phone knew that I had NOT indeed moved.

In a hurry to beat the closing time of 5:30, I rushed to the FedEx office to get my ticket. I was amazed to finally make it in time, and I ran into the office to get my ticket. The office attendant searched for my package and finally found it. She said they would refund the delivery price since the ticket wasn't delivered properly. But she also said that the refund would have to go to the sender (namely the travel agency), since they were the ones who hired FedEx to send the package. I tried to explain to her that I was the one who had paid for delivery since the travel agency had simply charged my credit card to deliver the ticket to me. She explainded some more that that was policy, the refund had to go to the sender. Reluctantly, I finally agreed. When I got home I called the travel agency and explained the situation to them. They were very friendly and agreeable. They said they would refund the money they had charged my credit card to deliver the ticket. Finally I was satisfied. I had my ticket in hand and also knew the travel agency would credit my credit card for the delivery price I had been charged.......all was well.

Or was it? A couple of days later I received a FedEx package in the mail. This one was successfully delivered to my home address. I was surprised as I wasn't expecting anything in the mail. So I excitedly opened the package. I couldn't believe what was in it!!!! It was a refund for the delivery charges for the air ticket. How funny, I thought, that the travel agency would send the refund FedEx instead of simply crediting my credit card. Oh well, whatever. And I was fine, until a couple of days later..............when I received my credt card bill, and when I opened the bill my eyes grew big and I almost fell down to the floor. To my amazement I saw that the travel agency had charged me for the delivery of the refund check!!!!! And it was the same amount as the refund!!!

I fired the travel agency...............................and FedEx!