Fun at Work

How To Mess With The Heads Of your Co-Workers

Play a game of Twister.
Rather than spin a needle on a board, spin your boss around as fast as you can.
If he pukes, everyone gets the day off.

Park an old beat-up truck carrying a big arty-heart outside the downtown mall.
Make sure it says "The Bomb" on the bumper.

Lower all the desks to ankle level.

Post a memo stating that all employees who haven't erased unlicensed software on their computers _by last Friday_ will be fired.

Hastily scribble
"Lost: Red-and-black boa constrictor" on the chalkboard.

Stage a mock murder for the window washer to "accidently" observe.

Argue over who invented the Macarena dance, the Wave, and how long before someone combines them into the MacaWave.

Leave a fake list of salaries in the copier.

Cut a lock of hair from people exiting the restroon.
Apologize by saying, "Sorry, I thought you were someone else."

Change the coffee to decaf, and watch everyone become reeeeeeally irratible.

See who can refrain from asking "How was your weekend" the longest.

Hoard the office supplies and listen in glee as strains of "...a $5-billion company and I can't even find any damn paper clips..." carry through the hallways.

Hold a combo keg chug/limbo contest.
The winner receives a promotion.

Walk around claiming you're cookoo for Cocoa Puffs.

Replace the soda pop in the cafeteria vending machine with live squid.

Every hour on the hour, scream "Hey Mo!" followed by a low-pitched "nyuk nyuk."

Sign your e-mail "Love. stinky."

Start rumors about the new dress code, "All Fuchsia, all the time."

Toss the geeky guy's keyboard in the recycle bin.
Reassure him it'll be back as a scratch pad one day.

Create a "Who's sleeping with Who" office pool.

"Playing Footsie"

Fine anyone who uses the word "opportunity" instead of "problem."

Call a meeting and announce:
"Listen. This computer thing just isn't working out. You'll all have typewriters and White Out on your desks after lunch."

"Don't Go To Work Unless It's Fun Day", Everyone!