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Ok I'm finally going to move this site and to re-arange it better to your needs. I should keep this site up to date. But just incase I can't you know why.

This site was updated on: 5/09/03

Another Bad Day Company Sick Leave Policy Door-To-Door Sales Crap Photographer
Classic Definition New Hearing Aide Off Hours Billing Old Codger Gets A Mirror

Quick Wits Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson The Pretending Docter
The Mental Inmate Young Man Goes To Confession Mr. Miller & The Dentest's Office
KGB Headquarters Words of wisdom from children... "New Year's Wish"
The Reunion The Hunter's Wife The Talking Frog
Dr. Jones The Preacher & his Donkey Billy's Funny Faces
Love Songs Wife Asks Her Husband... The Idiot Sightings Continue
Going The Wrong Way Two Rednecks Drinking Mysterious Language Of Science
Missing Boy Doing All The Work The Job Interview
The Atheist Additional Warnings Hoping For A Bust
The Perfect Job Things You Don't Want To Hear During Surgery Chevy Nova Award
Bungee-Jumping Frank's Wife Come Hell Or High Water
Fred's Beer Roy Drunk Driving Permit
Because I'm Drunk Sunbathing On The Roof You know you've been on-line too long when...
How'd you sleep Your Mother Sign Your Co-Worker Is A Hacker:
Top Ten accident excuses used by drivers: The Basketball Coach Baby Boomers, Then and Now
Mr. & Mrs. Smith Completely Embarrassed Top 45 Oxymorons:
Two Reasons Tim Fun Things to do in an Elevator:
Extremely Stupid Father Norton There's Trouble
All I Ever Get Is Great Lines From Job Evaluations: Valentine's Day
Best excuses if you get caught sleeping in your cubicle: Fun Things To Do At Garage & Yard Sales: Sports Fishing
A Traveler Sue Beginning To Starve
A Skinny Little Lumberjack Top 10 Signs Your Cat is Planning to Kill You! Hearing Problem
A Chainsaw Shop Soup Of The Day Top Signs You're Bored at Work
Soap & Water Olympic Village Diet Rules for Cheaters
Inexperienced Chili Taster TOP TEN REASONS TO ASK YOUR BOSS FOR A RAISE: Not so long ago...
3-inch man A young couple English Class
Phrases to use in an interview: Things you wish you could say at work: A Really Good Dead
What Job Ads Really Mean Circumstantial Evidence Acute Appendicitis
Darling Devil Pays a Visit Drinkers' Troubleshooting Guide
Only Three Special Calendar 7 Things to do
A Cowboy Rode Into Town Bad News Strict Instructions
Weekend Messages Dead Husband Talking Dog
Bad Luck How to build a webpage
in 25 steps
The Three-legged Chicken
Definitions by MOM's Diary of an AOL User Fun at Work
God at his Computer Mafia Application Styles For Better Managment
Soldier's Ambition Stages of an employee! Technical Brilliance
HOW TO WASH THE CAT Did I Move??? Bird Imitations
Consumer Labels Volunteer Fire Truck No Money for a Tow Truck
Speeding Really Dumb!!! Who Died the Worst Death
Church Bulliten Bloopers Compliments Hebrew school
What Kills You Alligator's Mouth Build A House
Country Docter Copier or Shredder??? Sunk
Train Crash Cuckoo Clock Entrance Exam for
Football Players
Grandson Hawaii or Havaii A Blonde In a Hailstorm
Insurance Claims Dictionary Of A Computer Are Computers Female Or Male
Computer Problems You Might Be A Cop If The Top 20 Reasons Dogs Do Not Use Computers...
Redneck Computerease The Top 12 Things You Don't Want to Hear From Tech Support New Boots
A Teenager is... Bookmark THE CLASS OF 2004
Drawing God Facts About Jesus LETTER FROM THE TOOTH FAIRY
Lessons In Life Proposing Ear Drops
Looking For Boots Math Homework Old Testament Drawings
The Bull Playing Doctor Questions
Walking On Water Computer Sunburn Farting
No Driveway Ouch!!! Patience
Strong Cat Red Shirt Ventriloquist
New Keyboard Cell Phone Understanding Computer Technology
The Dog and The Leopard The Fisherman Elephant
Turn On The Heat The Sign Makers The Lawsuit
Bad Conductor Making Donuts Balloons
Tight Pants Just A Button ABC's Of Ex-Girlfriends
Cheating Lufthansa The Cat, The Mice,
And Heaven
Math Trouble Worms Final Exam
Lipstick Prints Observation Drop Dead