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Focus on Fall

Focus on Fall

Woodrow Wilson Middle School
Edison, New Jersey, USA
The Virtual Classroom

Welcome to the 2000-2001 Focus on Fall Project Homepage

Research Article

Once again, the students at Woodrow Wilson Middle School in Edison, NJ, USA have teamed up with the world to explain why some leaves do not change color in the fall, and why others do change color. This virtual classroom allows students to collect real time data and exchange ideas with peers globally, thus schools learners are achieving the following objectives:

Our Project Partners

This year we are working with students from all over the world. Students anywhere and any age are welcome to participate in the project. However, it is recommended for middle school and high school students (ages 12-18). Please read the project instructions before accessing our registration page. Here are maps which show all the schools who have responded to the project. Click on any dot to find out more about the schools participating in your area or to read the school's email.