BU Terrier Hockey

6 Time Consecutive Beanpot Champs and still the Best Team in Hockey East!
Chris Drury: 1998 Hobey Baker Award Winner and 1999 NHL Calder Trophy Recipient!!

Congratulations to Michel Larocque: Hobey Finalist, All-American, and First Team Hockey East

"Hey, where's that Poti guy?"

~ Some clueless BU fan

I'm still working on how DiPenta was going to be ass't captain this year. Joe? What the hell? But that's Ok, because he left for the QMJHL. What?!? And Bartlett was taken off the team....could someone please clue me in as to what the deal is? I thought Bartlett was supposedly one of our top forwards. Why are we getting rid of him? Better yet, why does Carl now have his number? And Pandolfo switched around, too. Confused...though it has been a good season. I am also highly looking forward to this Red Scare, myself.

Updates on the Mighty Staff:
I have the training staff of two: Tumbleweed (the senior trainer), and Terriergrl. And my big brother tried to promote himself to Coach after a game. I had to explain, there's only one Coach around here, and I hire all staff and personnel. But, he's still cockier than I am (for now), so he decided to declare himself Comissioner. Fine. Whatever. And there's nothing wrong with Rule #1! (unless you have a breakaway situation, but that's what's called an exception) But NOW, I have another Staffer, the Semen Scout. Tumblweed's boyfriend's last name is, indeed Semen, and he's asked to be my Scout. So what the hell? I need a good scout!

*Sigh* I guess the great NCAA poohbahs that decide who the great Hobey Baker winner will be overlooked this little site and my campaign. And I thought I'd be a shoe-in. I didn't even get a nomination for Coach of the Year. How depressing. But now that it's Hobey season, I'll run it again:

Smarter than Dirt
Taller than Gionta
And hotter than Krog...
Goldfish for Hobey.

The Senior Class
The Junior Class
The Sophomore Class
The Freshman Class It's back!!!
And what crazy nut would I be if I didn't dedicate a whole separate page to...
There's also a page dedicated to players who have left, starting with the '97-'98 season. Check out the archive. Once I figure out just who is staying and who is going this year, I'll fix that up. And I do believe I owe you all some stuff on last year's freshmen, too. I'll get to that, hopefully soon.

I do have to warn you, though, the stuff on these pages is a bunch of running jokes, and should in no way be taken seriously. Well, maybe a little seriously, but not too much! This page was created for the amusement of myself and my friends, so it is fairly sarcastic and, I hope, pretty funny. Ok, that's my little disclaimer. I'll shut up now.

On to the Rules. I have a tendency to yell at the team during games. This is how I became "Coach Goldfish". My friends have caught on to this trend and joined in the fun, creating my Mighty Staff. We've come up with a list of the stuff that's been said, so here are...Coach Goldfish's Rules:
1: Chain the goalie to the net. None of this excessive cutting the angle crap. Give him room to move, but there's no need to stray far from the crease.
2: Get the rebound!
3: Complete your passes. By completing them, I mean getting the puck to a teammate, not letting the opponent intercept it.
4: Put the big oafy guys on the penalty kill, so they can block the opposing team and they can be all, "OAF!!"
5: Go the right way on the ice.
6: The game consists of 3 20 minute periods, not just one of two.
7: Make sure you're on the right side of the ice. It switches off each period, you know...
8: Never piss off a crazy Finnish guy...
9: Empty net = BAD.
10: The game is played on your feet, not your ass.
11: Shit. There was a #11, but I forget it now. Damn. I'll have to check with the training staff, they have it written down.
12: I remember now! I talked to the staff, and the rule was: Get the puck!

And there are more to come as the season goes on...
Were you amused? Let me know what you think by signing my guestbook. If you're not big on the guestbook thing, then you can always e-mail me. Please take a sec to sign; I'm always curious about who's stopped by:

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TerriersThis would be SPickett's page. It was very good for the 97-98 season, but it kind of fell by the wayside in 98-99. I don't know if it will ever be updated again.
Terriergrl's Hockey Page is a page similar to this one, with more fun commentary on the team, and other stuff. I used to have her hockey definitions here, but I took them off. If you liked them when they were here, go check out everything else.
Terrierville A wicked cool page that has stats and info on the team, as well as midis of the Pep Band songs.
I have a few more links, but I have to look up their addresses before I can post them. Until then, have fun with the ones I have here!

"Peanuts suck...like BC." ~ Me!