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Grace Fellowship Ministries of Deming, NM

A Church of Angels of Mercy whose love and compassion have helped many families and people in need for eight years. Located in Deming, New Mexico, the church has helped those in need of food, clothing, shelter and spiritual food as well. "Along with everything else we do, we are a praying church," said Milly Boyston, who runs the Thrift Shop. "Prayer is a very powerful thing," she added.

Started on July 31, 1991, Mrs. Emma Allen turned her acre into the first church, then later a soup kitchen, thrift store, shelter and food bank. When asked why she started the Church Fellowship, Mrs. Allen, now President of Grace Fellowship Ministries, answered "because I felt directed by the Lord to do it. I love to help people, children especially."

Since it's beginning, Grace Fellowship has helped approximately 40 to 50 families and 40-50 individuals per day with meals, food boxes, furniture and clothing. Approximately 6 people stay in the shelter each night. On a monthly basis, 605 meals are cooked, 137 food boxes are given out, 69 people recive shelter, 97 people receive clothing, 21 families given household items, 37 gas vouchers, and 9 bus tickets are handed out. Two truckloads of furniture, clothes and food were sent to Oklahoma tornado victims.

Is anyone ever turned away? "No one is turned away unless they lie, steal, or abuse drugs and alcohol" says Mrs. Allen, "for the most part, if our volunteers or people who come here need anything, all they have to do is ask for it. It's free."

All donations for Grace Fellowship come from the community--people, churches and businesses. The church's operating expenses for electricity, propane, car gasoline, and the phone come to approximately $2,750 a month. The people who give their time here are all volunteers and get no salary, but they can take some food or clothing if it helps

    When asked what their current needs are, they are all in agreement:

  • "More Christian volunteers, and someone who can lift boxes and heavy items"
  • A bigger thrift shop
  • The shelter needs expansion.
  • A new storage building
  • New tires for the vehicles
  • Someone with good organizational skills
  • Someone with public relations skills who can create events and raise money
  • Donations to keep the mission running
  • Money for more gas vouchers and bus tickets
  • A pickup to haul heavy items

    Deming Independent Grace Fellowship


    DEMING, NM 88030,

    505 546-7546 or E Mail

And what is the most rewarding part of the ministry for Emma and George Allen and Milly? Telling people about Jesus Christ and helping people, especially families with children. You are welcome to stop by the Deming Independent Grace Fellowship on Highway 180 in Deming. You will be introduced to Jesus Christ through the love, warmth, compassion and care of the angels of mercy."

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