Joliet 8.1.00

Well, this review starts in the car, and works it's way to Chicago, cuz that's where we stayed. But this concert was So crunk! We got PAID to go. DAYUM. Doesn't get better than that, and I talked to Steve. YAY!

All right, so the girls meet me back at the car in Hershey, and we decide we are going to Chicago the next day. We leave at 5pm and spend the 13 hour drive laughing our ASSES off. I don't remember anything we talked about, but we were all so tired, we were cracking up.

So we get to Chicago at 6:30am, no sleep for any of us. We get our hotel room, and talk to Emmett. He asks if 2 of us want to work merchandise at the show. This means backstage passes, getting to go to the venue at 11, and getting PAID to see NSYNC! Well duh, me and Cammie are like HELL YEAH!, but then he let Kate and Michelle do it too cuz he's nice like that! So we get to the venue at 11:30am (Still no sleep, and Joliet is an hour from Chicago, so it was a drive in the pouring rain. UGH!)

So we are sitting at a table backstage putting together the lanyard passes they sell at the show, when I see this BIG BROWN FRO walking towards us. (You have to keep in mind, I forgot to mention this, Cammie knows Steve, I know Steve, but he did NOT know we knew each other) So I lean over and I'm like "Cammie, holy shit! Here comes Steve.. !!" we both look up and BUST out laughing, he walks over and she starts talking to him. Then I'm like "Hi Steve!!" He looks at me, back at her, and the look on his face was priceless!! He was like "How the hell do you to know each other? You're here together??" It was great. But, he wasn't being an asshole! He was being NICE! Ugh, all I want is to see Steve bitch, and he doesn't.. well, maybe he did a little bit, lol.. this is a good one.

So after we gave Steve a hug and were talking, he looks over and says "So you are working here now? This is the end of the NSYNC No Strings Attached tour as we know it. Emmett, you're fired." (He was kidding, he's WAY sarcastic) OMG. I laughed so HARD. You can not even imagine. Then I gave him his digital digital yellow sports watch.. and his card. (His comments.. on the watch: What the FUCK is this?" and on the card "Who stepped on it?") You have to understand, the card has been in my purse like a month, lol.. Anyway, Kate asked him "What are the chances of getting a pic of him with the Sexxxy Bitch sign: "Slim to none.." was his reply, and finally: Me: "Steve, do you read your newsletter??" (The AOL Newsletter me and Kate do "Steve Fatone is a Sexxxy Bitch" His answer was: "I scan it" ... PSSH!! My ass, you know he reads that shit word for word !!

Also, while we were setting up, one of the merchandise guys said the FUNNIEST quote I've ever heard:

"We couldn't sell the Chris pics for $1.00 at KMART!"

Heheh.. poor Chris! (To support him, the girls at Michelle's stand stuck a note by the Chris pics saying "Buy a Chris pic and $1 will be donated to the Chris Kirkpatrick is sexy fund!" It worked, her stand sold out of Chris!)

So Steve went bye bye after a few minutes. Next crunk thing was soundcheck started, so Kate and these 2 other girls we met went to watch it like halfway back, but Cammie and I walked around and over to the very front to see it. We saw TIPY, Justin was all decked out in DAY GLO red, Joey was sitting on the moving Stage (awww) and JC was being weird. LOL.. That was the only song we watched though. It was so cool to be able to see ANY of it though, so I'm not complaining!! But we had to go actually work, actually..

I didn't get to watch the show when it started, but Kate did. The guy she was working with let her go down to see it, cuz they weren't busy. Being that we had the passes, she just walked up front and watched the whole thing. crunk! But where my stand was we were HELLA busy.. and ugh, NSYNC makes more money then we can even imagine on merchandise, seriously.. it's unbelievable. I also got this crunkass poster thing. If you've been to a concert, you've seen the big signs that have all the individual pics taped to it, and they say $5.00 Each. Well, since it was the last show, the guy I was working with gave it to me.. it's so big, but I love it. lol.. and it saves me from buying all the individual pics. hehe..

I just want to add also how pissed we were that Jen was there, and we didn't get to see her. UGH. That sucks, but it's ok, we're making it up in Spetember when we go see OTOWN!!! We're gonna GETotown! Right Jen?

So, that was about it, we went back to our hotel, slept (finally) and then the next day we started drinking at 2pm and just partied all night with all the merchandise people. good times, good times.

Also, some funny shit happened on our ride home. We were So tired. Me, Kate, and Cammie kept making the dumbest jokes. Michelle didn't drive home with us, she drove with one of the merchandise people, and Kate didn't know they were alone, just the 2 of them. When I told her Kate was like .. "That's BUSTED! She's GONE!" as I type this, I am laughing HYSTERICALLY. It was the funniest thing I've heard since last years Gramma Wanna Funnel Cake experience. Woo..I'm still laughing. To calm you all, NO , she is NOT GONE. Michelle made it home safely. Also, we blew a tire on the Turnpike, and some real nice Trailor Trash changed our tire for us. We were so blessed.

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