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Desperately searching for a good slice of pizza!

but I'd settle for...

a piece of the truth.

Is Mother getting tired of us?

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    to carry the child

    to carry the child into adult life
    is good? i say it is not.
    to carry the child into adult life
    is to be handicapped.
    the child in adult life is defenseless
    and, if he is grown up, knows it,
    and the grownup looks at the childish part
    and despises it.

    the child, too, despises the clever grownup,
    the man-of-the-world, the frozen,
    for the child has the tears alive on his cheeks,
    and the man has none of them,

    as the child has colors, and the man sees no
    colors, or anything,
    being easy only in things of the mind;
    the child is easy in feeling--
    easy in feeling, easily excessive,

    and, in excess, powerful,
    for instance, if you do not speak to the child,
    he will make trouble.

    you would say that the man had the upper hand
    of the child (if a child survive),
    but i say that the child has fingers of strength
    to strangle the man alive.

    oh, it is not happy, it is never happy,
    to carry the child into adulthood.
    let children lie down before full growth,
    and die in their infanthood,
    and be guilty of no one's blood.

    --stevie smith

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