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Falcor's Findings

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We are Babyboomers --- Scott & Debbie. In 1988 we took a family trip, with our then teenaged boys, to BC (Canada) for the summer. To make a long story short, we were "bit by the full-time bug"! We raised our family, cared for Grandpa, and had a painfully long time (7 years) to wait for our dream of being full-time RVers. Well, as time would have it, it finally happened. We sold our house in NY state and left for the 'good life' on August 1, 1995. We haven't looked back since!

This site is dedicated to RVers --- full-time, part-time, wherever your trail leads you. It was created on September 28, 1997 for the sole purpose of giving RVers, with internet access, a place to go in which they can find links for seasonal jobs, campgrounds, clubs, etc.

We call this page "Falcor's Findings" because our motorhome's name is Falcor (named after Falcor, the 'Luck Dragon', in the movie "The Neverending Story"). It was also the name of the newsletter we'd been doing for our friends and family.

Bookmark this site as one of your Favorites...come back often, and when you can, give us links to post here for others. Tell your friends about us! Sign our guestbook and ... Happy Trails!

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The RV Manufacturers page had to be removed due to limited server space. Jim & Carole McVay (see Sites of Interest below) have graciously put this link on their page and will be maintaining it.

VIRUS ALERT! - If you are receiving forwarded email with a 'virus alert' or 'you could be a winner' type of stuff, click here Computer Virus Myths before forwarding that email to others --- even if it seems to be legit! Remember too, always read the fine print! Thanks for the tip, Bob!

RVers have income taxes to do for April too! Check out this link for all possible tax-related issues Essential Links. Also, check out TaxCut, TurboTax and H & R Block.

Here are some important links: For vehicle safety RECALLS, don't be a dummy, click here National Highway Traffic Safety Administration; for product safety RECALLS check out US Consumer Product Safety Commission. For the latest RV & Camping Industry News go to RV News and then click on "industry news". RV News is only one of the fantastic features found at RV America.

If you're new to the Internet, or perhaps you would like more info on ISPs and connecting to the Internet, these links will be very helpful: Internet 101 and Life on the Internet. Here are some neat resources for the computer-equipped traveler: Roadnews Press and Laptop Travel. If connecting to a local Internet Service Provider is not possible for you, due to the short time you'll be in the area, check out these links for some great ideas on how to stay connected: Kinkos Office/Copy Supplies; the Cyber Cafe Guide and if you want to learn about "Cyberbooths", go to the Internet Cafe Guide. Cyberbooths are now popping up in some hotels, airports and shopping malls, and cyber cafes (net cafes) also are opening up all over the world. You may also be interested to know that some pay phones now have a phone jack on the side and you can plug in if you already have a provider. Hey, check out Truck Stops! Alot of Truck Stops now have phone jacks at the tables in the cafeterias, no kidding! You might also try Universities, Colleges, High Schools and more probably --- Libraries which have their own computers as well as internet access!

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[Seasonal & Other Employment Links] [Clubs, Magazines, Catalogs, Mail-Order...]
[Sites of Interest] [Campgrounds on the Web] [CANADIAN Links]
[RV Insurance] [RV Accessories & Supplies] [Health & Medicine]
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Seasonal & Other Employment Links:
[Seasonal Employment (.com) - Our Website/Domain!]
[Workers on Wheels]
Workamper News
Kelly Services (temp. staffing nationwide)
Summer Jobs
Contract Employment Weekly Online!
The Outdoor JobNet

Clubs, Magazines, Catalogs, Mail-Order...:
[Escapees Club]
Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA)
[Camping World]
[Good Sam Club, Trailer Life & Motorhome magazines, etc]
Backpacker Magazine
Campmor Catalog
Campers Choice Catalog
Lazydays RV Super Center
Buyers Index listing all sorts of Catalogs
KV Vet Supplies (Pet Supply Catalog Online)
Loners of America
Current, Inc. - CHECKS/CHEQUES!
York Photo Labs - Film development!
Artistic Greetings - Return address label makers!
WAL*MART online
Amazon (Books online)
Barnes & Noble bookstores
The Elks Club (National Homepage)
The Travel Organization
National Geographic
Woodalls online
Sears (including Craftsman tools!)
Radio Shack
American Auto Assoc. (AAA)
Life on Wheels (Gaylord Maxwell)
Walgreen's Drug Stores
RVer's Friend
[RV Companion]
[RV Times Magazine]
[Happy Camper Club]

Sites of Interest:
GORP (Great Outdoors Recreational Pages)
North! To Alaska magazine
Anchorage Convention & Visitors' Bureau
Advertise your RV for sale
Lists Golfcourses
Go Camping America!
Tourism Office Worldwide Directory (database & links)
RV Consumer Group
[The RV Club ... your virtual campfire!]
[RV Care ... your virtual RV care center!]
[Welcome! to Dale and Sue's place]
[Grandma & Grandpa's Home (is where you park it) Page]
[Movin' On]
Arizona Office of Tourism
Arizona State Parks
['On the Road']
[Francois A. Jomini]
[Fuzzy's 409 Hideout]
[Tony & Judith Austin]
[Coolworks Links Page]
[Jim (W8JM) & Carole McVay]
[Fred & Sandy Mueller]
[Campground Online]
[Bill & Peggy Crockett]
[Lambert's Cafe - home of the throwed rolls]
[Norman Neumann & Staff]
[RV travels across North America with Bob & Laura Madigan]
[Bik's Cyber RV]
[Lynda's Directory --- TX snowbird]
["On the Road Again"]
[Another "On the Road Again"]
[Kay & Tom Selikar]
[Happy Campers]
[Coach Conversion Central On-line]
[RV Design]
[RV Net Linx]
[The Quartzsite RV Show]
[RV Hometown]
[Free Campgrounds of the West]
[Beginners Guide to RVing]
[Out West Newspaper]
[WA2MZF & N2TVK {Jim & Jess}]

Campgrounds on the Web:
KOA Kampgrounds' Home Page
Coast to Coast Resorts (CCC)
Resort Parks Int'l (RPI)

C A N A D I A N Links:
Canadian Recreational Vehicle Association
[BC & Western Canada Info]
CBC News
Canadian News & Information
AT&T Long Distance for Canadian Snowbirds
Canada News (News for Canadian in the US)
Canada Calling (Radio for Canadians in the US)
Canadian Auto Assoc. (CAA)

RV Insurance:
Miller Insurance Agency, Inc.
MVP (Camping World) Insurance
RVIP RV Insurance

RV Accessories & Supplies:
Roadmaster (tow bars, etc.)
Pull-Rite Towing Systems
Automatic Equipment Mfg (A&E) - Blue Ox (tow bars)
HWH Corporation (Leveling Systems)
Thetford & Norcold Products
Protect All
Goodyear Tires
Heart Interface
Pelonis Ceramic Disc Heaters
Dometic Corporation

Health & Medicine:
These sites are for information purposes only, you should seek
advice from your physician if you have a medical problem!

Dr. Koop's Community
New England Journal of Medicine
Shuteye Online (Loosing sleep?)
US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
The Nat'l Center for Infectious Diseases
US Food & Drug Administration (FDA)
National Allergy Bureau

Satellite, Cable, Telephone & Internet Access:
[DSS Online Troubleshooting Guide]
US West Communications (Phone & Internet Access)
GTE (Phone & Internet Access)

Postal & Package Delivery:
United States Postal Service (USPS)
Federal Express (FedEx)
United Parcel Service (UPS)

National Parks, Government & Educational Sites:
{More gov't & educational sites may be found under other categories also!}
Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
National Parks Service (NPS)
USGS Cascade Mtns Volcanic links
USGS Earthquake links
Nat'l Earthquake Info Center (NEIC)
Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
Nat'l Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin. (NOAA)
Fish & Wildlife Service
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Consumer Information Catalog (FREE)
ASSE - links to State Gov't Agencies
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
Federal Trade Commission
US Dept of Transportation
Social Security Online
US Immigration & Naturalization Service

Worthy Organizations:
American Red Cross
American Heart Association
American Cancer Society
The Nature Conservancy
National Parks Conservation Association
Better Business Bureau

National News & Weather:
ABC News
CBS News
CNN (& Headline) News
FOX News
PBS (Public Broadcasting Services)
The Weather Channel

Search Engines, Helpful & Informative Sites:
C/NET's Search Engine
Lycos Search Engine
C/NET's Mega-Links Page
ZDTV / TechTV's Hotfiles (free downloads)
TechTV (ZDTV)'s Website
ZDTV / TechTV's Updates (update your computer!)
[AltaVista's Search Engine]
Yahoo's Search Engine
[HotBot - the WIRED Search Engine]

'Trip Routers' on the Web:
MapQuest! TripQuest
Delorme's CyberRouter

More of Falcor's Pages:
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Scott & Deb

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