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This site and "the us" is hard to describe. I am not even really sure what it is, but we are striving to do great things. Basically we are group known as "the us". We make tight original stuff for people to listen to, look at, and smell if your into that kind of thing. We are all crazy, don't make any mistake about that. So our stuff might not be for you, but if it is, have some fun.

DBZversion3.1 is gonna be up there soon, plus a bunch of other sites, like animeoriginal and japanesewave will be there soon too. but right now, the only one up is "the us" it is all bout crazy, tight original stuff, so check it out, you won't be dissapointed.

Current sites, either working on or finished....
psycho mugs
[goto it]
dbz version 2.0
[done] http://
dbz version 3.1
[not up]

anime original
[in progress] http://
japanese wave
[not up]