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Hangar 18


This page is devoted to Hangar 18 (Area 51), subject of books
And the following sites:

This is a photo of the Devil's face
in the smoke of the World Trade Center after impact.
Associated Press claims it has not been retouched.
A number of people have also contacted
talk show host Art Bell
and sent their own similar photos:

Full news article

Book About Demolishing Tallest Building Already In Libraries
"Unbuilding" has been in public libraries from coast to coast since 1980, in the children's section.
An Arab businessman demolishes the Empire State Building, and offers to do the World Trade Center all starts nine years in the future - in September, 1989
More about "Unbuilding"

"Secret" Satellites Aren't - Washington Post
"Anyone with a PC and a head for astronomy can track the United States' supposedly covert spies in the sky."

Dossier Covert Ops
Hundreds of declassified government documents and analysis of covert ops and propaganda campaigns worldwide.

FAS: Mystery Aircraft
The Federation of American Scientists questions the existence of some "super-super-black" military programs.

CNN: The Spy Files
Case files from the Cold War.
Submitted on 13 Dec 1998

The Beginning of Terminator's World?
Harlan Ellison partly based "The Terminator" movies on an old science fiction story about flying robot "Silver Birds" that are programmed to attack aggression then get out of control and attack mankind. CNN reports that an unmanned aircraft named "Predator" has successfully attacked a convoy in Afghanistan... on February 7, 2002
Previously, Iraq shot one down on September 11, 2001 -

Cold War Experiments
Reports on government-sponsored radiation and gas experiments conducted on U.S. citizens.

The Pentagon's Spies
Soviets, Cubans, Red China and things you never knew about September 11th at the time. The National Security Archive collects and publishes documents acquired through the Freedom of Information Act.

The Philadelphia Experiment
Allegedly, in the fall of 1943 a U.S. Navy destroyer was made invisible and teleported from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to Norfolk, Virginia. This is the Navy's response to all quiries about it.
Submitted on 24 Jul 1998

Scanned documents and other material obtained from government and law enforcement sources.
Link last checked February, 2001

The Montauk Project
Real pictures and maps and maybe real documents.
Last updated on 14 May 1997 but link still works

A Whole Lotta Shaking Going On
Is the whole world coming apart at the seams? Check out today's earthquake activity anywhere in the world, constantly updated in real time

Did you get a series of cheerful notes in your bank or credit card statements in 1999? One bank is daring to tell a nasty little secret about what went wrong in Europe starting January 1st and well into year 2000

Get your paranormal news, ghost stories and latest downright wierd real news at
Freaky Friday or try, the Wierd News roundup at Joe Bob, and of course

Darwin claimed that humans evolve upward, but this website gives Darwin Awards to those examples of humanity who seem to be evolving downward. Like the gasoline thief who used a match to see how much gasoline was in the tank...

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