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Commander's Corner






Billy F. Jones Sr.


TO:         Each Disabled American Veteran of New Mexico and their families


DATE:    4 July 2003


I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere heart felt thanks to the membership and delegates attending our 62nd annual Department convention for placing your confidence in me and electing me as your Department Commander.  It is a most humbling experience to say the least to be elected and installed your Department Commander for 2003-2004.  I assure each of you that I will do my utmost to serve you and you’re Chapter as well as each Unit in an honest and dedicated manner.  If there ever is anything that you would like to discuss with me or any of the line officers feel free to contact them or me with your issues.  This is your Department and if you have any constructive recommendations please let us know, we will consider any of your recommendation.  My wife, Betty L. Jones, State Commander of DAV Auxiliary, plan to visit as many of the Chapters and Units as we can this coming year.   I want to assure you that I will run a fair and honest Department and if any member would like to review the Department financial books or records just call the Department Treasurer to make an appointment to do so.  Our books are open to any member for review; each Chapter is mailed a monthly financial report so that they can review the transactions on a monthly basis. 


The 62nd Annual Convention was a great success; this was due to the dedicated work of our Convention Chairman Dean Buffard and his staff, a great big thank you to you Dean and your staff.  We had 151 registered delegates this year that is the most we have had in many years, thanks to each of you that attended and made this Convention such a success.  Next year the 63rd Annual Convention will be held in Carlsbad, New Mexico on 10-12 June 2004.  Paul Hill, Commander of Chapter 13 will be our Chairman, if you have any suggestions please contact him directly. 


I would like to share part of a letter the Department received from Our National Adjutant Art Wilson and I quote in part:  “Dear Adjutant Martinez:  Your hard work and that of all members of the DAV Department of New Mexico ensures that the DAV’s vital mission of service to America’s disabled veterans and their families continue to pass muster.  For that, and so much more, National Commander Edward R. Heath, Sr. and I extend our gratitude to everyone in the Department.  Your diligent efforts on behalf of a strong and pro-active DAV membership, demonstrates, without reserve, your determination to continue “Building better lives for America’s disabled veterans and their families.”  You are your own best example through the enthusiasm you so generously display continually in support of goals at every level of the DAV.  Know too, when we say the DAV is the finest veterans service organization in the nation, it is true because you help make it so.  On behalf of the National Commander and myself, thank you again for all you make possible, and we look forward to being with you at the 82nd National Convention in New Orleans.”  End quote.  Signed Arthur H. Wilson, National Adjutant.


I cannot add much to those comments except that I echo my thanks to all of you for your continued dedicated service to our disabled veterans and their families.  I would like to thank you once again for allowing me to serve as your Department Commander again.  With your continued support we will have a successful year.



Billy F. Jones, Sr.


Department of New Mexico      


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