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Mr. Robinson's Quango

(The Blur Parody Page)

Reasons you should come back...

As a good Blur fan, you may not like Oasis, but to give an idea, this is the sister page to this one - so you can tell what this one'll be on about

Bonehead's Bank Holiday (The Oasis Parody Page)

This is gonna be it, mates. I've been doing an Oasis parody page for, who knows. Almost a year now. So I decided it was time to have a Blur one, too, just to sort of, y'know, keep the healthy rivalry alive. ; )
Okay, so this page is gonna be full of Blur parodies - silly stuff I make up about the guys, parodies of their songs, stuff like that. Just for fun, with only the best intentions, and hopefully in good taste. If you want an idea of how this is gonna work, check out "Mr. Robinson's Quango (The Blur Parody Page)" 's sister page, "Bonehead's Bank Holiday (The Oasis Parody Page)", which is listed up above. That's all for now. Keep coming back, I'm hoping to start this soon.

HERE'S the first thing I've gotten around to doing: The Blur Song Parody section. A section for nothing but spoofs, re-writes and sheer ruining of Blur's songs. In a funny way, though.
FOR everything you never knew about Damon (because it's all fake, that's why you never knew it), check out Damon's Bio.
IF you're an Alex fan, really won't like me after you get done reading Alex's Bio. ; ) Just kidding.

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I'm just a girl in the world and I really love Damon.

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