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Jan 1, 1984 C.O. B. U. Ordered to Stop Taking in Teenagers New York Times, June 9, 1985 Cult Official Convicted On Charge 'Forever Family' Aide Guilty In N.Y.The Morning Call, May 28, 1986 THE NEWS ARTICLE ON THE PROPERTY THE NEWS ARTICLE April 1995 Church of Bible Understanding (COBU) Still Vital, August 16,1999 Cult Observer PHILADEPHIA MAGAZINE ARTICLE JUNE 1999 BY SABRINA ERDELY
On the Traill: Difficult To Peg Reclusive Lead,Scranton Times Tribune/February 9, 2003, By Christopher J. Kelly Ex-Members Tell of Poverty, Powerlessness,Scranton Times Tribune/February 9, 2003,By Christopher J, Kelly A Trove of Salvage Unsalvaged Spawns a Mess of Lawsuits,The New York Observer/May 16, 2004,By Nina Burleigh U.S. taxpayers feed Haiti's hungry, November 19, 2006,Media General News Service, By Sean Mussenden City council's lawyer sides with reincarnation of the biblical Elijah against the taxpayer,The Scranton Times-Tribune/August 29, 2010, By Christopher J. Kelly
Priest Outraged at Cult Infiltration of Youth Home,Father Ritter vs. Church of Bible Understanding Deprogramming Charges Dismissed CFF Virginia Program Highlights The Church of Bible Understanding by Linda McNatt Suffolk (VA) News Herald (Dec. 4) Church of Bible Understanding Enjoined from ‘Helping’ Homeless, Runaway Youth from the N.Y. Daily News SWEDISH ARTICLE ON COBU ARTICLE ON COBU