open letter to Stewart
         Mon, 19 Oct 1998 21:44:56 -0700
         Tom Pierron <tpierron@Op.Net>

Dear Stewart,
I know what you're really up to.  I know you don't care and aren't going
to change.  I know that your main goal in life is to destroy families so
that the grunts can be free to drive what ever is making you money.
And I know where some of this money is going.  So we know what you
really care about.
Those of us out here have gotten to know Jesus for real.  And see you
for what you are.  One way to put it: you're a vampire.  I just finished
reading "Vampires -emotional predators who want to suck the life out of
you".  Good description.
It's a shame a veil lies over the minds of the dear brethren within your
grasp.  They only see what you let them.  And they only let themselves
see what you show them.  Anything not coming from or through you is
suspect.  What a set up!
Makes them look stupid, though.
They only read half of everything - the half you use to assuage your
insecurities and control them.
Congratulations, mr control.  You have your reward.
You are not holding fast to the head.  You are not reading the whole of
Those of us out here, who no longer wear your veil, see this clearly.
Very clearly. That's why we're no longer your grunt.  We have lives
independent of the fear of you and a right (5399 not 5401) fear of God.
Your club is weak.  And that's why you must rule by fear.  That's why
you're so empty.  But you know that.
People will see what they want to see in the Bible.  Hate groups use
scripture to justify their hatred.  You've got to take the total of the
scriptures.  The total paragraph at least!
The gospel is the life of Jesus.  That's why Jesus could say, where ever
the gospel is preached, what that woman did would be told in memory of
her.  I would like to say that a gospel without sparrows is like a
gospel without that woman.  Incomplete, and therefore contrived.  A
gospel without sparrows - sounds like something Wurmbrand would say.
But you don't listen to him, either, do you?  Shame...
I wonder when you're alone, which is quite often, do you ever feel bad
for what you force on your poor victims?  Of course, that's the reason
you don't respect them.  How can you, when they actually listen to
You know, I actually feel bad for you sometimes.
Tom Pierron