About Elijah:  I address this in my third sentence in "How Can I Help the King?" on my web site.  But evidently, it would not have rung a bell with Mike.  Why didn't anyone talk about this?  It certainly was in the back of our minds.
As late as 1989 I remember Jimmy saying, when a few of us were talking about what to pray about, Jimmy said to pray about the counseling that was coming up with Stewart and a brother's family - specifically his teenage son.  This was important, said Jimmy, because "The Bible says 'he will turn the hearts of the children to their fathers and the hearts of the fathers to their children'"  Something like that.  Infering that Stewart is guess who?!

Which really makes me shake my head now,  Not only did we fall for that for years, just as we fell for beleiving that he was a great teacher....
Stewart used to talk about how there was some great conspiracy, so complicated for us to perpetrate, it was the devil working through us to get after him by using our dragging selves to drag him down.  It was the devil behind the scenes working it all out and we succumbed to this "sick and determined" spirit.  One time in 1989 at the Church Home he leaned forward and said "What is your name?"  Infering that we were "legion", of the devil, and against him.  We went for that one too.
We thought he was some great teacher, always talking about this "training" we needed and were going to get some day.......

Now that I've listened to real people in touch with reality, their peers, those who went before them, etc - in other words - in fellowship - something we were often accused of not being in - he was apparently NEVER in.  Now that I've listened to real people - which you don't get a chance to do while you're in there...  brings to mind just a couple weeks ago Gene Alvarez visited to east coast.  He dropped off a tape set at my house.

When I started listening to it, I immdeiately didn't like the fellow's voice, the sound of it.  I was turned off and wanted to tune out.  But I have been through this before, and I told myself to give the guy a chance.  I still don't really like the way he talks all that much but there's a lot of good teaching on the tape that I benefited from greatly.  He even pronounced Mt. Sigh-ny-eye just like one of my favorite teachers. I have digressed enough. What really makes me shake my head is the fact that Jesus Himself said the people were talking about the fact that Elijah must come first.  The people were evidently still talking about it.  Well Jesus said Elijah HAS come.  End of story.

Elijah came and went as it was written of him.  It's over.  Ain't happening again unless he's one of those two prophets in Revelation or something.

This whole thing of looking for Elijah - too late.  Look for Jesus.  He's coming.  He said so.  I have a new section called HELP on my site for those still vacillating and not coming forward because of this. Do you think the great Oz cares if there are those who still question in their hearts "is he Elijah"?  Don't hold your breath. Planting subtle seeds is Stewart's trademark.  Read The Art of Deception by Nicolas Capaldi.  Chilling.  Revealing.  All he has to do is plant the seed - we'll do the rest - ingenious!!  An example: In the movie "The Vanishing" starring Jeff Bridges and Keipher Sutherland Jeff's character tells the guy near the ending that "You are my laboratory rat.  I gave you the tools, and you have built the cage.  You cannot get out of the cage that you yourself have constructed".  Something like that. So with us.

We were given the tools, and WE built our own individual cages, walls around the sheepfold, whatever you want to call it.  We each did it on our own, providing our own custom made cage in each of our own minds.  All it takes is the seed or the information - we take it from there.
I remember when I quit my career at the Postal Service in 1989.  Stewart had a meeting, and I know Stewart was informed that I was sitting on the fence.  The theme of this meeting was: "You have what's important to you!" Well, after this meeting, I somehow decided it would be best to quit my job in the world and work in the construction business so I could be with my brothers.  All it took was a few words.  I built my own cage. All it takes is "Are you Elijah?" "No." The rest is up to you - and boy did we do a good job.  Not good enough to get to everyone though.  Was a disclaimer ever made?  Of course not.  Let everyone keep that one in the back of their alleged minds.
It's a paradox, but since I've been out of that mindset not just physically but also in reality in my mind, I have read and learned and understood more - that I now have the peace which passes understanding.

Also, I loved being around Jimmy and he knows it.  Some got burnt and that's unfortunate.  Goes with the territory.  Not easy, is it?