From: Tom Pierron tpierron@Op.Net
Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 15:06:55 -0500
Subject: Re: [x-cobu] such Cobu tragedies

>   No where in scripture where it even says that.

1 Jn 3.9 can be construed to say just that.

> .they absolutely, under no condition can
> sin in ANY way, manner or form or they aren't a Christian.  I just cannot
> imagine the utter despondency those who were there felt.

I felt justified.  I had only been back a few months and still going strong.
I only asked at the meeting "What about grumbling?" (that was the only
place where maybe I couldn't justify myself) and Stewart went on for
about ten minutes about that.  My denial left intact.

>   I believe St. was being wrenched apart inside at
> that time because "his sin had found him out."  So he had to find a way to
> weasel out of the trap.  What better way than to say he had never been saved
> all along.

It was a two tiered "confession."  What he said to us ever so vaguely, and what
the inner core of sisters knew what was really on all their minds and what
had to be - made right?  John Dorety made the mistake of calling Stewart and
suggesting he get together with the brothers and talk about his restoration.
Stewart said, "You're done!" and hung up on John.  John was never allowed
to speak again at a meeting and was physically removed at Jimmy's request.
John was carried away from his wife - who was loyal to Cobu for another month or
so - putting a great strain on the marriage, to say the least, till John told
Terry,This is ridiculous, you're my wife.  Let's pray to Jesus and ask Him what's
up."(Something like that)  Within an hour some sisters (past victims) called them
saying"If you ever thought there was something up with Stewart, well, there was..."
John said Terry saw red!  (back to the elite, and their part in the cover up)
        At the "church home" there were the freezers and one had a lock.  The "Stewart sisters,"
"half wives," whatever you want to call them kept their ice cream in there.  They knew sisters weren't eating ice
cream at Woodruff.  RHIP (rank has its privileges).  They were the inner circle
and they knew - why, they were the primary victims of Stewart's philandering.
("Poor Gayle had the bear the brunt of this" - was the closest thing we got to
a confession as to what he was really up to.)  I think there would indeed have
been a mass exodus.  But this was Stewart's way of maneuvering.  He did a
performance for the sisters in front of us.  With all these "heavy revelations."

They must have felt sick.  And come to think of it - they never did look all
that joyful anymore.  The smiles were gone.  I can see the long grim face of Noel
now - like a knuckle striking nun taking out her frustration of becoming an old
maid on everyone else.  They all were joyless ever since - because they weren't
clue less.They did know what Stewart was really up to - and must have been greatly
ashamed.And they didn't want to give up their ice cream. ( I'll leave off here with the
influence of that inner circle and the control over Cobu...)

> Why in fact when asked, he blatantly said if he had died he would
> have gone to Hell.  However, not for the grievous wrongs he had committed
> such as beating the sheep, or extracting the profits for his own gain, which
> were acquired by the sweat and hard work of the brothers and sisters.

Yes, that "confession" was very strange.  I had to overlook it because it didn't
make sense.  I guess that was another offering for the sisters.  And when he
lies he likes to lie big!  The old Hitler saying...

>   Now I understand why Bobby Whipple told my husband about a year ago that he only
> had an "experience" with Jesus.

Wayne talked about this just today.  Evidently he had a call earlier in the week

from someone who concluded the Bible was bunk.  What happens when a religion
is just something to follow and you don't get know the only true God and Jesus
Christ so that you have a foundation when doubts come.

> Doesn't it seem rather apparent that his remote life in the Fla. condo and the silence
> which has followed him there means he has left the troops in the North
> (relative to our recent Civil War talks) for Dead?

Like I mention in my latest essay, we really don't know what's going on there.
We are all speaking out of ignorance and they love that.  We sound so out
of the loop to them because we are so out of the loop.  What do we know
about the 241 things they forgot? (you can read a little about that on my site)
If Steve Torpe hadn't handed me a copy of those things - I wouldn't have
been able to pass them along to you.  We do not know what's going on.
But I'll bet Stewart is only a cell phone call away from anyone who's in the
Their business is booming.  Who knows what teaching they're adhering to these
days and in what language it's presented.  I don't know.  If anyone does -
speak up!  Otherwise - I'm over ten years removed - though I did have a few
conversations and contacts a couple years ago while they were recruiting from
that cafe on South Street till the Philly mag article......

>   Is it because after hearing the great and powerful teaching that "Christians Don't Sin," they
> turned back from him?  You know, the correlation to John 6 where many of the
> disciples no longer went about with Jesus.

In the days after that 1 Jn 3.9 Bible study....
So funny.  I was visiting the Christian book store on 43rd Street right up from
the Port Authority.  Who is there checking out some big thick commentaries?
Harry Weinbaum.  I sneaked up behind him and caught him reading on 1 Jn 3.9.
There are other commentators who pontificated the same findings as Stewart.
I saw Harry a while later while flyering on 6th Avenue.  He was frustrated.
He asked me about the "no sinning" stuff and finally said, "So if you sin,
then you're a child of the devil?!"
And I had to say the only logical conclusion from his reasoning:
And with that he walked away.  And I realized my answer was stupid, but
the way Harry phrased the question - I could see there was no other answer.
(BTW - that's Stewart's technique - likes to put things in "either/or"
situations that really don't even have to make sense - but once you buy the premise and
entertain these are your only two main choices - then you do think it's "this or
that" and you choose one...  Another Stewart ploy.)

> Or perhaps he has just become so overwhelmed with his current life style, luxuries to boot which none of the
> members can ever expect to enjoy, that the condition of the flock no longer has any meaning or importance.  How does everyone read this out there?

We'd put up with anything.  Sara slept one night on a park bench in Chicago
just to save money for the gipper.

>      Isn't it baffling how he could speak with such duplicity seemingly
> amused that he'd pulled another one over on the gullible sheep?

It was sport.  We'd put up with anything.

> Those comments such as you mentioned Tom, like "you can't lose with the stuff I
> use."  Or how about the lie that  the "cult" was what the disruptive,
> rebellious brothers and sisters had created for themselves, implying he had
> nothing to do with Cobu being a cult.  Now that was artfully laying on the
> guilt and smooth maneuvering (still hate that word) on his part, at a time
> when the Jim Jones massacre was the most recent American tragedy.  Or what
> about referring to us as the guinea pigs of his experiment.  Anyone remember
> that one?  Then there was John the Baptist and Elijah, was he or wasn't he.
> He'd never tell, right?  All the while he knew what HE meant by saying these
> things to us and he knew the effect it would have on the impressionable
> ones.
>      Seems some of us find ourselves re-assessing from time to time just
> what went on in that place.  Aren't we a product of all our experiences, the
> good, the bad, the ugly? (loved that movie too).
> Just as history has shaped and molded the present, so the past has left its
> indelible mark upon our memories.  But now the rest of the story.  We know
> that God will restore the years that the locust has eaten, a verse with
> which we are so familiar.  The comforting reality here, and I must end with
> reassurance, is that we no longer need to be held captive to our past.
> While we understand that we were victims of a most lamentable kind, we are
> such no longer.  We are treasures in earthen vessels which wait upon the
> true Master's hand to re-shape what is flawed. The Lord our God is forming
> us into the image of His Beloved Son day by day.
>      Take heart!
> Love in Christ,
> Darlene

> > Another brother, (he's still in)  said to me once because he didn't participate in sin brothers talked about; he
> > thought maybe there was something wrong with him.Anyway......Stewart always held trump, that's for sure. He even used to flaunt it in front of us saying, "You can't lose with the stuff I use." We thought he meant Jesus. I think he meant guilt. (in 20/20 hindsight) Not a sergeant, not a colonel... - he went for the jugular! I read a book called "Emotional Vampires" - I could relate to the stories in there - people who suck the life out of you and it invigorates them - then they leave you for dead.
> > Does that sum it up?