The wedding guests have gathered in great anticipation;
the ceremony to be performed today has long been awaited.
The orchestra begins to play the wedding march, and the choir
rises in proper precision.  The bridegroom and his assistants
gather in front of the chancel.  One little saint, her flowered hat
bobbing leans to her companion and whispers, "Isn't he handsome?"
The response is agreement, "My, yes.  The handsomest...."
The sound of the organ rises, a jouyous announcement that the bride
is coming.  Everyone stands and strains to get a glimpse of the
beautiful bride.
A horrible gasp explodes from the congregation.  In stumbles the bride.
She is limping on one leg, wedding garment tattered and muddy;
the rents in her dress leave her less than modest.
 Her nose is bloody, an eye is swollen.  Her hair is a mess and some of
it seems to have been pulled out.
The organist, fumbling over the keys, begins the march again while the
attendants cast down their eyes.  The congregation releases a quiet groan.
Surely the groom deserved better than this, is the thought in every mind.
That handsome groom who has kept himself faithful to his love surely deserves to find consummation with the most beautiful of women - not this.
Alas, His bride, the church, has been fighting again.
[taken from The Key to a Loving Heart, by Karen Mains]

 When a fellow got to heaven he asked God
"Which denomination was right?"
What do you mean was the response?
"You know, which group was right - Baptist,
Pentacostal, Catholic, Methodist?"
What do you mean?
"You know, which denomination?"
What do you mean by denomination?
"Well which group of believers was the closest?"
I still don't understand you; which group?
"You know all the different denominations and all"
I don't know of what you speak.
I only see hearts.
That's where I live.
The wedding story was at the end of Gene's book
Preventing a Church Split; and accredited to the author.
This is from page 2 of that book:
"Nothing compares to church division in its power to cause Christians
to stop following the Lord.  Sin, temptation, adultery, divorce, illness -
- all pale in the presence of the power of division.  It is my studied
judgment that more Christians have walked away from the things of
God because of church splits than for any other reason.