I myself had only good experiences with Jimmy.
The first time I met him, was when I was in Brooklyn, I was
trying to get estimates in the Bronx.  Not much luck.
You had to get three estimates a day.
I was despondant as it was hard for me to do this.
I wanted to leave the fellowship.
The place was closed, so I went to the Brooklyn
place instead as that was the only place to go.
He came up to me and said,
"You look like a brother with no hope"
I told him my stiuation, that I couldn't get three estimates
and I would be sent back to Mahattan, and I didn't want to
do that.  He went to bat for  me.  I don't know why.
He let me stay in Brooklyn.  I had never met him before.
Why he did this, I dn't know.
And If he ever "laid into me" I cannot remember.
Ever since I have known Jimmy he did good for me.
I do know people who were "burnt" by him.
I never was.  I loved being around him, as I have said before.
I am close to a brother who, whenever he thinks of Jimmy
thinks of the time Jimmy laid into him.
Where I work I am in the same situation.
There are supervisors who I don't like.
And I try and live with it.
For those who were burnt by Jimmy, it would be easy
for me to say "get over it".
But I have some of those same siuations myself
right now where I work.
It ain't easy,.
But I would still say, get over it.
I was lucky, I guess.  I saw the very best side of Jimmy.
If you didn't, that is sad, no doubt.
To me, he was a very good brother.
Remember, he, like you, was just doing what he thought
was right.   And Jimmy just personifies the whole COBU
experience for all of us.
Think about it.
I was not burnt, so it's easy for me to sing his praises.
For those of you burnt - maybe I would have done what he did.
Maybe you would have done what he did, in the name of truth.
And I think that says it all.
Tom Pierron
I have many good stories about Jimmy.
I spent time with him and was glad.
For those who aren't glad, don't blame a person,
blame a concept........