From: Tom Pierron  tpierron@Op.Net
Date: Wed, 28 Feb 2001 20:03:49 -0500

What would be a good question for those still in that would really get them to think for real? You know, a question that would cut to the quick, would cut between joints and marrow and discern the thoughts and intentions of the heart. Like the question Stewart posed the lovely couple in marriage counseling: "Terry, wouldn't you be more secure if John were totally surrendered to Jesus?"

Cut the two right down the middle.

There is a sister who has a friend who returned to Cobu after years of being away.  She wants to know what would help her friend see the light? Financial statements?  (which she has)

What about questions like:
Is this where Jesus wants you?  How do you know?
Is this the only place where people can get regenerated and serve God?
If this isn't the only place, why do you act like it is?
Ever think you're just part of a money making machine?
Is your water turned into wine or vinegar?
It may appear good to the flesh to have certain rigors of devotion -
but is there any joy that is your strength?
Feel like the sword of Damocles is over your head or do you have the peace of Christ?
Do you think unique doctrines like "regeneration" instead of the traditional born again is akin to JW's asking "what is God's name?"
What about all the verses that talk about being taught by God?
Are you?  Or do you have just one source and voice that you rely on?
Have you ever been led by the Holy Spirit like the believers in the Bible?
Ever feel you're confined to a certain area that's confined to a certain way of thinking - and who benefits from that - you, or someone else in a condo with an agenda?

Go ahead and brain storm and Owen and whoever else.  Those in will eventually benefit.  I've yet to read the files but for what Diane so graciously posted - maybe that'll give me more ideas and just what kind of Cobu-speak is going on these days.........