Let's hear it...It's late...What's wrong here? (grumbling, I'm cheated, grumbling, instead of)
Paul:  I'm shortsighted of what God saved me from and not being thankful for
Stewart: How often have you heard that there is, Why are the older brothers so alone? Is each one of you an island?(yes) How often have you heard it, "Why are you alone"? Because there's only unity in thankfulness for Christ. It's the only thing you respect. The only thing that you know it's right. There's only unity that way. And that goes double for you. Any other kind of unity, you know it's another trick. You're already up to tricks yourself. You're not gonna go for any imitation unity. Why are the older brothers so alone?(brothers guessing) and what is alone? Alone is very very joyless, unmotivating, meaningless, purposeless....and you do it all for the sake of what? Paul said he does it all for the sake of Christ but you do all this for what sake? Now when are you gonna learn, you can't have it both ways? One of them has to go. Hah ha..And if that's insensitive(smirking) of them has to go. I call that the New Testament (thank you Jesus, that is) Now why don't you give up tricks and trying to scare me? Why not unite in serving the truth with a glad heart? It's the only thing that's gonna work. Or must ya kill yourself? That's all you're gonna do. Let's hear it.
Paul: We can unite in serving the truth with a glad heart (me too, and overwhelmingly thankful for what Jesus has done for me)
Stewart: And now we start a new game of trying to look thankful so that the old, so that the new disciples then will believe you. Is that it? (no)(Brother Stewart, May I be excused? I have to go to the bathroom)
Chuck M: Well, brothers agree? (yeah)
Stewart: Bro's, let's hear it, What is wrong here? (grumbling, grumbling all hoping for this life, "God has cheated me") God has cheated me(not true) God has been extremely kind and gracious and has given me an amazing gift. Now which is it? (God has been extremely kind and gracious and merciful and giving me the gift of His son) some said the words, some did not say the words. Well, you got the point (Yes) Everybody looks to something to keep them going. I mean why should I go on and on, I mean I've said all this explained it all over and over and over( for years).......He's jealous isn't he? (yes) Now how do we get the new ones not to grumble their way, the new ones grumble quite differently. It certainly isn't this conscience, knowing, thumbing their nose and deceitful, of course it's not all the older brothers are as good at deceit as Denny. Nevertheless, what do you think Jay?
Jay: not be grumbling, and overwhelming thankfulness
Stewart: What about it?
Paul: Jay, what do you think?(What's wrong Jay)
Jay: How to get the new ones not to do grumbling
Stewart: Their way. Their way is not conscience, figuring out, rebellion.Planning it. Living on it. Taking advantage of His kindness, knowing it. etc. That's not the new ones(no). It wasn't you at first. (no) You've forgotten what it's like? (yes) How can you get the new ones not to grumble their way. But be thankful their way. You see you can't. If you're not an example, if you're not an example of thankful. You don't come across as thankful for Christ. There's no way you're gonna get the others to be thankful for Christ, no way. If I weren't in fact genuinely thankful there's no way I'd be impressing you as hard as you're fighting. You'll break your own head to to find a way to break out. No?(yes) See what is at the bottom? Thankfulness? And that's the one that doesn't go. It's true with me. that one's not negotiable. Did you give up on being thankful?(nope) And marriage is not the goal either. It's only one more sign. Of what's really wrong. You're not believable . Why? You don't mean what you're saying. You're talking about Jesus but you don't mean it. Isn't that what the new ones say, directly? (yes) You talk about Jesus but you don't sound like you mean it. You say I expect too much of you. Is that too much, that you mean it? How is that? That you should mean what you say. How is that expecting too much of you? That you should be thankful. I know you understand Christ died for your sins. You could be thankful, you're eligible. You could value His sacrifice. a lot more.  Let's suppose you do value His sacrifice in your head, in some way., But you trade it in for this. You don't guard. You're not careful. Well now, how bout the newer ones? Now how can you, you don't have right examples of being thankful. (tape is damaged) Is that fair or am I being harsh? ( that's fair) So, how do the new ones stir each other up to be thankful; not to take advantage and not to start complaining. You think about it. Complaining the way you do underneath it all. You're not aware of it as much as the older ones. But underneath it's saying, "God is cheating me" "Why do I have to give up this stuff?" That's complaining against God. And that's nothing, we'll lose it anyway.  You gotta stir each other up. Not the grumbling. Be thankful in all things without questioning and without grumbling as innocent children. you read it. And what's at the bottom of all this? Thankful to Jesus and His way or secretly ' I know better'? See, bottom line, which is it? Bottom line. Go Chuck.
ChuckM: I'm gonna be really thankful for  God's love for me and really concentrate on His  sacrifice for me on the cross and be thankful and not ah get wrapped up in all my other drives, because I do have drives for this life and to make sure I'm guarding myself and my hope is set.
End of Side 1