Everone knows the disparity between how Stew lived and how the rest
of us lived. That distinction was never more clear than when he lived
at the Compound. Here's what I remember, having helped on it quite a
    The Study:
A sanctuary off the lobby of the main building, was a relatively
small room. It featured a giant globe in the center, maybe 3 1/2 feet in
diameter. Along one wall was a hand made desk of expensive Walnut.
The 3 remaining walls were built out so that bookshelves from floor
to ceiling could be recessed into the walls. Each shelf had its own
light, and glass door with brass doorknobs. There was a panel of
dimmer switches that operated the recessed lighting for proper
atmosphere. The blinds on the window could be operated by a switch.
All the switches were wired three-way so they could be operated from
the door, or from the desk. He had a barometer on the wall to
indicate humidity which he was constantly complaining about. The
entire central air system was refitted to dehumidify the incoming
air. And there was a stand-up dehumidifier in the corner just in
     The Bedroom/Office:
An entire school building was converted into living quarters. There
were 2 sections: on the first floor was the kitchen, and the living
room, with a computer office with 4 or 5 computers for S&G and Stew
stuff. There was a workshop in a small room where batteries could be
recharged, and electronic experiments performed. Leaving the
livingroom through the door at the end brought you to the sisters
wing where 2 sisters shared a classroom as a bedroom. They were
decorated neatly, but not extravagantly. Personalized by the sisters
selection of curtains. The 2nd floor was Stewart's wing. On one side
of the school hallway 3 classrooms were used as the office, and on
the other side of the hallway 3 classrooms were used as the bedroom.
The interior walls were removed to create a wide open, very long
space. His bedroom featured a large King bed in the center of the
room with 2 couches, and an antique upright arm chair. There were
walk in closets, one for Stew and one for Gayle. The closets were an
entire converted classroom in size. An entire wall of sliding mirrors
covered the entrance to the closets. There were 2 separate air
conditioners just for the bedroom. Off the bedroom was his and hers
bathrooms. Gayle's especially was luxurious. Gold faucet handles and
knobs, a shower and a bath, a changing room with tract lighting
around a beveled mirror. And because of her height all the outlets
and switches were raide up on the wall. There was a door which led to
the sundeck from off her bathroom, with high walls where she tanned
topless out of sight in the mid-afternoon sun. But the office was the
gem of the property.
    The Office:
In the center of the room was a hand-carved Walnut desk some 12 feet
long, curved around in a U. There were at least 5 separate phone
lines, one by each of the several couches and several on the desk. On
one wall, were the same kind of bookshelves built in the study
containing all his magazines on airplanes, boats, helicopters, and
radios. On his desk were 5 or 6 different ham radios with antennas
going up to the roof to pick up the BBC and China, Haiti, and Europe.
I was constantly adjusting them for him. The carpet was expensive
plush, with a separate plush border around the entire room. There was
recessed and flourescent lighting with 3-way dimmers, and a control
panel at the desk that could operate the lights, the blinds, the
intercom between the office and the other rooms. It had it's own
bathroom.One door went to the stairs leading down to the living room.
Another wall was knocked down where a doorway was built to lead down
to the sisters quarters. Yes , we built access from the office
hallway to the sisters bedroom hallway for him. There was a separate
control panel installed on his headboard of the bed which connected
to the control panel at the desk, so that all the features could be
operated either from bed, or from the desk. Security lights were
installed around Stewart's wing which lit automatically whenever
anyone approached. The rest of the lights on the property were on
     I slept in the unused, unheated storage building while I and the
many others, built this palace. I did not have a bed, but I found a
rubber camping mat, and I owned a sleeping bag that I retained from
before I moved in. I had to go to another building to use the
bathroom since the water was turned off in my building. In the
summer, I would sometimes sleep in the bus in the parking lot by the