Stewart: You're not taking this seriously, this bottom line. The bottom line,provided you suffer with Him. It's still, "Not me." Let's hear it. (That's the way it is) "Not me," huh? Still scared of a few nails? Back where you started, huh? Is it, that gonna be the bottom line on you?(No, by the grace of God, it won't be) If a man does not abide in me, that means "abide on the cross" among other things. Let's hear it. Why can't you older brothers be thankful? Why can't you arrive at that level, thankful for His sacrifice? And mean it? (I can, Consider where I would be elsewhere, otherwise, consider where I would be otherwise) Now is that too hard for the sisters? (no) Arrive at thankfulness for His saving you? (no) Honest thankfulness. There are other problems we have. Honest thankfulness. And the new disciple, look at that. Came to the light. Best you can to is get the older brothers to reason about philosophy and their problem. And they say that's interesting and then they put it away and 2 days later... Tender conscience...Look at that. Now you think we need to pray together? (yes) Let's untie to our father and thank..... Any verses, "Let us lay aside every weight and sing, weight and sin that clings so closely. Have anymore like that? "Cast off the works of the darkness" How  many more? (many) Chuck! What!
Chuck M: I was thinking of the verse, "Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness. But instead expose them." It's the one I was thinking of.
Stewart: You gotta take this seriously. These are not nice suggestions. We gotta big problem. If we treat the problem lightly, it wins. (yes) Can't treat it lightly. Strive. What does that mean? (works) well, sorta kinda work (struggling, hope, a whole-hearted struggling) instead of the natural course of events. Ordinary men. Well now let's hear it, the brothers are tired. It's late. 12:40am How'd go in the business today.
Paul S: Jesus gave us 4000 clothes right on the nose (thank you Jesus)
Chuck M: more speaking about y'know, working at our goal, I mean it's rolling along, but it should be a lot more,
Stewart: Now what was underneath it?( I wasn't thankful) How much was it , "Careful." I guess you threw that one away 2 days ago. huh? "Careful" was that on your mind? (no) I gotta watch me. I gotta watch the flesh, that's the striving right there. That's part of it. "Careful"? Older brothers? (yes) older brothers gotta be more careful (yes) way gets narrower (yes) So "Careful" wasn't on your mind either, huh? (no). Man, I wonder what was down at the bottom of all that stuff. "I'm getting cheated."
Brother: Time we start stirring one another up
Brother 2: We should be glad we were handpicked.
Stewart: We should be glad we were handpicked, How do you like that? That's true too. Hand picked. He knows His own. He leads them out.each one. Not one is missing. d'ya think anyone of you could bring yourself to be thankful all day tomorrow, is that possible? (yes) yeah yep I'll tell ya. Well maybe it's just cuz it's late. tomorrow it'll be different. Now how's that? ( 18 hours of being thankful) Now you brothers spend all your time calculating about yourself. Instead of thankful for being saved from all this. Think we oughta get to sleep? (yes) How's the new brothers? Tomorrow night, you get real guardians. Oh by the way, you gotta get real guardians tonight, make sure they want another 5 lost tomorrow (no) And where's those 5? you gotta find them. 5 more tomorrow, who's into it? (yes) Those 5, where are they? That disappeared. (mumbling) Let's find them! (yes) They were handpicked. Let's get em. (yeah). That's pleasing to God. Anything else we gotta go into? Let's hear it. Let's hear it. Meeting, another meeting tomorrow in Philadelphia.
Chuck M: what about a meeting this Sunday in Philadelphia (Thankful meeting thankful)(maybe fellowship in new ideas for the business)
Stewart: why are the brothers alone?(shouting all the new teaching) Why does each one sit there with their head bowed, utterly thinking about himself? Well women, how would you like to live that way? (no) Always thinking about you. (no) You have something to be thankful to be delivered from.(yes) instead of digging into it. Well, you think we oughta get to sleep?(yes) Lord willing we'll see you all Sunday, God Bless you.(God Bless You brother Stewart) Keep it in mind, keep it in mind(Bernie, Bernie)