Side 2
Chuck M : And I've cried wolf many times
Stewart: You've cried repentance many times
Chuck M: Many times
Stewart: I think you should take it seriously
Chuck M: I'd say by the grace of God I do take it seriously, by His grace
Stewart: You went through Brothers seeing you behave the way you ought to or is there something wrong. This is the real issue. Underneath it all are you complaining, "Shall a faultfinder contend with the Almighty, lethim answer." "Underneath it all God is cheating me." Exactly as the parablesays. No bro's?(yes) Now what are we gonna do about this? Something morefor the older Brother's to think about, is that it? (no)
Brother: I say for myself being openly thankful myself and urgingothers to come to their right minds.
Brother 2:  For me really valuing Jesus' sacrifice for me and make sure my hope that is set in His promise, instead of y'know, lookingaway from His promise.
Stewart: "I'm just sure I can engineer something better for myself." Does that sound familiar? (yes) I'm just sure I can engineer something better. I hope you try it. Let's hear it bro's. Well brothers? So either the flesh or the spirit gets cheated. One of the two does get cheated. In a way. Either the devil cheats you out of your spirit. Or in Christ you lose the flesh. Take your pick. It's one or the other. So the older brothers prefer thatthe devil cheat you out your spirit huh?
Paul: No I don't (no)
Stewart: Then what are you doing? Think yer gonna have it both ways? As a man sows. What are you sowing to? Thankfulness? And the Spirit? Listen, we all got a problem. Attracted to the fraud. What are you doing about it? Are you really breaking it up or are you letting it go on? Bro's!? (Letting itgo on and I'm gonna start breaking it up, start breaking it up) Long ago you said I will not serve. We all have it in us to grumble. How many newbrothers tonight?
( There's one, but there's 2 that left right?, 5 I think, 4 left) 4 left!! Now  WHY!?(mumbling) No real guardian. We began with guardians right? Now what's wrong here?(Grumbling, Jesus, spirit of thankfulness, cheated) Tomorrow night are we gonna redo believable guardians? (yes) Believable guardianship. Who really is a guardian and who just doesn't care. Let's hearit. ( Yeah,I fully agree with that, I do too, I do too) Sisters, how wasyour meeting? (very hopeful) Let's hear it.
Sister1: We fellowshipped in our thankfulness first, especially I'm very thankful for God's love towards me and um we all fellowshipped together in that. What Jesus has done for us and then um Psalms 56 We got into different_____  also, stirring each other up and helping each other.
Sister 2:  We also checked on our sisters fellowship too to make sure that we stir one another up in our thankfulness to Jesus
Sister 3: We also went over our older sister, our training papers, making sure we get into that, really go against all our our sister/womenproblems y'know  like hiding and breaking that up, burning our bridges
Sisters 4: Sisters who made commitments last week checking on them and seeing how they are. Encouraging each other, y'know, to walk by faith.
( a sister is speaking but it's very difficult to hear what she is saying)(Tape noise here)(Brothers together say "thank you Jesus")(Tape noise) (Brothers together say "yes")
Stewart: Brothers had a good meeting here, right brothers?(yes, we did) Older brothers are working on keeping me honest. If I'm not an awful lot more honest than you're keeping me honest, you've had it. This is keeping me honest. So uh, that's true if Jesus didn't directly uphold me as He has, really amazingly, He really has. I do thank, I do glorify Him for it. Hereally has upheld me. I've often thought that what He said to Peter, He'sarranged with me that my faith may not fail. It should've, but deserved tooften. But He's arranged that. it is His Grace. I'm really thankful for that.Now how is the brother's meeting here. What happened?
Brother 3: ( hard to hear what this brother is saying) ( The brothers are correcting him saying " it's the older brothers") Brothers meeting we discussed the brother's problem. Problem is grumbling
Brother 4: Grumbling equals "God is cheating me."
Brother 5: it's the opposite of being overwhelmingly thankful forwhat God has done for us, instead it's living like now like "I'm being cheated by God", hoping in this life , instead gladly being a servant of Christ.
Brother 6: We got into some of the older brothers were grumbling and questioning, complaining about Brother Stewart and he brought them out into the light. The real issue is grumbling against Christ. So we were sayingGod is cheating me. I like this life. And I don't want to give up my's an opportunity to be overwhelmingly thankful.
Chuck M : Especially coming from the parable in Matthew about theah um, the ones that labored in the vineyard longer grumbled at the onesthat came at the end and that's the way it applies to us older brothers.That really applies to most of us older brothers and ah By the grace of Godthough we're gonna really practice our thankfulness and keep it out frontthough(yes).
Stewart : You complain that I say that but nobody believes me, yet what happened tonight again? What was the vote? They mostly don't believe you(yes) Now I am your enemy for telling you the truth. Hold onto your notes. Now all you got to do is get together and try some dirty tricks. Maybe I'll give up. On your salvation. That's what you want aye?!(no) No!? You worked hard for it. Next, now what else about our meeting. What happened?
Brother7: Well, there's a suggestion that we look at ourselves more like the beauty that God made us verses looking at ourselves as dog meat which creates the underlying attitude of "Why are these things going on in the first place."
Stewart: That's right, that's a bad attitude, you know when George referred to the "U" finally, he did say the three words. The "U" you'll notice was nowhere all night. Brother's aren't thankful for the "U".
Brother8: Well one of the, another big problem is because the older ones, not being thankful. We don't, there's no good example for the new ones. Because they have their way of grumbling. And there's nothing, we're not being a good example for them to stop them from their way of grumbling. Because we're grumbling in the deceitful ways. So they  especially need to stir themselves up and us older brothers need to be good examples. Being thankful for what God has done for us.
Brother 9: Unite our God is, we how serious God is, and keeps some older brothers, come clean instead of running away from the truth(yeah_
Stewart: you don't have to be afraid of the truth. The truth really does work. Right Jay?
Jay: yes
Stewart: That's yer example. The truth really works.
Jay: By God's grace it will be(cough) It will be by God's grace
Stewart: Now let's hear some more, Brothers and Sisters, how's the meeting? (Brothers and sisters together)
Paul S: I'm thankful that Jesus bears with me and that He takes ah, the wrong things have to come out in order to be thankful. Well not in order, but with those things going on there's no way I could be thankful. Like I would be vastly sowing to the flesh, poison. I very thankful to Jesus that He stopped me from my wrong ways.
Stewart: You're not taking this seriously, this bottom line. The bottom line, provided you suffer with Him. It's still, "Not me." Let's hear it.