This is my attempt to make sense of all of this. Those of you who know me, know that this is not the first time I have tried to "sum it up." I have been working at this web page for a year and 6 months. I have received from many, hard documents, verbal and written testimonies, eye witness accounts. By no means am I unique in gathering information. Others are in the process of doing this very thing and doing a much better job than I am. I would say that I have gotten a vantage point putting this page out there. I would like to credit others here but am not sure yet whether they want their names along side mine in this endeavor to understand COBU and more specifically Mr. Traill.

I am aware that current members do read this page and monitor the site. I would not put it past Mr. Traill to have his lawyer/lawyers looking for a way to legally stop any "bad press" from reaching the ears and eyes of the innocent. I want to make  one thing very clear right now. Well, actually two things. What I write are my words, no one else's. I speak for myself. Second, just so Mr. Traill does not get the false impression that there are a bunch of former members who do nothing but talk about him all day, Let me make clear that since starting this page, I would say that out of the 100 or so on line, only 50 are on the onelist. Out of the 50, I'd say 35 have their mailboxes turned on. Out of the 35, 20 are active in the conversations. Out of the 20, me and 1 or 2 others are truly interested in getting to the bottom of things. So this vast x-mem conspiracy is really a three-fold-cord. Don't get me wrong. We get about 20 hits a day on the site and most are people who are neither on the onelist, or have contact with me. So there remains a silent majority. I have plans for some up coming documents that will further make clear, that I do not doctor tapes or documents. What Mr. Traill said is what he said. The current members still won't send me proof that Mr. Traill has truly stopped his false teaching. And I am amassing proof that his repentance in 1989 was a lie. The transcriptions themselves bear this out, but some people need more proof. That's why I'm here, I guess. Now , the business at hand.

Allentown 1973.  What I am about to say may offend founding members of the Forever Family. I most certainly will offend current members. Judging by the way they hang up on me, I won't be getting any birthday or holiday cards from them in the near future. Allentown 1973. This tape might have been in 1972 but for now Let's say 1973. A fascinating 2 tape series. Mr. Traill(I don't know whether to call him Pastor Stewart anymore), ehem, Mr. Traill is in a room in a house with (he says on the tape) 40 or 50 people. tonight's subject is "Personality." Roughly 2 years after this meeting in Allentown, I got born again in Virginia, June 30th. I was 13. The Forever Family was only 1 1/2 to 2 years old when Stewart Traill gave this "heavy" bible study. Some of the founding members were present at this meeting. They appear on the tapes including a brief exchange between Skip O'Neil and a sister. Brief because, in my opinion, Mr. Traill never really let the conversation stray too long before insert himself into it or bringing the attention of the room back to his very important dispensation.

And overview, if I can keep a clear head here. I spent about 20 hours transcribing these tapes. I had to rewind and play back alot as some of the brethren in the room were far from the mic. Stewart at times, makes asides and it is near impossible to make out what he is saying.

Some of the founding members who were there in Robin Hood Dell in Allentown that fateful night when Stewart Traill walked across that bridge to meet them (See, "Behind the Beard" on front page)..think of Stewart Traill and the FF as starting out well. They believe that God planted this new church. They believe that God intended for Stewart Traill to be one of the many teachers and pastors and leaders of this group of brethren. This is where I am at a loss to decide. One brother describes (only because I asked him, not because he actually spends time thinking about Mr. T), one brother describes Stewart as a man that God called and worked through in the beginning but around 1975-76 with Traill's increasingly poor treatment of his wife Shirley, his choice to hang out with the new members at diners rather than stay at home and help Shirley with their 5 children, his courtship of Gayle and some of the eyewitness accounts surrounding (not Shirley's adultery but his) that Stewart Traill went "bad." He was good but then went bad. According to this opinion, the 1973 Allentown tapes are an example of the "good" Traill. Well, this is hard for me to reconcile with my own personal dealings with the man. The many tapes I have listened to, Stewart's own statement that he was never a christian until January of 1989.(see Grace Meeting 1989) A brother countered my questions with the idea that Stewart, like all of us had weaknesses. This is important.  Here is where I need a bigger mind than my own. We all have pastors and teachers now that we are out of COBU. Some of us are pastors and teachers. None of us are perfect, although Stewart said if one is a christian, one can and must lead a sinless life (see 1 John Meeting 1989)... So let's say Stewart made mistakes. By newspaper accounts quoting Shirley, he got saved in 1968. So by 1973 Stewart had been a christian 5 years. He would have been 37 at the time. It's possible that the 1st century church would not have let so young and recent a convert even teach because he might be puffed up with conceit. So Stew made mistakes. Everyone does. What is the standard for teachers and pastors. Yes we all make mistakes but my pastor doesn't make the mistakes Stewart made and is making. There comes a time when you have to ask someone to step down. Some say that Stewart, when he divorced Shirley and married Gayle 6 weeks later, changed; for the worse. That the MTC of 1976-79 was just an out growth of the disgusting thing Stewart had become by turning away from his calling.

I point out though, that in this Allentown study, I see the same ol' Mr. Traill. I see the MTC Traill. I see the PHL 1980 Traill. I see the YSH 1982 Traill. Look at this from the study:
Sister: does everybody’s spirit see Jesus, that isn't saved
ST: No, of course not, of course not
Sister: see Jesus and then reject Him
ST: He who sees me sees Him who sent me 12:45, not everybody does..
Brother: how bout the scripture, “ and everyone whom the Son chooses to reveal”?
ST: Yeah
Sister: when..
ST; no one knows the Father except the Son. No one knows the Son except the Father and anyone to whom the Son
chooses to reveal.(woooow)...What do you think blindness means? What do you think spiritual blindness means ?
(that choose grace” unclear)
Sister:not seeing Jesus with your spirit
ST: They don’t see Jesus
Sister: they don’t see Jesus? ...with their spirit..?.
ST; of course not! all right  NOW BE QUIIIET!!! Now bout the one? ehh...12? huhhhh I should
eh(phiishu) it’s 21

This is an audio clip from the Allentown study. Sounds like the same love-less, mean Mr. Traill. Can we chalk that up to just temper? If yes, should Mr. Traill have been a teacher? In this overview I would like to repeat something that seems illuminating. Stewart's Dad, Donald was an ordained minister first before Stewart was born in 1936. According to my records, Donald Traill was born in Scotland and lived there with his parents until he was 25. Then he came over to the US and went to seminary school and got a masters in Sacred Theology went to Canada and was ordained in the Pres. church. Around 1934 or 5, he met the future Mrs. Traill, married her, they had Stewart, then Donald left the ministry and became a college professor and retired as one. He went back to Canada. He died in 1980-81. (See Meeting Larry Traill for more on this). I was at the Phila Lamb House when Stewart got the news. He remarked that his family didn't tell him that his Dad died until after the funeral. I talked with a sister who was at the lamb house the day Stewart's own brother came to visit. She said that Stewart's brother made more sense than Stew and she actually, jokingly thought that we all would do better to follow Stewart's brother.

What am I getting at here? Only this. We were all to some degree(people vary on this) taken in by Stewart's personality, his drive, his sense of humor, his forcefulness. He is humanly speaking, a very smart man. He was in the debate club in high school, the chess club. the photography club. Big surprise right?Let's remove the romantic view for a second and assess him the way we would a normal person. This is hard because so many of us either gave up great opportunities in education,art, and career to devote ourselves to God in this church and to this man's teaching of the bible. It would be hard and is hard to think that we (and I mean others, I had other reasons for joining) that we gave up, really, our path in life to follow a cult leader or a lie. This is where the rubber meets the road.

What was Cobu? What and who was Stewart Traill? What and who is he now? The current members have yet to hold him accountable. I have genuine pity for the sisters and outrage for the brothers about this matter.  Before I go on, let me add up the facts just alittle.  No one here knows what Stewart Traill studied or learned or listened to from 1968-to 1971. He came from a home where the Dad had a religious/academic background. His brothers were smart. His older sister, smarte and talented. Perhaps all the Traills were smart. Stewart's children are exceptional. Okay. Stewart went to Lehigh Univ. for a semester or two or didn't go at all but used their library and facilities to build the cycletron(sp). Somewhere in all this from 1953, Senior in High School( see Behind the beard), to when we got him in late 1971....he grew his hair and beard out. He wore the same clothes for about 20 years.  By some accounts from people who knew him at school he was a loner. He was always working on projects and experiments. He had an acumen for science. Whaa happen? A brother from Allentown saw his old Lehigh Univ. I.D. card...there was Stew, long haired and tired looking. So he meets the young people in diners and goes "riffing" with them. He does crazy theatrics, he hangs out with kids 20 years younger than himself, while his wife is at home with 5 kids. He is a vacuum cleaner salesman. What happened to him? Were his actions unexplainable/his abilities supernatural or were they in hind sight easily explained? If we would have gotten Traill's testimony at a Big Meeting with 3,000, provided Stew would tell the truth, wouldn't we have then said, "yeah, Stew's behavior and actions are normal for a guy who came from the places he came from?

Remember the Elijah thing with Stewart. He put things out there to give the impression that God was speaking to him on a Moses, one to one, basis. In the Allentown tapes he twice eluded that he had the gift of perception of spirits. Traill slowly but surely eliminated or controlled the competition for his spot as teacher and pastor in the church of Bible Understanding.  Neil Pendry, Skip O'Neil, Chris Blaise, Rob Machel, Jeff Sief, and on and on and on. Was Stewart Traill called by God to lead or did he take this fellowship of young christians by force? Sure he was interested in the bible. His Dad was a minister. Sure he was smarter or more literate than everyone in the fellowship, he was 20 years older than them and had a good head on his shoulders. Did he have the gift to perceive spirits or was he just using his brain to understand humans. He did alot of outside reading, outside the bible but we were lead to believe that "oooh Stewart can see your spirit, oooooh  God talks to Stewart and reveals things to him. Look at the Allentown study. A whole lot of psychology comes out of Stew. Yes, some bible verses too, but we see the same pattern here in 1973 that we saw in 1980, that we saw in 1989 which was reported in 1999. Stewart has the right answers. Stewart will lead a meeting and corral everyone to see it from his point of view. Supernatural or just a vacuum cleaner salesman in overdrive? He was mean to a brother and a sister on these tapes. He was mean and trained Jimmy Greiner and others to be mean in our fellowship. We learned his form of love,  his form or joy , his form of peace, patience , kindness, goodness and gentleness. We did receive the Holy Spirit and bore the fruits of the Spirit. Did Stewart ever bear these fruits or did he just grow older and older and became Stewart Traill 1973, 1976, 77,78,80,80-89, 89-99.....Is he not what he would normally be, unhindered in his human life? A smart religious, money mad, salesman, who has a thing for young girls.  He was 24 and Shirley was 17 when they met. He was 40 and Gayle was 19 when they married. He had 9 or 10 sisters living with him in Princeton when he was inappropriate with several of them. He nows lives in Florida with Gayle at their condos. How many juniors live with him now?  Patterns people. Patterns.

To sum up the Allentown study,  Stew: Knows and sees more than everybody
                                                        Everybody: amazed at everything
                                                        Visitors: skeptical and nervous around this weird guy.
Let me ask you this. If Stewart Traill had the gift to perceive spirits why would he say these things?:::

ST: that’s right..I’ve forgotten, ahh forgotten...I did it.see there ya are..Now I did it...I’m talking about...see look , if you were a little child, right....and I was talking to you about ah  about ah...the nuclei of atoms...ya know, you wouldn’t understand...well....umm....We’re born again here...are you born again?(no) okay..see we’re we’re born again now I guess yer..yer interested aren’t ya(em hmm) good praise the Lord, see now I don’t wanna be condemning at all , I’m not condemning at all. I have no right to be, ya know what I mean. I wanna see you get saved. Born again, recreated..ahh but I’m talking about see everyone else is...well no not everybody... she said she is....are you saved?(yes I am) Praise God...How long you saved?....(unclear) Do I know you?( guy.  “you talked to me at S. Strathmore” girl “South Strathmore”))  Praise God
Brother: When did you go to school?
Guy: (unclear)
Brother: where did you go to school
Guy: Liberty High
ST: she says she’s not bout yer he saved? Yer friend yeah yer friend couple of others....Well then there’s a few people here who are not saved, well most of us here are born again. That doesn’t mean we’re any better than you, understand, not a condemning thing..okay? yer not gonna not gonna condemn me for condemning you when I’m not condemning you right?
Visitor 1: I realize that
ST: I’m talking to her, she’s got a weird look in her eye, ‘oh Yeah I don’t know about this”...hey we’re not
condemning we’re not cuz we can’t condemn, we’re no better, know what I mean, so we’re not condemning, I’m tellin ya, but we’re different..look ahh look..people are different and one of the differences is, we’ve accepted Jesus as our savior and He came into us and reborned us. Now, we’re talking about that experience. And it’s hard for you to understand,what we’re talking about and it may look like this or that but it isn’t. For instance, if we were all doing LSD and you weren’t and we were talking about what was happening, you wouldn’t understand. you’d know there was something weird going on but you wouldn’t wouldn’t share it, know what I mean? Hey I hope you do get saved. Have you heard about getting born again?(yes) Have about you?Have you heard about it? Ahh what’s yer name..Sue? ahh John..ahh Jane...Becky..Karen...Hi Cathy ..Becky(joking) are you?what’s yer name... who is that?

A couple of things here. If Stew had the gift to perceive spirits, wouldn't he know by perceiving the Holy Spirit inside someone that they are saved? Match this with what he says throughout the bible study about spirits and seeing where people are at.  Second, here he says he's born again, in 1989 he says he was never saved. Both times Stew is just as confident, just as bold. Anyone at the 1989 meetings notice anything remotely different about Stewart Traill, at all. Sounded the same, still as mean. When did or when will we see any real fruits of the Holy Spirit coming from Stewart Traill?

A another comment about this study. To me this is the essence of the FF, hence Stewart Traill, his real fruit.  This bible study is an" us and them" study much like the way Stewart has always been ( check Forever Family Homily of 1974, Weiss Archives in Archives)....So when was Stewart on Track? In 1973, he is arming these 17 and 18 year olds with "spiritual awareness" and seeing spirits. He makes a list of the top 100 verses in John. He is forming the 12 salvation verses( what we memorized to get a red button)...His world view, His Stewart view is right here in 1973. He described freaking out an old man in the early paragraphs of the study. He recovers himself by phrases like "but that's not helping people"..or " that's what you can use to reach people." But I ask you, what kind of a christian starts out with these spiritual experiments?

Now spiritual awareness, when you have that, and we tried an experiment on that, and
this old guy just flipped out, he was an old guy yet , and he just, “Yep, thank you, get away,” scared somethin awful. His spirit was so scared. Um....whenowhich I made no attempt through personality, when I made no attempt, as I usually do to slip into people...just plain “rrrhhiist(made a sound like the sound you make when when imitating  the sound of tearing paper to demonstrate the “slip into” effect) ya know, ...His mind was blown completely, he was just scared totally, freaked out

"Slip into people." ?????  what about preaching the gospel, being used by the Holy Spirit?

What we are not acquainted with is the human Stewart Traill. Rather we are acquainted with Stew the human but we were told it's the reborn Stew. So what we perceive as the spiritual Stew might be really the normal human Stew telling us that he too is spiritual. In the process he redefines for us what a christian is really like and puts himself forward as the right example.  We did not get the Stew of 1968 and then the converted Stew to know the difference. Confused? me too! We don't know, for instance, how much of this study in 1973 was from books Stew read from 1968-71. Newspaper accounts say he studied many eastern religions, budhism, hinduism,etc. Who is going to have the nerve to question him? Look at the way he treats people. Hasn't it always been Stewart's thing. He gets to talk. He gets to lead, alone. All the sisters are devoted to him and all the brothers are in service to him. The whole thrust of Stewart's leadership from the very beginning has been to "understand." It's has always been "figuring" things out, color coding things, understanding people, manipulating people, scripting what we should say when. Give up your mind, soul, heart, strength, not to God but in conformity to what Stewart Traill's world view is. Thus we have replicas of Stewart Traill. What current members exhibit now are not the fruit of the Spirit but Stewartisms. Call current members up. If you can get 3 different ones on the phone , see if you can get them to actually speak using their own minds and their own words or their own minds and the Bible with the understanding the Holy Spirit imparted to them, not a Stewart script. See if you can tell them apart. Unity of the Spirit or mindless clones? They still live in meager living conditions while Stewart lives in a gated community in FLA. What possible rationale or twist of scriptures could justify this stark dichotomy?

Once again, tell me or show me when Stewart was consistently Christ-like. Read 1 Corinthians 13 and show me, not what Stewart says he is, but what he actually does matching any of these scripture. Skip O'Neil confronted Stewart about being with Gayle before he and Gayle were married. Another Brother confronted Stewart about the sisters in Princeton. Both were met with growling defiance. When was Stewart ever truly in fellowship with anyone? Did he have any close friends in school? Apparently not.Was he close to any of his brothers or sister in his own family. No. Close to parents. No. Did he have any close brothers or sisters in the FF? No. Cobu?No..Now?No!...One might make an argument that he is close to Gayle.  She wilts to his warped teaching and even participated in facilitating the Princeton outrage, I couldn't call her close to him. Certainly Stewart is not accountable to anyone.

I told my wife the other night, everyone of us is in the Bible somewhere. None of us live outside the Bible. If we are sinners or saints, Bishops, Deacons, pastors, liars, false Shepherds, decievers.... we are all in there. Stewart Traill is in the bible. He is accountable. Hebrews 13:17. Look this up. Look up the Fruits of the Spirit and shake off Stewart's redefinitions. Look at what is really there and then ask yourself, in the 29 years of FF/COBU has Stewart Traill been anything other than what he is today? Younger then , older now, and aside from the different words coming out of his mouth, has his actions really changed since all this began? Allentown 1973, Manhattan Training Center 76, Philadelphia Lamb House 80 , Young Sheep House 82, the Proposition, The Escape Recipe.....NO MARRIAGES IN THIS CHURCH WITH STEWART TRAILL PRESIDING. Even his own daughter had to leave fellowship to get married.

Various current members are quote unquote engaged. How many believe the weddings will take place? What's sad is the sisters have waited and waited and most are getting past child-bearing years. Check the Grace Meeting 1989. Stewart blames himself for "not strengthening the brothers in a real way." and therefore they have no confidence and therefore will not marry. Has Stewart in the last 10 years "rightly strengthened any brothers to produce this "confidence" they need to get married. Apparently not.THAT's FRUIT PEOPLE! OR LACK THEREOF And what is really pathetic is even in Stewart's so -called repentance, he still inserts himself right between the brothers and sisters as the needed ingredient to get married. Hey Mr. Traill, how bout getting out of everyone's way and just allow them to seek God in the matter and get married and have children the way God intended. Unless of course you have found scripture to suggest marriage is evil.

Think of all the bible studies and all the direction about the maneuvering woman. What was Stewart Traill, the human, so afraid of? I have been married 8 1/2 years. My wife and I have 2 wonderful children. Brethren who know me, know that I wasn't the most faithful in COBU. I wasn't the brightest, the most perceptive. But I got married and gosh, none of Stewart's nightmares came true. Why all the garbage about women? What was Stewart's mom like? That's an obvious question. What was Stewart's dad like toward Stewart's mom? I know these are psychological questions but Stewart Traill for every bible verse, has a paragraph of psychology he has read. Look at Allentown73. Wish someone woulda asked him in the middle of the study, "How do you know all this?"or Prove It!!!

I wish we all would have at one time checked this man's credentials. He used to moan about the older brothers and sisters not testing him. Check the 1 John Meeting of 1989. He gets impatient and mean with those who continue to ask him questions. He doesn't stand up to the test, he controls it's duration. So what's so special about him. The "olde Goode things" antique business is humming. The carpet business hummed. Is that because of Stew? Is it because the brethren still believe they are serving Jesus and Jesus does reward them with success? Is Stew a wizard of a business man?  What is so special about ST?

Look at this quote:

"You should be using everything you have including your personality to make it easier for people to get saved. You shouldn’t be, just because you know how to freak people out spiritually, doing it just to freak `em out, ya know what I mean? That’s not helping them"

What about The Holy Spirit working through you. What about God moving you to speak. With Stewart, it's not using your personality, it's taking inventory of your spirit, it's figuring things out , it's being in control, tactics and plans. Scientific Christian method, right?

Here's anther quote:
ST: You’ll understand Hey Hey...see now you’re trying to tell me, what yer telling me all along, you’ll have
understanding. If you get saved you’ll have understanding PERIOD!....NOT ABOUT religion! Understanding period. If you want to look at Jesus, the you’ll understand Him too. If you want to understand YOURSELF!’ll understand yourself. you’ll have understanding PERIOD!(car horn)
Visitor1: what does that encompass?
Visitor 1: all aspects of life?
ST: the spiritual man judges everything(phewshu, wooow)Hey...oh brother, you don’t know see you don’t know,nothing but a little toy...It’s far far better than that.  really that’s nothing I started by telling you that it’s just a little toy....that’s one of the little by-products of getting saved(phewshu). You can’t see these things until you are saved.(phewshu)
Visitor1: Think I have been peeking at them
ST: Yeah you have been peeking at them. You’ve been sitting here for a while. Have you noticed something heavy is going on?

Pop Quiz:  What matters to Stewart? Why did Jesus come into the world? To Stewart it's "understanding"...controlling the puzzle.

another quote:
ST: However much they’re laughing, ya know, they should be going away with respect for the Holy Spirit. They should be...  go away realizing that they just saw something ..Listen if you walked up and saw a 50ft. tall human....whatever occurred between you, when you left, wooow! is what you’d say
Brother : no matter what it was
ST: Yeah now when their spirit sees that your spirit is a giant, when their spirit sees it ....they have to...they go away saying “wow”...But if they can ascribe at all to your personality..good or bad.. then they don’t see anything
Brother: That happened right here tonight....Some kids from south Allentown came in,troublemakers..and ahh  they went away laughin and mockin but they went away really ...solid. they went “wow yeah”

Very bad to focus young people on this perspective. He should not have taught anyone.

another quote:
ST: and again it is true that for instance,when their spirit is deceitful, ya know, blessed is the man etc. in who’s spirit there is no deceit, but what about when there is deceit in your spirit, when you’re not born again. Well that’s when you’re the, ya know the giant magnet and they’re the weak one they can’t stand it.(whishu)Didn’t you ever see them .when they see you walking down the street?

I would like to close with this. I have read enough. I have heard enough. Stewart Traill was a 36 year old man with a wife and 5 children,with a dead end, lousy job, a fantastic mind that never saw formal higher education. He rebelled as did his contemporaries. He overwhelmed a bunch of teenagers, led them, regardless of God's Spirit. He verbally abused his wife, he was inappropriate toward the young sisters in the group. He was with Gayle before marriage. He worked alone and controlled who would rise and fall in leadership but remained the only true leader of COBU. JULY1980 he screamed this to the outsiders that he was the only leader when fighting the charge that "cobu leaders" destroy literature. I was there. He was sexually inappropriate toward at least 4 sisters in Princeton. There may be more. He had other brothers beat his own son with a board. I am now getting reports that he ordered at least 2 other brothers beaten with a board during the MTC days for weeks. He has separated families, He has counseled spouses against one another. And now, He lives so separate a life from the "fellowship" he created or rather the fellowship he took over, that he even did not come up to New York or Philadelphia for 2 years. I talked with a current cobu sister who did not know me and she said Stewart's reason for not coming up was because the brothers and sisters were rebelling and not listening to his teaching. This is the same Stewart Traill who got brothers and sisters in Christ to say "I'm________ and I'm volunteering for the lake of fire. This is the same Stewart who asks "How's your life death quotient?" He not only told members that he wasn't saved for the last 25 years in 1989 but also told members that they were not saved either. He has perverted the gospel. I wonder if Jesus appeared to the current Cobu at one of their meetings, would they be hard pressed between listening to Jesus or Stewart. The members are christians. Is Stewart Traill? check the tree.  Just by biblical standards Stewart has betrayed trust in most incredible ways. Just the fact that after all those years of saying directly or implying that God worked through him or spoke through him or to him and then with the exact same spirit and attitude say, "I was never saved, I was never a Christian."  Why would anyone believe him anymore? And at the Grace Meeting 1989. Gosh you have to tie a rope around your waist before you go in and read that load. Stewart says he is in error, then he says it was God's plan, then he says God used him all those years, but he was in error, then he blames everyone for not telling him he was going the wrong way. At one point he even calls the brethren "stupid for not catching his mistake.  What is even more horrific is how he and Gayle seem to be well air conditioned and comfortable while they dismantle a whole belief system before the Brethren who dedicated themselves to God by these means. Stewart says, "Hey you didn't waste 25 years like I did." Well gracious, Stew, the brethren only listened to your error from 1971-1989!! Stewart even calls himself "more of a victim than the brethren."  So when Stewart said God talked to him, it was a lie. But When Stew said the Spirit of Christ revealed to him, the mind of the apostles and proceeded with the "sinless perfection" doctrine, that ...that was really true. We gotta believe that, cuz?...Well because Stewart said God showed him this stuff. Well Gosh, wasn't God showing Stew things in 1973? Wasn't God with Stew at the MTC when the Brothers and Sisters endured terrible conditions while Stewart had a house and private schools for his children? Now we are suppose to believe that Stewart has repented from going into sister's bedrooms. Yeah, which brave brother in current cobu is holding him accountable? Why doesn't he have all things in common, not saying anything that he has is his own? Why is he in Florida. why are the brethren at 45 years old and up still living in broken down 162 Woodruff? It's time we all face what Stewart Traill was and is. It's time for the current members to stop making excuses for this outrage. It's time for the brothers in COBU to stop selling their sisters in Christ down the river for someone who might well be a sociopath. Get out of COBU. I , Michael James Montoya am innocent of the damage and destruction that exists from this point on.